Aldi Candles (types, Prices, Quality, Scents + More) 

Candles are the perfect way to brighten a home, whether you’re getting rid of last night’s dinner smell or making sure everything is perfect before your guests arrive. They’re also a great way to decorate a space, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

The scented things charge you a lot of money and an arm and a leg.

Aldi is famous for ultra-low prices on kitchen and pantry staples, but they have upped their game in the home goods department, too, with offerings like essential oils and yes, affordable candles. How do they stack up? Let’s take a look.

What Types Of Candles Does Aldi Sell In 2022? 

Aldi sells candles as part of both their Everyday and Aldi Finds collections. The candles come in three, two, and one-wick options, with three-wick candles most often part of the Everyday line of goods. Aldi Finds candles come in many different shapes, sizes and scents, and change seasonally. Three wick candles start at $3.99.

Let’s break this down and go into more detail about some of the popular types of candles you can find at Aldi.

Huntington Home Three-Wick Candles 

I have some really good news for the Bath & Body Works customers of the world: Aldi’s Home candles are total dupes for B&BW’s $24 candles.

But it’s not just about the price. When you purchase a bottle of HH from the counter, you are actually purchasing a fraction of a bottle, and it is still plenty large to fill a room or two. Also, one of HH’s house scents, Blackberry Peach, is a $24.00 bottle and this fraction bottle will cost you about $5.00.

Aldi’s social media post stated that the HH three-wicks would be a permanent fixture and that they couldn’t wait to get their hands on them.

Many shoppers weren’t really that happy, since they had been seeing those same stickers for months, but they were still happy that the stickers would be going away.

Now, Aldi’s are more special than the regular Target clearance aisle because the products are all in the same location and are clearly marked with an Aldi price tag.

Different scents align with different seasons, and holidays; for example, around Mother’s Day, Aldi released a Rose bouquet scent, and in the fall, you can expect things like pumpkin scents.

Huntington Home Luxury One-Wick Candles 

When the one-wick candles were offered on the US site, they were sold in glass jars that were the same height as the candle, and in glass jars that were a whopping three times the height of the candle. There was just one problem.

The company’s reason for not suing people was because they didn’t want to destroy the small community that had grown surrounding them.

Aldi’s new line of candles includes scents like English Pear & Rose, Apple & Ginger and Raspberry & Bergamot.

These luxury one-wicks that are Aldi Finds only are not in stock everyday.

As you can see, paraphrase is quite acceptable.

You’ll want to head to your nearest Aldi when you find out about an upcoming sale. Lines can extend outside and shoppers in the UK can’t seem to get enough of them!

Huntington Home Large Jar Candles 

Aldi also sells large candles in jars, which are a lot smaller than the Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works or department store jar candles.

The Signature Huntington Home is an apartment building in New Britain, Connecticut.

I am a huge fan of making candles and fragrances and use them in my home as well. In fact, I will often bring a few of the fragrances to work when I am using an office candle.

This seems to be a very common trend, where these are called coffee tables and are not only used for coffee but also for other purposes.

Huntington Home Small Jar or Tin Candles 

Additionally, Aldi has a few candles in tiny jars, commonly in packs of three. During the holidays those might come in decorative tins, or during the spring those might feature geometric and colored glass jars in a few different colors.

– A lot of people like them because they’re frosted.

– The texture is pretty close to frosted glass.

– They’re a little different from ordinary macaron-inspired candles.

Set of three – for $7.99 each and they’re on sale at Whole Foods, which is really exciting.

How Much Are Aldi Candles?

Aldi does not charge much for their candles, but Aldi candles are cheaper than its name-brand competitors.

The large ones (the Everyday line) are only $3.99 each. The larger jars can sell for anywhere between [$5.99 to $12.99]. It depends. I’ve seen a few more than that, but not many. It’s difficult for me to say exactly how much they go for.

HH Jo Malone has a dupes collection that is almost one-tenth the cost of the real thing.

If you have a group of people, you may want to consider getting more than one for better gift ratio.

Are Aldi Candles Any Good? 

Most of the public is skeptical at first but eventually embraces Aldi’s candles as delightful smelling.

The most important thing is to keep a good balance of fruit, and to get the right amount of sweetness from the spirits. You don’t want to over-sweeten the cocktail though, because then the alcohol will dominate and it won’t taste like a cocktail.

However, some people did not like the candles because they thought they were too strong and did not agree with some of the scents. One set in particular, the winter-themed quartet, was not well-received.

One Redditor said that they were “literally choking” on the smell.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, of course, and no one will look at you as if you are a weirdo if you take your time and sniff all the time.

Candles from Aldi will never be the brightest, but the cost is just a fraction. has shown that Aldi candles are the best $4 candle that you can buy. has also shown that Aldi candles burn evenly.

I can tell you my Rosewater Sangria was about half-full about a month ago and is the same size as yours.

Where Are Aldi Candles Located In-Store? 

You’ll be able to get candles at the end of the two different aisles.

And they’re not just great on the kitchen countertop, they’re terrific when you’re cooking, too, since they’re designed to disperse heat well and thus they’re great for baking, roasting, and grilling.

The new, shiny-looking, gray plastic coverings for the older models of the iPhone are easy to spot and have also raised some concern about phone radiation.

Many of the candles will be organized in the same way. You’ll find them placed in the same spots. Don’t expect to see a candle to light up the whole aisle. You’ll have to go from the outside in.

Does Aldi Sell Wax Melts? 

Candle-adjacent wax melts are a popular flameless option, but most people don’t know where to buy them, so they can’t see how great they are.

The Finds section at Aldi has different fragrances that match the season. You can also write to Aldi and request that they start carrying more scents.

To find out more about Aldi’s products, read up on who makes them, check out the list of their private label brands, and look up some of the Aldi hacks. Also, make sure to include a few of their store coupons.


At Aldi, you find everything from household supplies to baby needs. So, it’s no surprise that you might find a variety of candle choices on the shelves.

Candle making company keeps their candle variety interesting, fresh and typically very on-trend, while selling high quality scents that last a long time and cost a fraction of what you’d pay anywhere else.

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