Why Is My Amazon Wish List Not Working? (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

Many people have issues with the Amazon Wish List; they have found that it is not a reliable resource for tracking your items to buy. If you can find the list, it appears to become unavailable periodically.

What actually happens is this:
In my case, my website is hosted on WordPress, so the above solution is the most useful.

Why is My Amazon Wish List Not Working In 2022?

If the problem isn’t resolved on its own, it is essential to contact Amazon and let them know about the issue. They need to know as soon as possible so they can track down the issue and come up with a fix.

You can also check out my other potential fixes for the Amazon Wish List not working, as I provide even more fixes and information below.

In the first post, I described how to troubleshoot a user’s trouble with the Amazon Wish List not working. This post provides even more potential fixes for you to try.

How Can I Fix My Amazon Wishlist From Not Working?

If you’re having trouble accessing your Amazon wishlist, you may need to make sure that your Amazon account is linked to that website.

Now that you have cleared the app data, you can now start using the app again.

If you can’t bring up your Amazon Wish List or Amazon App, you may need to restart your phone or tablet.

I would try doing a complete uninstall of the app and re-install. Then reboot the device.

You may have to close down the Amazon shopping app and reopen it to see the full list of items and settings for your Amazon Wish List.

Restart your PC to make sure your BIOS is up-to-date.

Just like mobile devices, you’ll need to keep your computer’s hard drive clean and running smoothly to ensure that your Amazon and Wish List are working at their best.

If you restart your computer or close down and open it back up again, there is a chance your Wish List will show up properly.

To revert back to the initial state.

Another solution that will hopefully fix the problem is to uninstall it and then reinstall again.

 You do need to enter your name and email again, and youâ€(tm)ll also need to enter your password again to retrieve your login credentials. Remember, your security question and answer is still your login credentials.

Create a list for everyone who will read your writing.

There are a lot of other issues with Amazon’s Wish List feature, but the most annoying thing about it is that it doesn’t support multiple accounts.

One of the first things to find out is to change your Privacy Settings to “Only Me” or “Friends”. If you’re sharing with a friend, that means others won’t be able to see your list. Your friend can choose to share his own list with others too.

Go to File > Preferences and select File Associations…

If you share a wish list, then you’ll want to give your readers a chance to see it.

A common workaround if you’ve recently changed your settings for Amazon Wish List or if you’ve been stuck without a wish list forever is to try resetting your Amazon account.

It could take up to 15 minutes for the list to show up and load, so don’t be impatient if it takes that long to load.

You should wait 15 minutes after making changes, such as to your Privacy Settings, because it can take a few minutes for new changes to go into effect as well.

An Amazon glitch is a situation where we experience problems with the way that we are operating our systems and are unable to fulfill your order at this time.

You are looking at a delay caused by our internal systems that might not have a direct influence on your order.

It has happened that some people couldn’t click on the button of their Wish Lists and then they could check only a few items. This can happen when the system gets the message from Amazon or from the user that the list is not available.

So, sometimes you will just have to wait it out and see if Amazon fixes the problem since the issue is on the server side.

What Happened to Amazon Wish Lists?

If you already have an Amazon Wish List, do look for it and share your favorite gifts with your friends and family.

You’ll have to invite your friends to the service because they can’t search for your Wish List anymore.

Why Can’t I See My Friend’s Amazon Wish List?

If you try to view your friend’s wish list it may look as if it’s not working. This may be because your friend has made is a wish list private.

In order to make sure the wish list is shared, you need to make sure the list is set to shareable. You can see the correct link to that from the Wish List when you go to Edit the Wish List.

If you need help with something else, you can also read posts on Amazon tracking phone number not working, Amazon account number not working, and Amazon login not working.


 You can try to reinstall the Amazon app and switch your wish list to shareable in your privacy settings. You can also wait up to 15 minutes for a list that you created to pop up on Amazon.

If the problem occurs due to server-side issue then you need to contact Amazon customer support to take a look at your wishlist. However, sometimes the problem is with Amazon and its servers. Therefore to see your Wishlist, a fix might have to happen within Amazon itself first.

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