Chewy Return Policy (used, Opened, Toys, How Long To Return + More)

Chewy can stock thousands of items, but it could be difficult to tell if an item is the right one for you until you receive the package and you need a shipping service to get the item to you. You can save a lot of money, however, if you use Chewy to ship.

If you bought something at Chewy but it’s not working out for you and you’re thinking about returning it, take a look at this article to figure out how to get your money back.

What is Chewy’s Return Policy In 2022?

Chewy does offer a 365-day return policy for unopened items. You can also return used items to Chewy within a year of the original purchase date. They will cover shipping for returns, but they’re still not giving up their return policy.

In-store returns are not offered for sale items — meaning you can’t return or exchange unopened packages of any kind of product within a period of 30 days of when you purchased the item.
Returns for any unopened or opened packages of the same product are only accepted for store credit or full refund.
In-store return shipping charges are non-refundable and are a flat $4.99 for standard shipping.

Chewy’s Return Policy on Opened Items

If you want to return items to Chewy, you have to ship them back within one year of buying them.

Chewy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can go back to your original purchase, get your money back or get a different item.

This may have been done due to a law that came into effect in the United States that made it illegal to resell items without the original packaging.

Even though this version of the policy is still on one part of the Chewy website, the new website seems to have it updated.

This information is from a January 2020 tweet from the official account stating the exchange program would be implemented in a few weeks.

When you return a product to Chewy, it’s as easy as calling customer service.

What you have to do is contact the company. You can email them or you can talk to them on the phone.

Chewy’s Return Policy on Dog Food

It seems like you cannot return dog food for a long time.

Chewy’s product quality guarantee means that you can return dog food, even if your dog didn’t like it, and will cover the costs of shipping and refund your money.

Chewy’s Return Policy on Toys

Even if you just don’t feel like it. You can return toys for any reason, and they don’t need to be defective.

Chewy gives 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which means that you can return the toys to them for free if you’re not satisfied with them.

Chewy’s Return Policy on Used Items

If you own an item that you used, you can take it back to Chewy for a full refund, as long as you do it within 365 days of the date you bought it.

A return policy for used toys was announced and they have been accepting returns ever since.

The company also had a policy of offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, but changed it to 1 week after a woman in California asked if she could keep the item for 7 days and still get an exchange.

Chewy’s Return Policy on Medicine

You can return a product you bought from Chewy as long as you do it within a year, the same as any other product the company sells.

Previously the company was only willing to honor returns on its own products. However, we’ve found very recent examples of Chewy taking things back.

We saw some customers on Twitter who were able to return some of their pet’s medicine to Chewy successfully for a refund or replacement.

Under the new policy, the company will now accepts returns regardless of if the package comes damaged or the company gets the order wrong.

Chewy’s Return Policy on Prescription Food

If an item is not returned within 365 days of the date when you bought it, the item is no longer eligible for return.

He got to the point that if you return an item within a certain number of days, you’re allowed a full refund, but if you return it after a certain time, it becomes a restocking fee.

The company will provide full refunds, including for medicines, if you return your pet within 30 days.

“Chewy” is trying to ask you to donate the item to Charity instead of returning it, and you still get your money back.

Is Chewy’s Return Policy Free?

Returning items from Chewy is free because the company will refund the shipping for the item. You don’t have to pay to ship it back to the company either.

This reply proves that Chewy was working on a new product back in December. As you can see, the account is still up from that particular tweet, which means that the product was released, but it’s not known exactly when.

I’m so sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with the food I sold you. You are welcome to return the product and we will refund your purchase price.

I tried to explain that the item was defective or faulty, which I thought it fit the definition of “unacceptable” but Chewy insisted that there is a 30 day time limit from receipt to return. I went online to read up on this policy and I was not able to find the time limit.

Returns are free and easy. If you’re returning something because it was defective, or we got your order wrong, or the package was damaged, we’ll do our very best to send you a replacement, free of charge, as long as you don’t want a refund.

Chewy is known for its great customer service, so people use it for almost everything, including pet supplies and accessories.

How to Return Items to Chewy

As an online business, we will process any returns and refund out money.

Chewy offers shipping all over the country. You can use the shipping calculator to determine where your order will be shipped.

If you are wondering if Chewy accepts returns, know that it does. Additionally, you can always call in to one of the phone lines listed on the company’s website to ask questions about the store’s policies regarding returns and exchanges.

If you cannot use the Chewy Chat feature on either Facebook or Instagram, you can contact the company through its phone or email.

Chewy’s customer service will answer your questions, no matter what time you contact them.

They will either give you the information directly, or ask for your email address. Once they have your email address they can forward everything you need to know.

How Long Do Chewy Returns Take?

You can return an item to Chewy within 3 months of buying it, and it will take another 4 to 7 business days before you can get your refund.

Chewy will allow customers to return a dog feed without having to return it to the store.

In these cases, we can provide you with a package that has been signed by the sender, but it will take a few days to get to you.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Hope you can contact me if you need help.


Chewy offers 365 day returns on all orders including medical supplies. You can return anything for free, including prescription drugs and other medical supplies. Even if an item has been used, it’s okay. Chewy will even pay for shipping and delivery.

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