Why Is Prime Video Not Working On Firestick? (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

The Firestick has a glitch where it will not recognize the Prime Video app and will not let you watch the videos. It’s most likely because you had a Firestick or Fire TV with the Netflix app installed at one point in time. You need to remove the Netflix app and then install it again.

Do you want to learn some potential fixes for this problem? If so, continue reading below to learn some of the best ways that you can help to fix this.

Why Is Prime Video Not Working On Firestick In 2022?

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How Can I get Prime Video to Work on Firestick?

Make sure you have Prime Video app installed on the iOS App Store, and the update version of the app.
Make sure your Firestick is on the latest version of the Firestick Firmware.
Make sure your Firestick is connected to the same network that the iOS device is on (same WiFi network)
Make sure your Firestick is connected to a power outlet.
Wait until the Prime Video App has been completely downloaded and installed on the Firestick.

You need to update the device first.

You can use the Fire Stick software update tool to update your Fire Stick to the latest software and firmware version. This should fix the problem.

Connect to your Firestick over WiFi using the instructions provided in the FireTunes documentation.

Reboot Amazon Firestick by removing the device, re-plugging it back, and selecting the option and restarting the device.

You need to restart the Firestick to refresh the information on it’s memory, so you can’t power it off, just restart it.

* To reboot the Firestick, press and hold the Power button and connect the Firestick to an Ethernet cable.
* The Firestick will reboot and you will be able to connect to your network and access the PlayOn software.

If you’re on VPN, disable your VPN.
You don’t need to worry about this since most browsers are not supported.

There is a bug in the Prime Video app on the Firestick. You may try to disable the use of a VPN to see if it begins working again.

Clearing the CDN error is essential. It will help your site to get rid of all the errors.

You’ll need to troubleshoot by going back to the Amazon website to add an exception for the device to your Amazon account.

In order to solve this problem, hold down the “Select” and “Play/Pause” button at the same time for about 5 seconds until the Android reboot itself, and you should be able to play video as usual.

1) If the video card has an internal HDMI port, the HDMI connection between the video card and its internal video source is “DVI” compatible.
2) If the video card has an external HDMI port, the HDMI connection between the video card and its external video source is “HDMI” compatible.

If you want to play games in 4K, you will need to have a USB Type-C connector to pass the power and data. If you don’t, you’ll need HDMI, VGA, DVI, and DP outputs to pass the video.

If you are using a compatible HDMI cable, you should now be able to stream Prime Video without issues. For most TVs, there will be an option to toggle between your old HDMI cable’s profile and the new cable’s profile. Make sure to toggle to the correct profile, otherwise Prime Video will not stream.

Reboot router to have a cleaner view of your current network configuration.

Having very unreliable internet connections may cause problems when watching videos on Prime Video. In some cases, rebooting your router may improve things.

Your Internet provider seems to have plenty of bandwidth available, but you’re running programs that appear to be hogging all of it.

Firesticks are slow because we have multiple applications running on it that need to communicate with each other.
This is why the Firestick is slower than a gaming console or computer.

Amazon recommends that you keep the Firestick running all the time so that it can keep working.

I just want to clarify that Prime Video should work no matter how much you are using your wifi router, but because there is so much data sent back and forth it can slow it down a little bit.

Clear down the disk space used by temporary files, and also the temporary data on the disk itself.

1. On your Firestick Press and hold the Menu button for 2 seconds, then release the Menu button.
2. On the Menu you will see the Reset Button which is the button you should press to clear the cache.
3. Press the Reset button on the menu to clear the cache of the Firestick and see if that helps the Prime Video work.

We got reports about server issues for Prime Video service.

There are times when the Prime Video is not working because of server issues at Amazon. You can check websites such as Is it Down Right Now to find out if this is the case or not.

All this Amazon server downtime is making us all wonder if we’re going to be able to stream a baseball game to the family room tonight.

Reset your Firestick by holding down the FireTV button until it flashes back and forth from a dark to blue screen. Then press the FireTV button again to turn the FireTV back on.

You should try to reset your Firestick if you’re still having issues with Prime Video on it because this will remove all of your data, apps, and settings from it.

Go to Applications on your Firestick’s home screen.
Click on Settings
Then go to Applications
Go to the bottom where you can find the “Home” and “Home Theatre” icon.
You’ll see a screen that will say “Reset”
Click on that

NOTE: Be careful as you click on the “Reset” button.

A message will be displayed on your screen that you have to connect to Wi-Fi first.

Do Amazon Fire Sticks Need To Be Updated?

When your Amazon Firestick is not up to date you might have some issues but most of these problems can be easily fixed by doing a quick factory reset. If you don’t know how to do this, I will get to that in a second.

Furthermore, the bug fixes and new features should be checked for and installed automatically through the default settings on the phone.

However, the software is still not working properly and it could be that you’re not on the latest version of the software.

Why is Firestick Not Updating Automatically?

If you’re having problems with the Firestick updating it could be that you’re internet connection is unstable or you don’t have a solid connection.

You could have your service provider reset your router every now and then to ensure a stable connection for the service.

Can You Uninstall Prime Video From Firestick?

Unfortunately, you cannot uninstall Prime Video. It’s included along with other Amazon apps.

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You might try to update your Firestick and reboot your router to see if that fixes the issues you’re encountering. Additionally, you may need to close down programs or downloads that could be causing the issues.

You may be experiencing the Prime Video not working error because the content or service is down. If you believe the problem is due to an Amazon server issue, you can check the website Is It Down Right Now to see if it’s you or Amazon causing the error.

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