Does Family Dollar Sell Stamps? (try This Instead)

Family Dollar is a nice discount store with many items at competitive prices. You can get your groceries, home goods, prescriptions, dry goods and clothing all in one place.

Family Dollar is a retail store chain that sells groceries, stationery and other general merchandise. Family Dollar sells stamps in a variety of price ranges. Many people enjoy using the stamps because it saves them money.

Does Family Dollar Sell Stamps In 2022?

If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to mail something from an ATM, most major credit cards will help.

If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to mail something from a convenience store or gas station, most major credit cards will help. Just be sure to check your specific policy, as some won’t cover mailing from there.

You can get a stamp at the post office, or if you don’t want to wait that long, you can also buy stamps at some of the internet sites like eBay and Amazon. They have a wide variety of stamps that you can buy at great prices, for both domestic and international use.

Can You Buy Postage Stamps At Family Dollar?

That’s unfortunate, because I was planning to write a letter to President Obama expressing my appreciation for his recent immigration order.

You can always buy your stamps in the convenience store next to the Post Office.
You can buy stamps online from any number of online retailers.
You can buy a pack of stamps at your local grocery store.

Family Dollar’s purpose is to provide affordable, quality groceries, personal care products, and home décor items for its customers.

People have become so used to depending on Family Dollar stores for all their essential purchases, they expect to be able to buy postage stamps there as well.

Where Can You Buy Postage Stamps Besides The Post Office?

Stamp machines are located at the counter of grocery stores, gas stations and some pharmacies.

* Bookstores (e.g. used bookstores such as, eBay, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble).
* Stationers (often referred to as Post Offices, which are different from the Post Office for stamps).
* Some grocery businesses may sell stamps and have postage meters for use by their customers.
* Certain news vendors and magazines sell stamps.

The USPS offers this service because they want to fill the time before mail carriers return to their workplace after the holidays.

Also, some of these stamps might be worth a lot of money, so just one or two might not be worth it.

I don’t know that a particular stamp is of any value, but you can always go to a stamp store to compare prices.

You’re not allowed to buy postage stamps at the store, but you’ll have to ask for them at the checkout or customer service counter.

How To Buy Postage Stamps Online

Fortunately the government has online resources for you. They can help you buy postage stamps and mailing supplies, as well as greeting cards.

If you use Priority Mail for shipping, you might want to consider using Click-N-Print.

You’ll also need to set up your account on the USPS website which allows you to purchase postage-paid shipping labels, as well as set up USPS PINs and access to your billing information.

If you are using your own packaging, it is recommended to use an address label maker to create your address labels. This can avoid the hassle of having to write your address using an electronic pad and pen.

After you upload your package, you can schedule a pick up by the mail carrier when your mail is delivered.

Does Family Dollar Sell Postage Supplies?

While you can’t buy a stamp at Family Dollar you can get other mailing supplies at the store such as envelopes, padded mailers, bubble wrap, and tape.

If you are interested in buying stamps at Family Dollar, you should go to Family Dollar stores. If you are interested in buying stamps at Publix, you should go to a Publix store.


You can’t buy postage at Family Dollar, but you can buy other mailing supplies, like envelopes, tape, and packing materials.

Further, since most stamps are printed in an economical manner, they are not a big financial burden to the owner.

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