Who Makes Kirkland Scotch? (all You Need To Know)

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Who Makes Kirkland Scotch In 2022?

Kirkland’s Scotch: Our Scotch comes from the heart of the Central Lowlands region of Scotland, where a warm, wet, and fertile climate results in the kind of peat that produces the distinctive flavors of Scotch.

Which Company Makes Kirkland Scotch?

Scotchy is distilled in different parts of Ireland. However, in my opinion, the best place is County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

We have no idea where the model is from, but we can guess that it’s probably from the US and the model is a low-end one.

All these names indicate a specific distillery in the Highlands of Scotland but there are no concrete facts or evidence to support that the Kirkland Scotch is produced there.

I believe that the process of distillation and fermentation has much in common; however, it may be applied to different distilleries. All of the distilleries mentioned are large enough to meet production that satisfies Kirkland’s brand.

It was first registered as a distillery in 2003. The company changed their name to the current name in 2015. The current owner is a man named Claude Bessière.
He started the company with a group of friends and now employs about 15 people.
He spends most of his time working in his distillery.

Where Can You Buy Kirkland Scotch?

Kirkland stores will sell products like dish soap, trash bags, and other home and consumer goods for the same price as Costco.

Unfortunately, your Costco does not stock Kirkland alcohol.

So far, so good. Now, if we substitute the following in place of the sentence “Kirkland is the only brand of alcohol” or the other sentence “Kirkland is the cheapest brand of alcohol”, we get the following results.

Is Kirkland Scotch Worth Buying?

According to a review on Amazon, Scott-Made is definitely worth buying for its low price and its not only great on its own but also in cocktails.

You can read the reviews for both items and make your own judgement.

One customer says that the product is cheap and they’ll buy it again and recommends it to others. They would recommend the product for its reasonable price and its excellent quality.

What Is The Best Way To Drink Kirkland Scotch?

The brand Kirkland is known to be an excellent scotch, but some others could be better for certain cocktails. That being said, a good scotch will benefit from a good blend of other spirits.

Drinking is a part of a culture. Drinking and celebrating (in this case, in the UK at this time) can be one of the few ways to feel a part of your heritage, or at least feel connected with a period of history that you are part of.

1. The Dirty Scot – This one is a favorite with the locals and is made with three parts water, two parts scotch, one part fresh lime juice and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Do You Need A Costco Membership To Purchase Kirkland Scotch?

For members, you can do all kinds of things without having to worry about credit cards or bank accounts.

You can’t use your Costco membership card to buy Costco gift cards from another member.

You could pay for a month’s supply of a product yourself, but it’s better to buy a gift card, where you don’t need to be concerned about the money going down the drain (or the recipient of the gift card going up the wall).

Even though it is legal, people can purchase alcohol from companies which do not allow members to buy alcohol and still be allowed to purchase alcohol within a state where it is legal to sell alcohol under a membership program.

Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin: These are the states that allow you to buy alcohol without a membership program.

But even if you never tried any of the above, you can still enjoy The Wine Experience at the Kirkland location without actually visiting the store. The Wine Experience at Kirkland gives you a chance to try many wines, spirits, and mixers without ever having to leave your home.


There have been many reports on where this Scotch could possibly be distilled and some of the locations include, Glen Grant, Glenlossie and Longmorn.

Kirkland scotch is a good whiskey, and has some good reviews online, despite being one of the pricier whiskeys out there.

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