Why Does My Firestick Keep Restarting?

If you are facing issues with the Firestick, you should know what is causing the main problem. The most common reason is that there are some power issues with your Firestick as it may not be receiving consistent power. Additionally, certain hardware or software problems may cause the Firestick to restart.

But, there are other possible reasons for the Firestick restarting issue. This is because the Firestick is prone to various malfunctions and breakdowns like any other device.

You can fix it with a simple solution, but you need utmost patience because it may puzzle you a bit when you start the fixing procedure.

In this article, we will tell you everything about the issues that you might face with the Firestick, along with seven quick ways to fix the problem when your Firestick keeps rebooting.

Why Does the Firestick Keep Blinking On and Off?

If your Firestick keeps blinking on and off, it may be the reason it is into discovery mode and is trying to reconnect itself. It can be any issue ranging from video signal HDMI connection problem refresh rate or other startup issues.

There are issues with the HDMI connection if the Firestick is not inserted into the TV. The loose connection will cause the screen to Flicker and blink. For this, you have to try plugging the Firestick into the TV by removing the extension as it will reduce the distance and allow signals to travel.

There might be an incorrect resolution and refresh rate if there is no HDMI connection error. It should be somewhere around 1080p to 720p. If the refresh rate is more than that, the signal comes through a blank screen or a missing frame.

You can go to Settings -> Display and Sounds -> Display -> Video Resolution to add the screen resolution settings.

How Can You Stop Your Firestick From Turning Off?

When your Firestick is not working, you can troubleshoot why it happens. You have to check whether it is the remote which stopped working or it is not powering anything up. Do everything from restarting to checking the network connection and installing all the available updates. 

If nothing works, it is a technical issue that you cannot solve on your own, and for that, you need to call the customer care number. 

If your Firestick is under warranty, you can ask for a replacement as your device may be faulty.

The Top 7 Ways to fix the Firsstick Restarting Issue

  • Replacing the USB Cable

The USB cables that come with the Firestick have a limited life span. The micro USB cables do not work for a long time; thus, it is better to replace them from time to time. 

Technicians suggest that you try out the USB cable from a different brand while replacing it, as it makes it less possible for you to face similar issues.

  • By Removing the Extension

Removing the USB extension that came with the Firestick can be a problem solver because it connects more closely with the TV and comes with a good range of signals.

Thus you have to remove the extension and connect the Firestick directly with the TV. Doing that will strengthen the connectivity and make the stick work better. 

  • Changing the Adaptor

An adapter is the most common source of the Firestick issue because it comes with one 1 AMP power adapter. 

If it is not working, you can replace it with a 2MP power adapter designed for a large Firestick to provide more power. It will prevent the Firestick from restarting again and again.

  • Plugging the Firestick in Power Plug

To help a Firestick function more effectively, it needs a power source because it requires 5v@1000 mA of power for smooth functioning. 

This is because all the USB ports do not provide enough power for streaming stakes to run and function efficiently.

  • By Disconnecting Other HDMI Connected Devices

If we connect many HDMI devices, It hinders the performance and reliability of the Firestick, and it cannot accept HDMI signals and route them altogether.

Thus, disconnecting other HDMI-connected devices and rolling them to a single HDMI port for smooth streaming is advisable.

  • Update the Firestick

To avoid random bugs or any other similar issues, the Firestick needs to be updated from time to time. You can easily check the update and suggestions available for the Firestick. 

For this, you can go to settings and click on my TV stick and select about and check for a system update option. In this way, your Firestick will be free from many technical errors.

  • By Formatting the FireStick

Nothing works to prevent your fasting from starting on and off. The last option that is left is to factory reset the data. There are plenty of ways to do formatting to your Firestick, but the simplest of all is using the Settings.

For doing the setting under this mode, go to the settings, click on my Firestick, and select reset to factory defaults.

Final Thoughts

Have you seen and understood all factors and made your Firestick keep restarting and ways to deal with the issue?

The Amazon Firestick is a reliable option, and when it breaks down, it’s easy to repair. It causes a power or connection issue for which you should not worry. Don’t reset apps or go too far into the settings until you have checked the power source.

Of course, the device may be beyond repair at times and needs replacement. If this is the case, you will need to replace it with a new Firestick or look into other similar options available in the market.

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