Who Does Home Depot Use For Shipping? (carriers, Shipping Methods + More) 

But today, it is moving to take this service national by launching a nationwide online delivery network in partnership with third-party logistics providers.

If you have ever had a refrigerator, washer or dryer delivered by Home Depot, you may wonder, who did Home Depot use for shipping? Here is what I’ve found out!

Who Does Home Depot Use For Shipping In 2022? 

There are a few benefits to using a delivery company, such as being able to schedule deliveries to their schedule. Some offer tracking, and some will leave a delivery person at your door, but be sure to request a signature requirement.

In order to learn more about the shipping methods that Home Depot offers, whether they use distribution centers, and much more, keep on reading!

What Are Home Depot’s Shipping Methods? 

– UPS: This is the most common method of shipping
– FedEx: This is an option that has a two-day delivery guarantee
– USPS: This is an option that guarantees two-day delivery except for items that weigh less than 1lb
– Other: These can be an option for larger or heavy items.

When you have selected the products you require, and paid for the shipment, you can schedule a delivery appointment by contacting a store associate. Home Depot will deliver your merchandise to your home or building and assemble your purchases.

When you have placed an item in your shopping cart and your basket is empty, you will see the Processing Time listed on the upper right of the page.

Also, you’ll be able to track and know how far it has come, so you can rest assure that everything is fine.

How Long Does Home Depot Shipping Take?

We never comment on individual orders. However, we do have reports of different shipping speeds for different home improvement items.

For example, the Standard or Standard Ground Shipping method takes 3 to 5 business days, plus additional processing time.

You can choose to purchase a faster shipping method for the same price, or you can choose to pay a bit more for a faster shipping method.

Several weeks ago, Home Depot opened up three new distribution centers across Atlanta in order to be able to increase shipping delays and keep up with customers demands.

Does Home Depot Use Distribution Centers?

Home Depot is a large company that has a massive network of distribution centers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico in order to serve customers quickly and efficiently for deliveries.

The distribution centers have the products and they have staff on duty to process the items and help carriers get the products to the intended destination easily and quickly.

Should I Tip Home Depot Delivery? 

Whether you should tip your delivery service depends on the delivery in question since direct delivery is difficult to tip as associates are not allowed to accept tips from customers. The delivery company should be tipped if you received any direct assistance such as a receipt, a package or a delivery key from the associate.

If a third-party is delivering a large item or delivering multiple items to the third floor apartment, you might be in the market for some rewards.

Because of this, I would suggest that you leave a tip for the driver who delivers to your home.

If you believe your delivery person has gone above and beyond, you can either send their employer a nice review and tip him/her in cash or tip them yourself.

As for Roadie drivers, it is usually the case that Roadie provides a guaranteed minimum tip without you having to tip them any amount.

It’s still possible to tip these drivers. To do so, however, you’ll have to wait 14 days after delivery for the driver to leave you a tip.

Once you’ve completed the transaction, your credit card gets charged $3 from Roadie for the guarantee.

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The home improvement store uses a number of services for its shipping, all of which come from its distribution centers from across the country.

Its carriers include UPS and FedEx who will assemble any necessary items by appointment.

There are many shipping methods available, so if you want your items to be delivered in many different ways, it’s best to look for products that offer multiple shipping options.

Shipping will depend on which item is processed the fastest, and on whether the item is readily available.

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