Home Depot Restocking Fee (all You Need To Know)

You can get something at Home Depot, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right item, and you might have to make several trips to the store.

If you want to get info on Home Depot’s restocking fees, you’re in the right place. We’ve seen many instances where people have been caught off guard when they are charged a restocking fee by Home Depot.

Home Depot Restocking Fee In 2022

Home Depot is charging a restocking fee of 20% on flooring and lumber purchases as of 2020. Typically, Home Depot will only charge a restocking fee for Home Depot’s Pro Desk purchases. Additionally, the restocking fee does not apply to faulty items or tools.

In all honesty, Home Depot is a big company and it’s extremely difficult to know if your products are defective before you receive them.
However, they do state that a defective product will have a “DO NOT OPEN” sticker on it.
This sticker, on the other hand, indicates that the product is defective, but it can still be sold at your store.

Why Does Home Depot Charge Restocking Fees?

After the customer leaves their name and number, our warehouse team is tasked with taking down that information, verifying the order and then taking care of the restocking. It’s a complicated process.

Special order items can not be returned to the store. They must be shipped back to the original supplier and the customer is responsible for return shipping charges. They will be reshelved at the Home Depot store, but may not be displayed on the floor for safety reasons. Customers who place a special order item in their cart should be aware that the item has not been placed under Home Depot’s standard return policy and it cannot be returned or exchanged. In some cases, non-Home Depot approved shippers may be used for special order items.

For most items, Home Depot has to return the products to their source and it will cost them money to do so.

Because of this, it charges a restocking fee for these items from customers who return or cancel their special orders.

Also, we encourage you to check out these other titles in [category:SpecialOrders].

How Do You Pay The Home Depot Restocking Fee?

Once you have received your special order item in the mail from us, the restocking fee simply is deducted from the value of the item. Please note, any fees or taxes that would be applicable for your state or country will be deducted before finalizing the refund.
Please note: This is usually a one time occurrence and will not recur as long as the items are shipped back to us.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 774-6622.

If your purchase is a pre-paid card, after you complete the deduction the balance on your pre-paid card is refunded to you via the method of purchase you originally used for payment. This refund balance will no longer be available for use to purchase additional content.
You can obtain additional content by making a new purchase or by reloading your pre-paid card. You can only obtain content that is available for purchase using a pre-paid card. Content purchased using a credit or debit card is not refundable.

Make sure to return the item and if you’re unsure where to return it, you can find the best Home Depot store to return it at the bottom of this page.

Does Home Depot Charge Restocking Fees For Defective Items?

If your order is defective, you won’t have to pay a restocking fee. You will receive a full refund instead.

The manufacturer of the sink may not allow the retailer to return the sink. Instead, you can contact the manufacturer directly for a replacement or refund.

Customers in our stores can choose to return an item to the store where they received it from. Customers can choose to return an item to the store they originally ordered from.

Which Items At Home Depot Incur A Restocking Fee?

Home Depot doesn’t charge fees for custom orders of lumber, flooring, and building materials purchased directly from the store.

The second method is to return them the next day. If the item is defective, return it to the seller and ask them to ship you a new one. That will cost you 5% of the item cost plus shipping charges (or more, depending on your specific policy). Note that the seller will refund your money, not the credit card company, so you need to be able to provide a valid return address.

Which Items At Home Depot Do Not Incur A Restocking Fee?

All sales of products (excluding special order items) are exempt from the restocking fee when being returned or canceled. All sales of special order items are excluded from the restocking fee if they are returned or canceled within 30 days.

Ordering items that are exempt from the restocking fee will prevent your order from being refunded.

The choice of your Home Depot store will determine if you can still get these items at all.

Now that you know more about Home Depot, you probably have a better idea about Home Depot’s return policy without receipts, when Home Depot restocks, and Home Depot’s return hours.


I would say the same applies to regular Home Depot items, such as generic-looking sinks with all black pipes. I think this particular policy was initiated several years ago to keep people from buying sink that was ordered from any vendor other than the store.

Unfortunately, the original prices include the cost of shipping and handling, which can make it impossible for a customer to pay for the returned items.

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