How To Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List (step-by-step Guide + Other Faqs)

Wish Lists aren’t just for Amazon users though, they’re available on many other websites such as, and You can find Wish Lists there, so if you’re looking to get a gift for someone that really has something on their Wish List, you can find it easily.

Learn how to find someone’s Amazon Wish List and if they haven’t shared it, we’ll show you how to ask them for permission to find their Amazon Wish List!

How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List In 2022

Wish lists are shared lists of products that the customer is interested in. Each public list has a URL associated with it that is searchable by the customer’s name in 2022. However, the list can only be accessed by entering permitted email addresses.

In order to find a person’s Amazon Wish List, visit the following link. Select the option to access a list and you will be given the option to view the list.

How Can Shoppers Find Their Amazon Wish List URL?

Find and open your Amazon Wish List by signing in to the Amazon website or app and visit your Wish List.

The first thing that you want to do is hit the Add to Wish List button and save the list you just created. Then, you will want to scroll down the page to the “Your Wish Lists” section. There, you will see all of your Wish Lists, along with any new ones you have added.

It’s very easy to share. Just click on the “Share” button you see next to the list you are trying to share, and then copy the URL from the following screen.

Are All Amazon Wish Lists Public?

In order for you to have a private Wish List, go to your Wish List > Settings > Sharing > Privacy and then select Private.

Can Shoppers Make Their Amazon Wish List Private?

A user that is not a Prime member can create a private Wish List and only share it with certain people.

If you want to keep your Amazon Wish List private, you can change the settings on the “Share” page for your Wish List.

Open up your Wish List to add your new address. You can also check the box to make your Wish List visible to the recipient.

In the example I used the address field. Depending on your needs you may also want to add the email address, company name or the name of the product to your Wish List.

The second approach I found is a much more convenient one. If you have multiple Wish Lists you can use the “Copy” button to create new links for all of them.

Can You Find an Amazon Wish List Without the Link?

When you type “wish list” on Amazon, it becomes possible to search for your Wish List.

Then, go to the Person’s “Send gift” page and type in the person’s name. Once you’ve found the gift you’d like to send that person, click the “Send Now” button.

What If Shoppers Can’t Find the Amazon Wish List I’m Looking For?

If you can’t find the person you’re looking for, it’s probably because they made their list private.

Once a user has made their wish list public, anyone online can view it, but only that person can make purchases through Wish Lists.

Let’s jump back to the `user` variable. This object contains all the details of the user who just placed an order. It also contains their `profile` object, which has all the information the user wants to share.

Finally, we now have enough information to place an order.

Another possibility is that the person you’re looking for doesn’t have an Amazon Wish List. Not everyone uses Amazon Wish Lists, so it’s very possible that the person you’re looking for doesn’t have one at all.

If you followed the steps in this guide, you should be able to find the Amazon Wish List you were looking for, but if you can’t, there’s not much else you can do.

Amazon’s search feature is pretty comprehensive, so probably if the person doesn’t have a wishlist, it’s probably because they have it set up as private.

Does Amazon Let Customers Know When Someone Buys Something off Their Wish List?

When someone buys an item from your Amazon Wish List, Amazon will send you a notification to confirm this purchase on your Amazon Wish List.

How Can Shoppers Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List Without Them Knowing?

Unfortunately there is a problem of no known method for knowing someone’s Amazon Wish List without them knowing.

If you’re searching for a way to surprise someone with a present, we suggest utilizing another approach.

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Do Amazon Wish Lists Expire?

Amazon Wish Lists do not expire. For example,
you can have a list of books that you want to read over the weekend, and they will stay on your Wish List for as long as you want them to.

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Amazon Wish Lists are a great way to keep track of items that you want to buy and share with others. Amazon customers can either make their list public or private, depending on what they’re comfortable with.

If you are on a desktop, you can download the Amazon Wish List app for from the App Store or Google Play to keep track of your wish list. You can also use the Amazon Mobile app for Android and iPhone.

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