Chewy Vs. Amazon (prices, Delivery Times, Returns, Customer Satisfaction + More)

Chewy and Amazon have been getting bigger in the country, and they continue to experience growth.

Chewy has their own brand of dog food, treats, and supplies. However, Amazon is a place to buy the majority of pet supplies and treats. Some Chewy products are available on Amazon. But, Chewy also carries thousands of other supplies.

Chewy Vs. Amazon In 2022

The Pet360 website allows you to search pet care retailers by state and find a store near you to purchase the products you need. Pet360 is a private company that is no longer affiliated with Chewy, although it was founded by an ex-Chewy CEO.

Chewy and amazon are both pretty similar. They both sell a large amount of pet supplies and sometimes even at a lower price. They both have a free shipping policy. Amazon gives you more perks and discounts.

Is Chewy A Better Company Than Amazon?

I think that Chewy sells more items for a higher price, and also has more discounts. If you’re buying multiple units, Chewy always has the best deal.

Chewy Vs. Amazon Return Policy

Both companies have return policies, but Amazon’s policy is more restricted than Chewy’s, because Amazon’s policy also has to deal with third-party sellers.

When an item is returned within 30 days, Amazon will refund shipping charges, while Chewy will refund shipping charges and the cost of the item.

Also, Amazon’s return policy is limited. You can’t return items from third-party sellers directly to the company. The seller determines how to return the items.

Chewy Vs. Amazon Shipping

Chewy’s usually takes between 1 and 3 Business Days to ship any item you buy on its website unless it requires a prescription.

In this particular case, you need to have your dog checked out by your vet. If the prescription is found to be genuine, wait for between seven and 10 days for the prescription to be verified and shipped.

Chewy only ships within the contiguous United States, meaning you can’t get an item delivered in Alaska or Hawaii. On the other hand, Amazon can ship pretty much anywhere in the world.
Amazon may be the cheaper option, but Chewy is probably the most convenient option.

Although Amazon may deliver your item within approximately two hours of you receiving the order, it may take up to five days if the seller takes longer and the order is a Prime or Express delivery.

The good news is that they make it easy to order online and receive your package in as quickly as 4-5 days. You can choose the shipping option that best fits your budget, and you can even get free shipping on orders of $49.

Amazon can ship your items either the next day or two days from the day that you placed the order and if the item is eligible for free shipping.

Here are the details on how to choose a shipping option when you place an order.

This is where I’m going to start listing the Amazon Prime benefits, the first one is free shipping.

You can have free shipping on all items at Chewy and they include anything that’s at least $49.

The “Subscribe & Save” service is a service that provides free delivery for online orders.

The advantage of a rewards program is that you can get the products you use the most delivered regularly.

You can get an extra 35% on your first shipment and 5% off on your next shipments if you buy $20 worth of cars.

The Subscribe & Save program on Amazon is not as good as the Subscribe & Save program from Walmart.

Does Chewy Use Amazon To Ship?

I’m aware of the FedEx shipping. I think it’s just another way for Amazon to sell you more stuff.

Amazon lets sellers use the Amazon logistics service, which is Amazon’s own warehouse, to ship their products.

So if Chewy goes under, Amazon will be the only major national online retailer left.

Chewy Vs. Amazon Market Share

Amazon is an international company, and Chewy can’t compete in the international market.

But if you look at it from the point of view that Amazon is a bigger company, and that means that people have more choices of what they choose to buy.

But if we look at the list of the top pet supply online retailers, Chewy is among them.

I’m not sure that there really is that much of a difference. Amazon is much smaller than I expected, but Chewy is already pretty big.

It’s not easy for a customer to compare the prices on the websites of several different retailers. This is one of the reasons why there are so many price comparison apps.

Chewy seems to be a small company with a limited marketing budget and has only around 20% of the market share.

Even though Amazon is a very efficient organization, they were able to achieve their success from the customer’s perspective when they launched Wag, a brand that helps pet owners, which was extremely customer-oriented.

Chewy Vs. Amazon Prices

I searched for the word “coupe” in Amazon and found that they have the same price as the ones on Chewy.

The main benefit of Chewy is their auto ship program where you can get free shipping on orders of $25 or more. It will automatically ship all items that arrive into your home at the same time. Your shipping will be free. You just have to set the schedule for shipping.

Chewy Vs. Amazon Customer Satisfaction

Both Amazon and Chewy have similar customer service and support systems, but Chewy is able to go to the customer’s house while Amazon won’t.

But, because of our comparison with the top ten, we can see that our algorithm performed poorly. It took more than twice the number of reviews than the top ten as a proportion of the total number of reviews. More than three times the total number of reviews.

And we can also see that the percentage of positive reviews didn’t differ too much.

Chewy is a 100% unconditional customer satisfaction guaranteed company.

Even though Chewy offers a money back guarantee, they seem to really want you to keep it and even make sure you receive a follow up email about how well you managed to sell it within the first 730 days.

The most popular products on Chewy are toys, games, pet supplies, and health and wellness related items. The product with the most reviews is KONG Cozies.

Chewy Vs. Amazon Loyalty Programs

-Amazon Prime is a $99 / year membership that provides free, 2-day shipping on over one million items.
-Amazon has been selling digital goods for years, but Prime makes it very easy for Prime members to purchase Amazon’s digital goods outside the platform.

And unlike other company-sponsored rewards programs, Amazon offers perks that aren’t available to most consumers. For instance, members of Amazon Prime enjoy free two-day shipping on some items.

I used to go to the bookstore every day after work, but now I just order everything via Amazon.

Amazon Prime subscription is more economical and secure with a subscription to Amazon Prime.

Does Amazon Own Chewy?

We believe that the Chewy team is in it for the long haul. We have a history of working with the most talented and passionate people on the planet, and we think that Chewy is on a path for great things.

As for the second part of your statement, Chewy has been bought by PetSmart at multiple points but Amazon has never been bought so far.

Warren Buffett, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Alphabet Inc co-founder Larry Page, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

If you want to read more about our posts on who owns Chewy and does Amazon own Chewy.


The online pet supplies segment is huge, and Amazon and Chewy compete to take control of it, but neither company can afford to go up against the massive Wal-Mart Stores.

Chewy has a similar monthly fee to what you’d be paying if you were ordering directly from Amazon. However, Chewy also offers free shipping on purchases, which Amazon does not.

…Chewy offers one of the more flexible options, with a rotating selection of snacks and an Amazon credit card preloaded into the site. You can customize the selection based on what’s in the house, but if none of your favorite gummies are available, you’re stuck with the next selection.

I found a problem with my Chewy order and Amazon is the only place where I can return it for exchange and have already received a replacement for my item.

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