Amazon Background Check Policy (all You Need To Know)

Amazon has job opportunities at every level. They have positions for all types and for all skill levels.

If you are interested in working at Amazon, then you may be wondering about the Amazon background check policy? Here is what I know about this!

What Is Amazon’s Background Check Policy In 2022?

Amazon has a background checklist for employees. It checks the criminal records for at least seven years. They look at misdemeanors and felonies.
These checks are usually made after the initial interview and before any hiring is confirmed. Based on the type of conviction and the severity of the conviction, Amazon may choose to make an offer. They decide on a case by case basis.

Read on if you are looking to learn more about background check policies and what companies have done in response to a recent change by the FBI.

What Is The Amazon Application And Interview Process?

As a job creator and a company that provides many good American jobs, we take our hiring policies extremely seriously.

After you apply to a job, the online application is followed by an interview. The online application is available at and the questions depend on which type of job you are applying for.

To make sure that your application has a positive outlook and is more likely to be considered, you should always include any previous experience, awards, certificates and other pertinent information.

If you passed the initial interview with Amazon, expect to hear back from them regarding the next steps. Make sure you check the email you signed up for your account with. Amazon will contact you regarding the next steps.

The short assessment includes questions that are used for determining your suitability for the role. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Amazon has two different kinds of interviews. For some positions, they do an on-site interview at Amazon’s local offices. This is where they will meet with you and ask you a few questions to determine if you’re the kind of person they are looking for in their warehouse. The other type of interview is a phone interview, where they are able to speak with you more freely, ask some questions, and determine if you are a good fit for the company.

If you appear that you are a good fit for Amazon, then they will make a conditional job offer. You must pass the company’s background checks, and if you pass, then you will be offered the job.

What Are Amazon Background Checks?

Amazon requires a full criminal background check (fingerprints are not required during hiring) going back seven years, so the company can consider any convictions, including misdemeanors and felonies, during that time.


The company does not discriminate against any employee based on their criminal history.

There’s no way for the employer to know how the candidate conducts themselves in a previous job or at other companies.

To avoid the problem of having to verify the applicant’s criminal background, employers are now relying on more extensive background checks, rather than simply asking applicants for information about arrests or convictions.

In the past Amazon had a service called CareerBuilder, where Amazon workers used to get background checks done through them.

Employees go through a background check, and Amazon provides a hiring decision in several business days.

Amazon notifies candidates who have passed background checks if their information is pulled from their background check.

The FCRA states no employer is legally allowed to consider any criminal conviction from over seven years — which means if you have a conviction that’s older than seven years, Amazon cannot use it when deciding whether to hire you.

Amazon has specific guidelines that apply to its customers when considering the information it can access. You can review this information to better understand how far back in your criminal history Amazon can look when performing a pre-order check.

Does Amazon Do Reference Checks?

Reference checks are another aspect of a job application on Amazon. We have so many applications for positions, that we generally only do reference checks if the candidate has a compelling reason to be disqualified or we have reason to believe that they have a connection to a former employee that we may not know about.

When applying for a job, you are almost always asked to fill out an “Application For Employment” form that includes your name, address, phone number, and so on. But, there are a few things that you should always include.

As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to background checks, companies want to make sure they’re hiring the right person for the job. In addition to reference checks, many employers ask potential employees to complete online profiles.

Amazon may look at your last job, and depending on your employment history, this can help them determine your potential performance.

Although finding a job can be difficult, especially with the current economy still in a slump, you shouldn’t worry yourself over hiring reference checks and trying to find former coworkers.

The process of a reference check is quite simple, if your resume is honest and transparent, you will likely pass the reference check without any major issues.

But, some hourly roles at Amazon do not require a resume at all, and in that case, Amazon focuses on the interview, background check, and drug test instead.

Does Amazon Require Drug Tests?

Before you start your job at Amazon, you must have your mouth swabbed to test for drugs. You may ask if you need one and they must tell you.

Each test is given to you in a sealed, legal, and disposable test tube.

While some applicants may use a home drug testing kit to ensure that they are in the clear, and Amazon requires that you go to a medical professional to get a physical, the job requires a drug test.

Amazon also expects staff to adhere to company guidelines which could include alcohol consumption, and marijuana use, and employees are expected to follow any policy the company sets.

Amazon is an ecommerce platform and for the most part, it will be a marketplace for people to sell the products that they have created and people around the world to buy those products.

Amazon is a marketplace, not a warehouse. Amazon does not own, operate, or maintain any warehouses. It is possible to work for Amazon, but not necessarily with them (employee owned/operated fulfillment centers do exist).


When you apply for a job at Amazon, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire to determine your eligibility. You will also be asked for references and may be asked to complete a drug test and, in some instances, a background check.

If you pass the background check, expect Amazon to conduct a criminal background check going back seven years in search of prior charges and convictions they should know about.

Amazon does not currently require fingerprinting for its background checks as the e-commerce giant uses a comprehensive public record checking platform.
The source also pointed out that Amazon does not currently do a criminal background check on any of its employees, adding that the company has “never done something like that.” Instead, Amazon only requires an employee reference check.

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