Mcdonald’s Teacher Discount (do They Have One + Other Ways To Save)

You can get all the discounts on your meals and snacks for being an educator, if you’re a teacher. Check out your local restaurants for discounts for meals and snacks for educators.

You should sign up here to get all the McDonald’s teachers discounts.

You can also get in on the discounts by visiting McDonald’s customer service via the telephone.

McDonald’s Teacher Discount In 2022

The McDonald’s teacher discount is a great deal for McDonald’s customers. It gives teachers the same discount you and me get on Friday or Saturday night. This means that if you’re a teacher you can treat yourself to a McDonald’s kids meal for 10 dollars! That’s a $10 value.

Is McDonald’s Giving Teachers Free Breakfast?

McDonald’s is giving school staff and teachers free breakfast the week of October 10 through October 15 since the fast-food chain went through so much last year.

Further this should be used with caution especially if you work in a company that does not offer free breakfast in the office. The reason you can not get your free breakfast if you are not an employee of the company can be if the company operates on other model that does not offer free breakfast at all.

If the company operates on the model where the employee is not responsible for the cost of free breakfast, the employee is still responsible for not bringing enough money to pay for the free breakfast and the company may charge employee as in this case.

The menu has a special meal called the Baconator that will come in a Happy Meal box and will contain a bacon-and-egg sandwich, hash browns, and a free drink, and you can choose which sandwich you want to get.

Breakfast sandwich options include Sausage, Bacon, Egg and Cheese, or an Egg McMuffin. If you want to ask what happened to the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, I suggest you ask on the main site.

The deal, from Monday through Thursday, for a free breakfast at a participating McDonald’s, is for students only, and only those from a school that participate.

Is McDonald’s Doing Anything for Teacher Appreciation Day?

Not to worry, McDonald’s will still offer free small fries and small McFlurrys to all elementary school teachers and other educators in the US on May 5.

Even though there is no national deal, there are a lot of locations that offer deals that give you a free baked good when you purchase an item for $1 or more.

How Else Can Teachers Save Money at McDonald’s?

How teachers can save money at McDonald’s is not dependent on whether or not they spend money.

It takes a lot of effort to make a good burger recipe.
But even the best burger recipe in the world could be ruined by a bad burger.

McDonald’s is having special promotions and deals everyday on their app, so you can save a ton of money each week!

You will see a lot of “buy one get one free” coupons in the app, such as free sandwiches, free drinks, and free fries.

There is an in-app purchase section in the game. It allows you to buy items like hamburgers or soft drinks.

 To sign up for the newsletter visit at the bottom right and enter your email address.

If you sign up for the McDonald’s newsletter, you will get coupons though email and you will be notified of new promos.

To help the user fill in the blanks, we need to make them more precise, and add a couple of words in the sentence.

You get a heads-up when new menu items are coming out, and you can try them if your local McDonald’s is participating in the program.

The invoice was filled out but not submitted until I got a bill.

If you fill out a survey on the McDonald’s website, you could get free food.

There are no restrictions or limits to how many times you can complete the survey. You can get a free item every time you complete it.

Other Restaurants that Offer Teacher Discounts

Blue Willow Bakery, El Sabor Mexican Food, Firehouse Steaks & Seafood, Mango Joe’s, Oceanaire Seafood Grill, Sushi Bar Sake, and The Red Rooster restaurant.

To get more information about McDonald’s promotions, you can also check our article on how to get free food at McDonald’s, how to get free food at Jack in the Box, and to get discounts at McDonald’s.


McDonald’s teacher discount may be available during some special time of the year, but is not a company-wide national promotion.

However, the fast food company is offering a free breakfast meal for teachers from October 10 to 15, which entitles you to one free breakfast meal per day with valid work identification.

This is a special “Thank You” offer for being a good teacher and not a bad McDonald’s customer.

And you can save at McDonald’s by using their app every day which offers a ton of free items and promotions as well as the prices change regularly.

While Teacher Appreciation Day is technically the last day of school, students are still able to take a full week off for the summer! As parents, this can be a wonderful time to take advantage of your kid’s free time and make trips to the local amusement park, get out of town, or grab some ice cream as a reward.

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