How To Archive Amazon Orders (Quick & Easy!)

You might archive an Amazon order for a variety of reasons, including to avoid spoiling surprises or being too interested.

No matter what reason you have for wanting to archive an Amazon order, the result will be the same. It will hide it from your historical records, but you can archive up to 500 orders.

How do you accomplish this? It’s easy, just keep reading to get all the information (and more!) you need.

How to archive Amazon orders

It is very easy and we will help you to archive your order.

You can only archive orders from your desktop. Archiving from Amazon’s app is not possible.

  • You first need to log in to your Amazon account.
  • To access your orders, click on “Account and Lists”.
  • Browse through all your orders, and then click on the “Archive Order” button in the lower left corner.
  • When asked again whether you want to cancel or archive your order, choose “Archive Order”.

Once you’ve done that, you can access those orders anytime from your Account by going to “Archived Orders”.

Can I view Archived Orders on My Phone?

Even though Amazon doesn’t allow orders to be archived on their app, you can still see them. Here’s how:

  • Log in to the app and create an account
  • Click the menu icon.
  • Then select “Your Orders”.
  • You can filter your orders by choosing one of the options. Choose “Archive Orders” to view the archived orders on Amazon.

You can archive orders from your smartphone by opening the Amazon website through the browser.

Why can’t I archive my Amazon order?

This is only possible if you’re trying to archive an order using the app. To avoid any problems, always use from your browser.

Amazon: Can you delete your order history?

You can. And you don’t have any worries about sharing your gift idea with your family and friends.

Amazon allows you to delete all of your history, take out individual items, and turn off tracking.

How to Delete Amazon History

  • Log in to first
  • Click on “Accounts & Lists”, then click “Browsing History”, so your history will appear.
  • You can click on “Remove” to delete a particular item.
  • You can clear all browsing history by clicking “Remove all items” next to “Manage History”.

How to Delete Amazon History on the Amazon App

These steps will allow you to delete all of your browsing history while you’re using Amazon App on your smartphone.

  • Log in to the app from any device that supports it.
  • Tap on your profile first, then click on “Your Account”
  • Next, click on “Personalized Content” and select “Browsing History”.
  • You can also delete individual items, just as you would on Amazon.
  • Select “Manage” to delete all your history. Then, tap on “Remove All Items”

How to Turn Off Amazon History Tracking

These steps will allow you to disable Amazon history tracking

  • Log in to Amazon and go to “Accounts & Lists”. Select “Browsing history”
  • You can turn your history on or off by clicking on the arrow next to “Manage History”.

How to turn off Amazon history tracking on the Amazon app

  • Go to your Amazon account by opening the Amazon app.
  • Click on “Personalized Content” then click “Browsing History”.
  • You can choose “Manage” to turn your history on/off.

You can now turn off Amazon History Tracking from any device that supports it.

Learn more about Amazon These articles will help you learn more about Amazon.


It can be useful to archive your orders when you plan to surprise someone with a gift, especially during the holiday season.

You can hide your browsing history or orders.

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