Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (prime, On The Website, In The App, Discreet Order + More) 

If shopping online is something you do frequently, it’s a good idea to make sure your internet browser is not logged in to one of your accounts.

Make sure you’re not logged into any accounts when you shop online.

However, some websites may allow for your personal information to remain private, and if you’re an Amazon customer, you may be wondering if they offer the same privacy. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon In 2022?

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Amazon is one of the world’s most popular online shopping platforms.
Amazon lets you make purchases on your phone or Kindle tablet, through their website or their app.
Since there’s a lot of traffic on their website, you should always learn how to keep your Amazon purchases private.
Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your purchases private on Amazon and with other websites.

Can You Hide Orders on

1. Open the website.
2. Browse to the product you wish to purchase.
3. Select the “View Order Details” option. You are now at the “My Orders” page.
4. The “My Orders” page is the last page of your history.

Can You Hide Orders on the Amazon App?

On the Amazon app, customers can hide their orders and the history of their orders. All of their orders will be listed on the Amazon website.
Customers can also hide their orders through the web version of the Amazon app on their mobile devices. To hide a purchase, they can navigate to the My Orders page and then press the hamburger menu and select Hide Order.

Customers should be aware that the orders will be only partially saved and you will not lose your orders from your account.

In order to unarchive an order, they will need to press “Unarchive Order” at the top right hand corner of the Order Summary page.

This unarchiving process will remove all hidden orders and any additional amounts that may have been added to the order.

Can You Hide Orders on Amazon Household?

Multiple family members of a single customer can hide the orders of the customer with an Amazon Household account.

Amazon Household gives all the family members their own profiles, which is also known as the “Household”. They can add items to it, place orders, browse and watch Amazon Prime Video in private.

However, customers should note that while their Amazon Prime account gives them an individual household account, this account is not password protected.

This way, the children can’t accidentally access the orders, while parents can still access the orders and view them in the accounts that belong to them.

Can You Do Discreet Orders on Amazon?

If you are ordering a gift for someone in your household, you might want to make the delivery more private. Some packages arrive in a package that reveals what’s inside.

On any Amazon purchase page, before clicking the “Add to Cart” button, customers can check a box that says “Do not let others know this is from Amazon” to ensure their purchase is discreet.

If you’re placing orders discreetly to prevent someone from discovering your order or tracking you, we recommend using a separate order for each item.

Therefore, the customers are advised to consider the necessity of placing an order of the discreet nature.

Which Other Ways Can You Keep Amazon Orders Private?

– *Anonymous shipping:* You can place an order without providing your shipping address or any other personal or payment information.
– *Private label:* You can place a private label order and ship your items through your own Amazon account. Private label orders are shipped with your own unique Amazon label, allowing you to control your branding.

To perform a clean install of a browser, use Incognito mode from the browser.

Don’t worry. Just go to the search bar and type “incognito” and press enter. Then, all your search history is kept separate from your shopping profile.

The new version of Incognito mode, which is the default when you open the browser, hides everything that is private from the browser. This includes search engine history, Amazon search and even Google searches.

The result is that if customers would like a product they’re searching for to be a private search, they use Incognito mode to prevent Amazon from saving the search.

Though the order history will not be hidden, the order number will not appear in the URL of your previous orders.

Because privacy is very important, customers are recommended to use both incognito mode to make sure that their privacy is protected, and also to keep their orders in the order archive.

1. Make a secure password as mentioned above.

Using unique passwords is essential if a customer uses a different Amazon account from other people in their household, but who share the same computer and devices.

A password must be a mixture of UPPERCASE, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in order to prevent the person that uses it from guessing the password.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to delete your cookies and cache files on the device and on the system. That way, the next time you try to log in, you won’t be automatically logged in to the account that you want to use.

Don’t let anyone else use your Amazon account without your permission. You can log out of the website by using the “Log Out” option in the side menu. It’s the safest way to protect your account. Also, be sure to log out of all social media accounts at the end of your shopping session to make sure that all personal information and your purchase history are protected.

One of the biggest reasons why we like Amazon is its convenience. We often don’t buy books from Amazon because they don’t carry the titles we’re looking for, but because they ship the book to us super fast. Sometimes these books can take a bit longer to ship than what we would expect, but at least they ship fast, which is something we really appreciate.


If you are unable to pay your bill, you may be able to hide it temporarily. This may be useful if you are considering filing for bankruptcy and you have not yet filed. The process of hiding orders temporarily allows you to buy and return your goods without incurring any additional fees or penalties. You may be able to take other steps to hide purchases temporarily, such as hiding your payment method or credit card.

Additionally, customers can keep their order and search history more private by using tools like incognito search mode and by creating secure passwords.

Finally, let us address the question of what happens to our search statistics after the customer leaves our website.

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