What Is Amazon Archive Order? (all You Need To Know)

If you’ve had an Amazon account for some time, you know it’s a pretty amazing place to shop. No matter what you’re looking for, Amazon has it. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for others, Amazon has you covered.

You’ve probably received an order confirmation email from Amazon when you make a purchase online. But, if your order hasn’t been confirmed yet, look out for an email titled order confirmation.
Amazon.com is known for sending a confirmation email. You don’t need to wait for the order confirmation email to make sure your orders went through. You can check the history of your orders directly on your Amazon account.
On the home page of your Amazon account, look for the ‘Your Amazon’ option. This is where you will see your orders, reviews, and many other accounts.

What Is Amazon Archive Order In 2022?

You can prevent orders from appearing in your shopping history by using this option. This can be useful if you’re ordering gifts for multiple people and you don’t want to give away which order is yours. You can always search order archives to find the gift you need.

Amazon archive orders may show up in your archives. Learn how to access your archives, and how to archive old orders.

How to Archive an Amazon Order

When you archive one of your order’s, you don’t delete your order. They are still there.
You simply archive it to hide it from you and your family, or from Amazon.

– If you’re an American customer, place an order from the US Amazon website. If you’re an international customer, place your order from the UK Amazon website.

When orders are archived they are placed in a special section of the orders table. If you no longer need to reference a particular order or need to hide it from view, you can still search it, only in the special section for archived orders rather than the regular order history.

Amazon also allows you to keep up to 500 orders, so that’s something to keep in mind when you click on the Amazon website or app.

Well, I have read and understand the terms and terms of service agreement at Amazon, and I agree that I’ve received no compensation for the promotion.

Where to View an Amazon Archive Order

Sometimes there is no need to view an order that you sent in the first place and just archived it.

You can always find products you’ve previously ordered, by clicking the “view archived orders” option located on your Amazon profile.

In order to archive the order again, you’ll have to go back to the order where you entered it in the first place and bring it back into the shopping history, too.

When using the Amazon Shopping app, you can view archived orders, but you can’t actually archive the previous orders you had.

To archive your recent purchases, you must first sign in to your Amazon account. Then scroll down to the menu in the top left corner.

You can see all orders you’ve made. You can sort them by date, to see the most recent orders or you can just turn it off, see the all your orders, and see how many you’ve made.

If you want to purge all orders (including the archived ones), you can remove your archived orders with the Purge Orders command.
When you remove your archived orders, you also remove them from your default order history view, since they can be viewed with the Customize Viewer command.

This will help you easily buy the same items again. You can also easily monitor your spending.

Amazon Household orders are also popular for parents who are a “one-person” family, where a parent or guardian is the only one signing up.

How to Hide Archived Amazon Orders

You may want to hide your default orders from your archived orders and prevent others from being able to see the details of your archived orders.

if you want to hide your orders, you have the option to either take additional steps to hide the fact that you placed an order or hide the fact that you placed the order.

You will see your account under the Amazon drop down menu. You will see all of your orders in that same section.
There are three options in the drop down menu that can be clicked on. The top option is My Account. Next to it is Search for a Product, and lastly is Recommendations.

You can edit your browsing history by clicking on the recently viewed option. It will show options that are similar to the ones that you can find in your search box.

You can drag items around in the map. They can be attached to each other and arranged however you want.

When you make an archive of a page, it will stay in your browsing history. However, it will only stay there until you refresh that page.

If you don’t want others to see what you’re looking at, you might want to turn off looking at browsing history for Amazon purchases.

Can You Permanently Delete Amazon Orders?

There’s a way to permanently delete Amazon orders, for those who have accidentally left themselves a trail of a few hundred (if you’re not sure, you definitely don’t want to do it).

Some online shopping sites record your order information and Amazon is not an exception.

While this means the user can’t ever delete their order details, there is a way to erase your order data!

It is a good thing for shoppers because you never know when you’ll need to go back and check an order, and Amazon lets you organize your orders and manage visibility as much as possible so you can feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Also don’t worry about deleting your Amazon account for good because the company retains a record of your past purchases in the system.

If you want to know how to archive Amazon orders, how to check out, and how to find out if your order shipped, you can check our posts on that here: How to Archive Amazon orders not shipping, and Amazon checkout not working.


Amazon Prime members can edit the items they added to their cart at any time, even if you’ve already added a bunch of things to your cart, because of how they operate.

To archive the order, you’ll need to find the order number on your receipt or your confirmation email and then follow the directions listed on the next screen. You’ll also need to remember to save the receipt for your order for the archive process. This is important when you want to reorder a similar item in the future to not have to go through the same process again.

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