What Is Amazon Sns? (how It Works, Price + More)

Amazon Web Services promotes more efficient business practices and communication lines. This makes it easier for businesses to focus on their growth.

If you’ve been thinking about Amazon Web Service (AWS) before, you probably wondered what SNS is. In this article, you’ll learn about SNS, and how this service is used to send notifications to your customers and users.

What Is Amazon SNS In 2022?

Amazon SNS allows you to send notifications, as well as receive them. The message can be sent to an individual user, or to a group of recipients. It also allows you to send messages to multiple recipients and to send messages to mobile and web apps.

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of using Amazon SNS, the various benefits related to it, and much more, keep on reading. I’ve researched everything you need to know!

What Does Amazon SNS Stand For?

Amazon SNS helps you make your notifications more effective by letting you send them through various channels like Email, SMS, HTTP PUT, or even through applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a service developed by Amazon Web Services to send alerts and notifications between your app and Amazon SNS.

What Does Application-To-Application Communication Provide?

When you use the AWS Management Console, there are two ways that you can use the SNS topics to send messages to your users.

What Is Application-To-Person (A2P) Messaging?

With the rise of the Internet and cloud services, application-to-person messaging has become a real way of communication.

A1P messages typically are required to be resent and returned to the senders and the senders’ reply can include any content, such as acknowledgements, error messages, etc. A2P messages, on the other hand, typically do not require a response, and the sender of the A2P message may be expecting a reply at some future time.

What Can Amazon SNS Do?

One of the most used features is that you can subscribe to an Amazon SNS topic and have your notification messages sent to you when messages are exchanged between multiple subscribers.

In order to deliver messages to any of your subscriber systems, you can use the Message Queue or a message broker like MQTT and AMQP.

In addition, the platform allows you to send messages to users with email addresses, mobile clients, and SMS.

What Features Does Amazon SNS Have?

You can choose to send your message in separate, smaller batches to the right type of channels (e.g., SMS, e-mail, and Twitter), and you can choose to send your message to fewer destinations.

The message publishing and batching model allows a message publisher to send a message to one or more queue subscribers simultaneously. The subscriber can receive all or just a subset of messages in a batch. The message publishing and batching model supports both asynchronous and synchronous publish/subscribe messaging.

SNS lets you send a message to your chosen communication channel, which then delivers it to the applications subscribed to that topic.

You can publish each message per API request, one by one.

Also, the message batching feature lets you decide to combine messages together to reduce the overall costs of the service.

Message filtering is used to ensure that only a selected set of
messages can be sent from a messaging server to a particular IM client. This
can be used to control the types of messages that an IM client receives.

Filters will provide you with information about any messages that are filtered from a user’s inbox.

Therefore, the consumer side application only get notified about the specific messages that are interesting to it only

The problem is that the consumer side application receives a list of messages, without the knowledge of how many times it was notified about each of them. Hence, there is no way for the consumer side application to differentiate the notifications from the same message.

As a whole, you can simplify your architecture by combining your database and the model.

In the last 10 years, the development of
distributed computing has increased.

Amazon SNS helps with message durability. It stores the details of the messages it sends, to a maximum number of data centers.

SNS is going to retry the delivery of the message after certain number of retries.

If there is no viable endpoint, you will want to send your messages to a durable endpoint such as Amazon’s Simple Queue Service, AWS’s message queue service.

How Much Does Amazon SNS Cost?

Amazon SNS is great because it does not require any upfront fees, no minimum commitments, or long term contracts.

The pricing for Amazon SNS is based on the types of topics you use. For the Amazon SNS Free tier, you only pay for what you use. You pay for each topic you create and for every message you send and receive. As new features and functionality are added to Amazon SNS, you’ll only pay for things you use.

Standard topics have the best-known delivery characteristics. When publishing a message, the publishers will push the messages to a topic and the subscribers will receive the messages at the same time.

It will also tell you if you qualify for the monthly free tier when you go to your SNS dashboard.

What you are charged depends on how many users you have in a particular
SNS topic.

How Do You Get Started With Amazon SNS?

If you already have Amazon SNS experience, it is suggested that you go to the Amazon SNS tutorial and then begin creating Amazon SNS topics and publishing messages.

How Do You Sign Up For Amazon SNS?

If you want to subscribe to Amazon SNS, you can click on the “Sign up for Amazon SNS” button found on the service’s detail page.

If you are not already signed up for AWS, create an account here. You will be asked to enter your email address and set a password.

After signing up for Amazon SNS, Amazon recommends that you review the Getting Started Guide and other documentation on the Amazon SNS website.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Amazon SNS?

Amazon SNS allows you to easily manage your customers’ notification preferences. You can provide your customers with a choice of the frequency and type of notifications they receive. Additionally, you can configure rules within SNS that help you manage your users’ behaviors.
Amazon SNS enables you to deliver notifications to your customers in different ways, such as by email, SMS, or push notifications on mobile apps.

Amazon has a huge staff of employees, and is the leader of e-commerce in the world. That’s why they can afford to take a third of the money every user makes.
Of course, this fee is not something that you should not take into consideration.


Amazon SNS is an email communication system that works with A2A and A2P communication streams. This email communication system also comes with a budget; you only pay for the amount of data you use.

The SNS makes it easy to send a message that can be grouped and filtered and can be stored in memory, allowing for messages to be processed as soon as they arrive.

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