Is Dollar General Owned By Walmart? [who Really Owns Dollar General?] 

Dollar General currently operates over 16,000 stores across the country, selling well known brands to millions of everyday customers.

Dollar General is a privately held company that started back in 1960 as a single small store in Rogers, Arkansas. However, in 2006, Dollar General expanded to a chain of over 10,000 stores in 47 states.

Is Dollar General Owned By Walmart? 

You can learn more about who owns Dollar General by reading this article.
And if you’re wondering if they own any of their own stores, the answer is yes!

Who Owns Dollar General?

James Luther Turner was a real estate developer and Cal Turner was a former state senator.

However in 2007, Dollar General was acquired by a private equity firm which was controlled by affiliates from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, GS Capital Partners, and Citigroup Private Equity.

Today, Dollar General is owned by Dollar General investors, who also own public shares of the company.

Are Any Stores Or Companies Owned By Dollar General?

For customers that are interested in buying a branded product, Dollar General has several private labels.

The company also operates a number of brands which do not sell directly in the stores, but are marketed by the stores to generate additional revenue.

Walmart acquired 41 former Walmart Express locations in 2016, with designs towards turning them into Dollar General stores.

Do Dollar General Own The PopShelf Brand? 

Yes. The Dollar General Corporation opened a brand new store called “Pop-shelf” to stock the shelves with children’s toys.

This brand has both the high-end customers as well as the low-end customers. Not only that, but this brand also is known for its higher quality products, which is also why they charge higher prices for the same products (as a result of the more expensive materials).

What Stores Are Owned By Walmart? 

Walmart is a huge company that owns a vast majority of companies worldwide. Many of which are very well liked. One such name is Asda, Asda is a popular chain in the UK and Seiyu is popular in Japan, they are both huge in there respective countries.

Walmart is one of a few major retailers to still have a majority of the apparel business. They now sell more footwear than they do apparel and they are not likely to give up that market share. Walmart has had a very successful apparel business up until this time.

Who Owns Walmart? 

Walmart is currently the nation’s largest merchant and was the largest during the 90’s. It is also the largest private employer in the U.S., with over 2.1 million employees. The company is also the third largest global retailer in the world.

These shares do not belong to me, they are held by the Walton Family.
They have to be traded through Walton Enterprises LLC, and Walton Family Holdings Trust, not through me.

You can learn more about Dollar General and their company history by visiting our site on Dollar General company statistics and if Dollar General is a Franchise.


Walmart has actually never owned all the companies it operates. In their first 100 years of business, they were only owned by their shareholders. They’re not a corporation, and they have never operated under the law of incorporation either. The only corporate structure they operate today is the one that their shareholders and their share holders approve of.

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