How To Archive Amazon Orders (step-by-step + Other Faqs)

Amazon is giving away free items to all customers who have any kind of order for more than $250.

First, you need to be prepared! Don’t be caught off guard if you don’t follow these steps in order.

How to Archive Amazon Orders In 2022

If you want to archive a movie in the Amazon Instant Video service, head to the “Your Account” page and click on “Manage your Amazon Instant Video Channels.” Select the movie you want to archive and then select “Archive video” from the top menu.

Can you archive orders that are in process?

Yes. You can archive orders in process for free. When you log into your Account Info page on, click Account Settings and then click Manage My Orders. All orders in process are listed. To archive one, click the Archive button. For more information, check out: How to Archive an Amazon Order.

How Do I Archive My Orders on the Amazon App?

If you want to archive your orders on your mobile device, you will need to log into Amazon using the browser on your mobile device.

How Can I Archive Amazon Orders on iOS?

To log in to Amazon on your iPhone, you’ll need to open up Safari on your iPhone, and then log into Amazon through the web browser.

Besides, to change the browser’s settings, visit the browser, select “Tools” and then set “Request desktop website” as the default webpage. From there, you can go to “Accounts & Lists” and select “Your Orders” to view your orders.

If you click the “Archive Order” button, a window will pop up containing the orders you are interested in.
You can then select one of these orders to archive, by clicking on the order that you want to archive (or clicking on the “Select Selected” checkbox first).

How Can I Archive Amazon Orders on Android?

You can archive an Amazon order on Android by using the browser in the system settings and going to the website, logging in and making your order.

All of this stuff is available to you in the app.
If you’re already logged in, your orders and invoices are already loaded. You can click your name in the top left corner to get to your account.
So that’s how you can do it on the phone.

If you want to archive the posts in the order they were originally posted, you can’t just select a specific date in “Archive Order”. You must find the order the posts were originally posted in order to archive them.

How Can I Archive Amazon Orders on iPad?

If you have an iPad or other tablet, the process to archive an Amazon order is the same as a mobile device, which means you’ll need to open your browser and log into the Amazon website. The instructions should be simple to follow, and they’ll show you how to complete your order.

When you first log into the website you’ll see a number of orders, but they will be “pending” status. This is because the order has not been charged to the credit card.

This is a simple method for converting videos from any device or format into any format. The only downside is that it does require a lot of storage space.

How Can I View Archived Amazon Orders?

To see your Amazon order details, log into your Amazon account, select “Accounts & Lists” and select “Your Orders.”
You can view details about all your past orders on your Amazon account, including canceled and undelivered products.

From there, you can find all of your orders, regardless of timeframe, by searching for a particular customer or order, or by choosing the option on the left of the screen to search for all orders that include a particular product.

> I am a new administrator. I want to create a new customer.

How Can I Unarchive Amazon Orders?

You can unarchive orders on Amazon pretty easily by going into your Amazon account through a website. You can also do it through an app, like Amazon’s app on iOS and Android.

To change the state of an archived order, go into the “Archived Orders” page, go into the order you want to change, then click on the “Unarchive Order” button on the top right.

There are various reasons to keep some parts of your past, and it’s usually good to keep a few orders you really like. It’s also a good idea to keep copies of your old order files so you can easily re-import them into another account if your current order file stops working. There are also various reasons to unarchive your orders.

How Many Amazon Orders Can You Archive?

To archive a specific order you’d need to remove it first and then insert it again once you’ve chosen the orders you want to archive.

**Update on the Amazon ECS Cluster **

At the moment we are in the process of moving the current ECS Cluster to being a VPC based cluster. We are planning to have the current cluster as a VPC cluster that will only use EC2 instances and not ECS instances.

Can You Delete Archived Amazon Orders?

Unfortunately for Amazon, they can’t delete your orders. Hopefully, though, in the future Amazon will roll out this option for customers.

Can You Hide Archived Amazon Orders?

Amazon does not allow you to manually hide the archived Amazon orders, but if you have an archived order, it will pop up in the “Archived” section.

Can I Use Alexa to Archive Amazon Orders?

Yes, there is a way to archive Amazon orders through the Amazon website, but that requires you to have the knowledge of the code.

How Do I Remove an Item From My Amazon Order History?

The only way to delete an item from your order history is to archive it. This will move that order to your archive, and delete it from your history.

In the future, if we implement a way to delete items from your order history, we will do so by moving an order to the archive.

Amazon is very popular store where you can find almost everything under the sun. The customer service and their shipping system are very good. However, they do not allow you to add more than 500 products.

You can also edit this, however it will be saved as a cookie and will be deleted when you close your browser. It’s not easy to see, so I think it’s not a big deal.

You may be in a position where you’re wondering, “I can’t choose which items are going to be removed from view”. For an overview of all the history items, press the ‘History’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

*Please note that this may be a regional, language, or customer service issue that we are not able to help with. You will need to contact Amazon directly to resolve this issue.


To archive an Amazon order you’ll need to use the website. Also, if you’re on a mobile device, you’ll need to request the desktop site.

The following example will show the same functionality using the IFTTT app.

In addition, you can also archive the whole order including all its items, which would mean that the item is archived even if the order in which it is arranged has not been archived.

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