Does Walmart Price Match Their Products? (Updated 2022)

Walmart Inc., an American multinational retail giant, operates a chain grocery stores, low-price department stores and hypermarkets. It is headquartered in Bentonville Arkansas. Walmart currently has approximately 10,593 stores across 24 countries.

Walmart is the brand that customers trust for the lowest prices. Their price match program has been a significant contributor to their market dominance.

Does Walmart Price Match?

Yes! As of 2022, Walmart will match the prices in-store and online for all goods and products. Walmart’s price-matching policy can be complicated due to nuances like flash sales and online price matching. We’ll cover all of these areas in this article.

What is price matching?

If a customer finds a similar product (size, model or color), a store will match its price (e.g. Walmart). Selling at a lower price in a competitor store (e.g. Lowe’s).

You bought a set of patio furniture from Walmart for $399. The exact same furniture set was sold at a competitor store for $369 next week. Walmart will match your purchase price and refund any difference (in this case $30).

Walmart may lose revenue but it is a very effective strategy that most retailers use to retain customers. Target, Kohl’s and Home Depot are just a few of the other retailers that price match.

What is Walmart’s Price Matching?

Walmart Price Matching in Walmart Stores

You can find a lower price on an item online, and then pick it up at a Walmart Store representative to see if they are willing to match the price.

A Walmart representative will cross-reference the item to Walmart’s product and another website. If it is eligible for price matching, you can get a partial reimbursement!

Walmart Price Matching Online

Walmart will offer a lower price if you find a cheaper price on an item in another online store.

These are the two ways you can reach them:

Walmart representatives will contact you to review the retailer and the base price. They also cross-reference the item on and the competitor website.

What is Walmart’s Price Matching Policy (Price Matching Policy)?

For products in any physical Walmart Store’s price match policy allows you to purchase any product at for the same price. However, there are some restrictions.

These are the terms and conditions of Walmart’s price-matching policy

  • The product must be in stock at at time of Price Match request
  • It is important to verify the product’s cost and that it is identical in size, model, quantity and color.
  • Walmart employees must ask for approval from a supervisor before they can verify the availability and price of identical products via the store terminal. After that, the price cannot be matched.
  • Walmart reserves the rights to limit the number of items per customer, per item, and per day.
  • Walmart outlets in Alaska and Hawaii cannot match prices.

Walmart will not match prices that meet the following criteria:

  • offers special events like Clearance, Rollback Black Friday, Cyber Monday or limited-time discounts
  • The prices of products sold by Walmart Marketplace Retailers, or third-party sellers, Marketplace Retailers of rivals, third party sellers, sites that require membership, and auction websites.
  • All items in bundles offers, mail-in offers, instant rebates, purchases with gift cards, buy one, get one, percentage off, without a price
  • Prices at Neighbourhood Market and Walmart stores
  • Prices from competitor advertisements Online Store

Walmart will match the price of any product purchased from their main site with a lower price at select online retailers that carry identical products. However, the price match policy is subject to certain criteria.

Below is a list of terms:

  • All products must be identical in type, build, and model
  • The product must be in stock on the online retailer’s site and at time of price match request
  • One item can be exchanged per customer per day
  • Items that are out of stock will not be covered by a rain-check
  • These online retailers must sell and fulfill the item. will not match prices for items that include:

  • offers products that have a lower price
  • Orders for specific customers in Alaska or Hawaii, Puerto Rico
  • Prices from third-party sellers or Marketplace
  • Clearance sales, Flash/Special hour/Limited quantity sales and Black Friday and Cyber Week sales are all available.
  • Prices cannot be determined independently of other items such as shipping costs, fees, or charges
  • Bundle deals, rebates, coupons and mail-in offers are all available.
  • Minimum quantity required for pricing
  • In-store prices
  • Price errors

Walmart has a very extensive price match policy. We recommend that you show the price to the store representative. They will take care of the rest.


Walmart has a price matching program for both their online and in-store prices. This applies to products that are identical in brand, model size, color, quantity, and brand. These items cannot be discounted or paid-walled and must be priced at their base price. Walmart does not offer price matching services to customers who live in certain areas, such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

We would love to hear about your experiences with price matching once you have tried it. Have fun shopping!

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