How Do Amazon Wishlists Work? (showing Address, Notify The Receiver, Show Email + More) 

When customers find products on Amazon they would like to buy at a later date, Amazon allows them to create a wishlist that they can use to find the products at the future date.

If you take a look at the main page, you’ll see a number of products that customers have added to their wishlist. As you can see, many of these products are already in stock. When you add a product to your list, Amazon will send you an email asking you whether you want or need that product.

How Do Amazon Wishlists Work In 2022?

The Amazon Wish List is a list on customer’s accounts that shoppers can add products to that they plan to purchase at a later date.

The wish list is not an inventory storage tool to keep items that are not immediately available. Amazon will not remove any items from the wishlist until they are permanently removed from the website. If a customer changes their mind about an item, they can simply remove it from the wishlist.

If you want to know more about creating a Wish List, how you can add items to the list, how to manage the list and the items and a lot more, keep reading for more useful facts and information!

How Do You Create an Amazon Wish List?

Go to and then click on ‘Wish List’ at the top of the screen.

The wish list is now public. However, customers have the option to add others to their list by pressing the “+Invite” button or the “Invite others to your wish list” button.

How Do You Add Items to Your Amazon Wish List?

Customers can search for items they wish to purchase using the search bar.

If you want to add an item to the wish list, then select the “Add to Wish List” option from the product page.

To access their wishlist, users can add a product and access it whenever they want.

Lastly, customers can search for specific items or set various filters to change the items displayed.

How Do I Manage My Amazon Wish List?

Customer can better manage their wish list by finding a better way to locate their potential purchases.

In the right panel of the screen, there is a button titled “More” that gives a drop-down menu when customers click on it.

Then click on the “Sorting” tab on the top menu bar.

Customers can manage their privacy settings, contact information, and can choose to keep their surprise if they purchased something from their friends or family a secret.

Users can also add a description for the wish list since most of their friends and family don’t know what it’s for, so that they have a better idea of what it’s for.

Do Amazon Wishlists Show Your Address?

The company does not disclose the customer’s name to Amazon, which is not the case for other sites.

Although this is a great time to ask this question, you can only ask about this specific question.

When customers are using the WishList tool, they can choose to share the list with their friends by sending links over text or email. When customers choose to protect their wish list, the list is private and can only be viewed by the customer.

Does Amazon Notify You When Someone Buys Something Off Your Wish List?

As the customer checks out of the store, the system will remove the product from the wish list, preventing a bad surprise from being spoiling.

If it does, it means that your customer has already purchased a product from Amazon through your referral code and you won’t get any referral commission.

From your referral code, you can see if your customers already purchased something from Amazon via the above url.

> If I would upload it, all my purchases would be public on the app and my credit card number could be seen for someone in this same wifi network.
> So, to hide my purchases, I should not upload the zip file, but I should delete it from my computer.

Is Amazon’s Wish List Private?

When a customer creates a new wish list, the list defaults to being private.

For people who wish to share their own list, or send it to others, they can change their settings to “Shared,” and select the “+Invite” or “Send list to others” buttons.

However, if customers wish to remove friends from their list, they can do so at any time by switching their settings back to private. After a few days, the “friends” are removed from the list. Customers can set their settings as public at any time.

How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers?

To be a successful Amazon seller, you need to be more than a “product feeder”, and track your Amazon Wish List to be successful.

Therefore, the wish list feature enables sellers to better understand their clientele and to know how to push the products that are most popular.

: A user who has already purchased an item and placed it in the wish list will see these two suggestions in the product list. There is a green button that will let them order the product from the wish list.

The wish list helps sellers see their customers’ interest in their products. The wish list is also a way for sellers to keep track of customers’ preferences.

Customers can also be tricked into purchasing items they wouldn’t normally buy through the use of carefully placed price drop notifications.

How Do I Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon?

Select the “My Wishlist” option on the main page and then select ‘Public Wishlist’ option from the menu.

Customers will then be able to see the wishlist.

Customers are asked to update and verify their wishlist information, as it is a public listing.

To prevent other people from buying gifts for others, the gift purchase dialog now has a “Private” button that allows a buyer to remain anonymous.

To know more about Amazon, you might also be interested to find out if Amazon has a phone number to call, and how to return an Amazon gift without the giver knowing.


The Amazon Wish List is meant to help customers with their desire of shopping, save items to their accounts at a later time, and purchase things they wish to buy at a later time.

Users can share their lists of loved ones, and other users can select them as gift recipients without the gift being made public to the recipient.

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