15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Beer

Costco, the fifth largest retailer in the world, is known for its terrific bargains on anything from sheet cakes to car batteries. However, Costco is also a major seller of alcohol in the U.S. and is the largest retailer of wine. But don’t forget about Costco’s ample beer selection as well.

If you like Costco beer, you might get an idea of what the Costco brand actually tastes like by reading this article, which is a comprehensive review of Costco beers by a guy named Mike Sula.
While it’s true that some stores like Costco sell high-end craft beers like Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas Red and others, most of the beers sold by Costco are mass-produced. So, be prepared to get your Costco beer fix by drinking the likes of Michelob, Keystone, Michelman’s, Leinenkugel, and all the other cheap, crappy Costco beers on the market.

15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Beer In 2022

1. Costco Beer Has Been Around Since the 2000s

Costco started a partnership with a California craft brewer, and Abernathy blogged about it.

Trader Joe’s asked the brewery if they could put its label on their products. To make this more attractive, the brewery offered to give its private label to Trader Joe’s with the condition that it would be the only private label for the brand.

Abernathy said the brewery is starting its expansion in the middle of the year and he wants to focus on quality beer.

Costco also decided to sell beer for the first time in 2005. It chose to focus on the Kirkland brewery brand and started selling its beer in Costco stores and in other chain outlets.

2. There are Many Varieties of Costco Beer

Costco is a superstore and offers a variety of products.

In my opinion, it is one of the better beer brands that Costco has. My favorite beer from Costco is Kirkland Signature stout, but also likes to drink PBR, Molson Canadian, or Bass, with a local micro-brew to accompany.

This means that you can see special beers in stores at the beginning of the year and new beers at the end of the year.

You can order your favorite beer from the liquor store, but you can also buy them in cans and bottles at the store.

Store availability is varied, but these are almost always in stock.

3. You Won’t Break the Bank Buying Costco Beer

The brown ale, session IPA, and India pale ale are $22.99 a case, which is double the price of the $11.99 a case price for the other beers in the Kirkland Signature Series.

It’s clear to me that the brewers who made this beer have a good understanding of how to make a beer that pairs well with chicken, and I’d drink it again.

Bud Light beer is only 55 calories per six-pack. We also sell it for less than the national average.

There are plenty of tasty craft beers from other states in the U.S. So, when you find a craft beer that you enjoy, stock up and save yourself a lot of money.

4. Check out the Costco Beer By Kirkland Signature for Something New

Costco has a Kirkland Signature beer. It’s a delicious beer that’s definitely worth a try.

The reviewer notes that the prices of the beers at Costco were surprisingly reasonable due to the fact that these beers were available at Costco before they were available at McDonald’s or anywhere else.

The American pale ale and the India pale ale were decent, but the darker beer, stout, and brown ale were less pleasant.

While you can find excellent reviews online by a relatively small group of real beer experts, beer reviews by an even smaller group can be found here by people with no expertise whatsoever.

I’m still going to trust the expert brewers at places like Sam Adams who test beer on a monthly basis.

The beers of Kirkland Signature are good but still not very exciting. These beers are just brewed for Kirkland Signature and it’s unlikely that they will be found outside of the Kirkland Signature stores.

5. But Don’t Expect to Find a Costco Beer Brewery

The company is always in the business of selling the best beer and wine. A great way to do this is to buy some beer and wine direct from the source.

Beer bottles are often customized to the brewery’s own recipe, and different breweries may have different design preferences for their bottles.

6. Instead, Costco Beer Comes From Here on the West Coast

If you’re buying Biersch’s beer in San Jose, California, you’re drinking the product of the brand of Gordon Biersch.

This brewery produces only one beer: Hopfen und Malz.

7. Costco Beer Comes From Here on the East Coast

If you’re a north coaster, your Costco beer has been brewed at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, out of California.
So why is there a Costco in New York City? I thought the same thing when I first moved to NYC, but I was always intrigued by the Costco concept. This guy had a good explanation for why Costco does things the way it does.
He’s going to be the next guy on the list.

The label looks like the one used by Matt Brewing and could be the same beer. There is also a Matt Brewery in Utica, NY. I don’t know if this beer is Matt’s or the brewers of New Yorker Brewing.

8. The Light Costco Beer is Long Gone

Costco might be selling an authentic beer from the Kirkland region but this doesn’t mean it’s a Kirkland Signature.

This drink was taken off shelves after getting a huge amount of negative press. They also had to take the drink out of bars because it was so toxic.

While Costco beer was not the best in the land, it was still a fun gimmick. It was made from real beer.

When people started talking about the fact that the new beer had “sweat socks” on it, the owners and GM of the brewery came out with a statement saying that they had no idea it was going to be a beer and that they were just trying to make friends with people.

The light beer furor is a furor due to the fact that the light beer is being sold for almost US$1 per bottle, which is almost three times as much as other brands.

9. For Reviews of Costco Beers, Turn to Untappd

Costco is well-known for selling beer to its members and Untappd has a whole page dedicated to reviews of Costco beer.

You can sort the reviews from High to low, if you want to know what to try first. You can also create an account and add your voice.

10. You Could Buy a Mini Keg of Specialty Costco Beer

A year after Costco opened its first European Beer Hall in Helsinki, it plans to open its second in London.

The five liters of beer on the table is not a small amount of beer, and the utter charm of the adorable keg will be enough to have me running to stores.
I’ve never seen an example of this pattern before, not that I’ve looked.

A new brew is coming that will need time to marinate..

11. Give the Costco Beer Variety Pack a Try

When you buy a Costco beer, you need one or more other beers. Or you can drink any two of them. Or you can taste every beer in the warehouse.

The beers that are on tap have changed over the years. There’s a couple of regular offerings and a couple of rotating seasonal offerings.

12. Get Your Costco Beer Delivered in These States

The following locations have no access to emergency service

* * *

There is a list of telephone numbers for emergency services. You can find them in the phone book.

You can pick up a six pack of the Port City IPA beer at Costco!

13. Purchase Costco Beer Without a Membership

In some states, Costco stores require membership for alcohol sales, so if you don’t have a membership, you won’t be able to purchase beer from the store.

Costco.com: A website that sells liquor and beer

The website sells a vast array of beers, spirits, and wine. The site is very similar to the Costco.com site above, but it has a wider selection of products. The only negative I found was that the selection of wine was not as extensive as the Costco.com store at the same location.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

14. Keep an Eye Out for the Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Craft beer has become something of a favorite drink for many people.

Its $60 beer advent calendar is a must for the beer enthusiast in your life, including yourself. Check out 2021’s calendar here!

15. These are Your Best Bets for Dipping Your Toes Into the Costco Beer Pool

You can try to get it at other retailers, but you might also be able to get it at Costco or Sam’s Club.

Tasting Table says that because the brewer specializes in German-style lagers and ales it will have the best selection of them.

If you want to learn more before buying wine from Costco, you should also be aware of the following things.


Costco beer is an inexpensive option and a great option for stocking up.

And when you get home, here are a few ways to enjoy your new beer.

The Kirkland Signature beer is made with high-quality ingredients, comes in a convenient can, and costs twenty two dollars.

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