How To Hide Your Address On Amazon Wishlist (your Full Guide)

If your wishlist is only things you have on your Amazon Wishlist, you might want to consider adding a link to your Google Business Page or a link to your FB Business Page.

Well, I’ve got some quick pointers before we get started! First, make sure you’ve registered an Amazon Wishlist, and then you can use it to easily create a wishlist with only certain items.

How to Hide Your Address on Amazon Wishlist In 2022

Amazon never releases customer addresses for any reason and no one can view your address unless you give it out to them. Customers can limit who has access to your Wishlist and at checkout purchasers will only see the address of the recipient, their city and state, and their name which can be changed to anything.

As I mentioned, Amazon hides your Wishlist address from you so that you can purchase without sharing it with anyone. This means that until you have purchased an item on Amazon, you do not know the real address of the item. If you want to make a purchase, you can, without giving too many details to other people.

How Does Hiding an Address on Amazon Wishlist Work?

Amazon could know you better than you know yourself. You won’t feel much of a difference, but Amazon will feel the difference.

Your personal details as a customer are never sold to other customers.

What they will see.

If a customer visits your website they can see your wishlist on your site and go on to purchase from their wishlist.

Since the buyer can only see the shipping address, it’s possible that the buyer could mistake the shipping address with the shipping address of the delivery store.

And from your admin interface for your wishlist viewers, you can view what items, users, and categories are selected in the Wishlist view.

Is it possible for other people to view your wishlist.

For example, you can give your friend access to your Wishlist so they can view or add items to your Wishlist.

You can also use this feature to remind yourself where it is in the list, as you can see in the screenshot. Once the date to use is reached, the notifications will stop to show up altogether.
Finally, you can even choose different notifications depending on the time of the day and/or week!

You will need to use a different structure in this case. A database, probably.

If you click on the “Invite” button at the top of your Wishlist, you will see two options, “View only” versus “View and Edit.” One is an invitation to view only; the other is for you to select multiple users and add them to a shared list.

Wishlists is useful for keeping track of the items in your collection. You can view the Wishlist using the View and Edit feature on your account. You can also invite and accept invitations.

Only give the link for View Only and once you see they are interested in one of the items, send them to your address below to do their part.

The Third Party Seller loophole is an existing loophole in the eBay rules and is in need of being closed.

The only loophole is that they can see everything in the entire system, but only when you are signed in.

In this case, you can find out if that product was imported to the United States.

So then you have to be a little careful when you list your address.

However, that might confuse the buyer later, so I’d recommend keeping it out of the email.

You can click on the three dots on the upper right to see all your saved items or go to your wishlist from your profile.

Search: “List: *”; press “Add” to open the list.

At the bottom of the page is the “Third Party Shipping Agreement” section. It’s the place where you’ll see the Terms and Conditions of Amazon and the sellers of the items being sold on Amazon. This is where Amazon and the third-party sellers will agree to the terms of the sale on Amazon’s behalf.

As long as you make sure you don’t want to share your information with third-party sellers, you should be fine.

Does Amazon Wish List Show Your Name?

Amazon wishlists show your name because it is the purchasers name they see in their Amazon email.

Changing your title to be more about your product or changing your description to be more about your product.
Or adding a video to your page.

The three dots will appear.
If you click the three dots, you’ll be taken to a list of “All of your Wishlists”.

If you press “Manage list” you will be taken to a screen with information like who the list it is for and the recipients. Press “Add recipient” to add an item to the list.

I’m gonna change my name to something that I feel like people understand.

If you check out the view only link above you will see that it has the red X in the top left corner of the box, meaning that the owner has already removed that listing from their wishlist.

You’ve successfully created your Wishlist with your new name and address.

You can now choose to share your Wishlist with friends and family by inviting them to shop with you by email. Inviting friends means that they’ll receive a notification when you add things to your Wishlist.

How Do You Remove Yourself From an Amazon Wish List?

It’s good idea to check the Amazon Wishlist on a regular basis, because you can remove yourself if necessary.

Press three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen to remove the product from your wishlist.

When you are removed from a list, you are no longer able to add new items.

If you are the list owner, but did not invite anyone else to view/edit your Wishlist, you can just delete it, without actually deleting the list.

How Can You Send a Gift Without an Address?

I’ve seen the item I want on my Wishlist, but when I want it, it’s gone!

However, this isn’t Amazon’s first misstep. There were times when people who were in the delivery service were not sent gifts.

When the recipient opens the gift box, they’ll see a printed “This is a gift” message, or a card.

When they move to the next page, they still select their own shipping address, but then they use the Choose gift option features.
– [ ] You can see their order.
– [ ] You can’t see their order.
– [ ] You can do anything else on this page.

Then after the first week they ask for your email address, and this is where they could also include some personalized information to you, such as “Hello, we have been following your posts…

You complete the check out and you are given an email saying that someone else has gifted you something.

Note: This is another example of the so-called “spoofed” email, in which the original sender is replaced with another. In other words, the email appears to be from someone who is not the intended recipient. This can help to deceive the recipient of the email and to make the recipient think that the email is genuine.

Because the information stays private, you are free to share your gift with whomever you wish, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You can also read our other posts on how to make wishlist and share Amazon cart, what is the difference between wishlist and cart, and how do Amazon gift cards work.


Amazon takes customer privacy very seriously and so even people who mean well by giving you something off your wishlist do not see their full address.

In other words, I will only see the email addresses I am sending the message to. I don’t know your address, I only know your email address. Even if you use a public email address (like your work email account), or you post your address online, you only give me your email address, I don’t have a way to figure out who you are or your city or state.

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