What Is Amazon Ses? (How It Works, Price + More)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest cloud computing provider in the world, and is especially big in e-commerce, thanks to its technology that supports artificial intelligence and a wide variety of other web and cloud-based solutions.

Amazon SES is used for email marketing. You can send bulk emails with pre-set templates, you can also create your own custom email campaigns to build a relationship with your customers.

What Is Amazon SES In 2022?

Amazon SES is a scalable cloud service offering reliable inbound and outbound email from all applications in 2022. Made for developers, Amazon SES is commonly used for mass sales and marketing emails with analytics, email authentication, and sender reputation protection available from this pay-as-you-go program. Amazon SES is currently included with Amazon Web Services and can be a cost effective way to send email.

The Amazon SES service is used to send messages to and from your Amazon SaaS application. SendGrid automatically provides these for you.
It allows you to choose which SMPP source to forward the message to, and the email addresses to which you want to send the message.

How Does Amazon SES Work?

Email services, such as Amazon SES, free up tech resources and allow users to manage incoming mail efficiently and affordably.

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cost effective email program that supports mail delivery through all applications, with emails delivered from any domain or address owned by the account holder.

Although the Amazon SES platform is not suitable for companies that have high volumes of communications, it is a great way for the small and medium-sized companies that generate only a low level of traffic to efficiently increase their visibility.

Before you can use Amazon SES, you need to prove ownership of a domain or email address with the capacity for up to 10,000 web addresses to ensure comprehensive email coverage.

We also have the capability to configure automatic emails for your Amazon SES account.

After you verify ownership, it’s easy to configure the email settings and send email. With SES, the process requires few steps and is really easy to set up.

You may be able to track email performance on the Amazon SES reputation dashboard, as well as use flexible deployment for dedicated, shared, and customer IPs.

It checks the emails and it makes sure that are not spam and that they are getting delivered.

A feedback loop has to be created since an order or transaction may not be completed successfully.

An email sending and receiving platform that allows users to send and accept emails simultaneously.

Amazon SES offers a very good alternative to traditional email servers for the SMBs that have a very low budget.

What Are Amazon SES Limits?

Amazon SES is regarded as a highly flexible and scalable email service, as you have the option of adding up to 10,000 domains and email addresses so long as you can verify ownership. But it is also a bit more complex to setup.

The sending limits depend on the number of recipients you’re trying to send to, the maximum sending rate per second and the maximum number of recipients you’re allowed to send each day.

The maximum message size for the default Inbound email policy is 10 MB. To increase the message size, change the Inbound email policy using the AWS Management Console, API, or CLI.

* For more information about sending limits, see Sending Limits in the Amazon SES User Guide.

You may experience a temporary inability to send emails to clients after a customer is no longer within your list.

How Much Does Amazon SES Cost?

The key benefits of Amazon SES are that it is priced on a pay-as-you-go model like other AWS services.

In regards to the cost of the marketing, there are no minimums or subscriptions required. The cost is calculated per 1,000 emails you send and receive, with a base rate of $0.10 per 1,000 emails.

After you message someone in WhatsApp group, you will pay $0.12 per GB of data for the message body and attachments you sent.

In addition to receiving the mail the regular monthly fee, it also costs additional fees for incoming mail chunks, a dedicated IP address, and access to the Deliverability Dashboard.

While you have access to most AWS services for free, if you sign up for a
free tier account you also get access to the lowest usage tier of any
other AWS service. For example, if you sign up for the free tier of
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), you get access to the free tier of EC2.

The free tier services are usually not useful for much except for
testing, but they are good for learning.

This allows you to send millions of messages a month at no charge when using applications hosted through AWS Lambda or Amazon EC2. This is useful if for instance you are running a messaging server or a web app that needs to send messages to every user.

The free usage benefit is valid for one year. Amazon has stated this is the longest available free usage benefit.

For customers who want to bring their own IPs or are limited in the number they can buy, this is quite a great option. For example, if you have multiple servers or VPSs on your server, you can add multiple IPs to them.

To better understand how much Amazon SES is using resources and get a better idea of your bill, head to the AWS Billing Dashboard where current billing charges will appear in the management console.

You may also be interested in the AWS Pricing Calculator which allows you to select your pricing tier (General, Basic, Standard and Enterprise), the number of emails per month and the number of users to calculate your estimated usage.

How Can I Get Started with Amazon SES?

If you want to send and receive emails through a trusted cloud service then Amazon SES is worth checking out.

To get started, go to amazon.com/ to create your AWS account and SES (Simple Email Service) account, which is where you will add SES and any other desired web services to your organization’s dashboard.

For more information, check out this quick tutorial on how to setup your Amazon SES account.

As a new user of the Amazon SES service, you will be given access to an Amazon SES sandbox.

You will be able to send messages to verified email accounts until you hit your daily messages limit.

The current limits on our service will be lifted once we make a review of your request and have the capability to service your account.

Please note that although we have an open SES Sandbox, it is designed to be used to test our services with a view to improving their quality before they become available to our customers.

We make no guarantee as to the security of your confidential data within the SES Sandbox.

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SES (or Amazon Simple Email Service) is Amazon’s cloud email service. It provides both low-cost and high-performance email services.

The flexibility and low cost of Amazon SES makes it attractive to developers and the ease of use allows marketers and content publishers to quickly and effectively send corporate updates and marketing campaigns from every application.

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