Does Walmart Accept Checks As A Payment Method? 

Walmart is a very popular American company that offers low-cost items to consumers. They have a wide range of products, including food items, electronics, and household appliances. The most people may not be familiar with Walmart, though this is changing.

Walmart does accept checks as a payment method for customers in some states. The details are posted at, on the page “How to pay with a check”.
If you find that Walmart accepts checks as a payment method for your state, please report back here with the state that you live in and the name of your local Walmart store!

Does Walmart Accept Checks as a Payment Method In 2022?

Walmart will accept Checks in 2022, but they must meet certain requirements. They also have to be endorsed by an Authorized Signatory. Customers can request up to $20 cash back if they pay with Checks.

If you’re using Checks for your next shop at Walmart, continue reading to get more information!

How Does Walmart Process Checks?

Walmart will ask customers to show a valid Photo ID, such as a Passport and Driver’s License, before accepting a Check.

The ID number does not have to match the number on the check. The check number is just something to verify that the check is real.

After having your payment verified, we will transfer funds to the escrow account of the lending institution that holds your loan.

Are There Limitations to Checks at Walmart? 

Starter Checks are similar to Walmart Money Market checks and you can use up to $1000 in Starter Checks.

Walmart does not have any restrictions in place regarding what bank providers may set.

The next section has been copied from your question.

This is what I know about cash and credit.
I will be buying an item for about $10,000 from Walmart.

You can also make purchases at a number of companies that use PayPal to accept your credit and debit card payments. And you can also use a PayPal account to make purchases at any number of companies that accept PayPal payments.

Can You Receive Cash Back with Checks at Walmart?

You can receive the maximum cash back amount on the entire purchase, including the $20 in added spending you have done.

To make your transaction easy, you may ask the cashier how much cash is inside of the register before you write the check. To know more about how to get cash back from the store, you may also want to read my post on Walmarts cash back policy.

Is There a Fee for Using Check Payment Methods at Walmart?

However, the user can still check their account and find out if they have insufficient funds if they wish by following the link in the notification message.

Customers need to pay an extra fee on top of their purchase and, as it was sign-posted by Walmart, need to agree to the policy.

Can I Cash a Check in at Walmart?

Walmart has cashiers to help you with purchasing and with money counting.

If you are a California resident, you can cash a check at any bank.
If you are a resident of another state, banks outside of California may charge you a fee. For example, Washington has no cash deposit laws.

to learn more about cashing checks at walmart, see my full guide on cashing checks at walmart.


Yes, Walmart Cash is accepted at nearly all U.S. stores. In fact, Walmart Cash is a program that allows you to use your Walmart credit card and access cash back at thousands of stores. To learn more about Walmart Cash, click here.

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