Does Microsoft Own Google? Are They The Same Company?

The advancement of tech is very much noticeable in the 21st century. There are a lot of tech giants around the world that are contributing to this growth of technology. However, there are only a few people that have proper knowledge regarding these giant companies.

Additionally, the tech industry is very competitive. Because of that, people being unable to distinguish two companies competing against each other is a pretty natural thing. And the same thing goes for Microsoft and Google. But are they different companies? Does Microsoft own Google? Well, that is what we are going to discuss in this article.


There are two founders of Google. One is Larry Page, and the other is Sergey Brin. Both of them brought the company to life in the year 1988. And there is a lot to know about the company.


The company came to life because both the founders were carrying out the project while pursuing their Ph.D. at Stanford University. They did have a lot of potential before carrying out the project, and this project sparked all of those potentials.

Together, they brought a new system, which they called PageRank. But what does this system do? It will rank all of the available websites on the internet and rank them according to the data it stores. The system considered two factors. One is the importance of the data, and another is the links it had.

Due to properly implementing the system and making it capable of analyzing both the factors, they were able to make a search engine that stood out the most among the others.

What They Are Known for Now?

Google is well known for its search engine. It is the go-to searching engine for most, even though plenty of capable ones are out there. The company was able to popularize it and optimize it properly, which is why it is that well-known.

Apart from the search engine, Google is also known for its mobile operating system, Android. You might not know this, but Android is one of the two leading mobile operators out there. It is a direct rival to iOS, which Apple uses. And Android had about 95% more users than Apple in the year 2018.

Other than that, Google is also providing loads of software and website-based solutions for PC users. You will find Chrome, Alerts, Groups, Finance, News, Youtube, and  Adwords available for Mac and Windows devices.


The company Microsoft emerged way before Google. It came out to the world in the year 1975. The founders of this company are Bill Gates and Paul Allen. And now it is one of the biggest tech companies that are out there.


Initially, the team brought out an interpreter and simulator for computers. But they did not grab enough attention through those. Later down the road, they brought out the MS-DOS, which was an operating system. It was launched in 1981, and that is where the team grabbed most of the attention.

After the release of MS-DOS, they focused on the operating system for PCs. They then released Windows, the operating system that most of the computers out there use at the moment.

What They Are Known for Now?

Even at this moment, Microsoft is mostly known for its operating system. The latest iterations of Windows opened the door to flexibility and customizability that most PC users want. Also, these features allowed the app developers to work on the dedicated apps and make them more optimized for the PC with windows.

Other than windows, you might also have heard about Microsoft Office. It is a bundle of software that thousands and thousands of people use daily. The bundle includes Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, Excel, and many more productive tools. All of them aim to make the process of organizing and collecting data easier.

Apart from those, there are plenty of communication solutions as well. They own team, skype, and edge, which is a browser. There is plenty of other software available as well.

Does Microsoft Own Google?

Now that you know a lot about the companies, let us get into the topic you are primarily here for. And, no, Microsoft does not own Google. They are both separate companies and are direct competitors to each other.

Even though Google is yet to get its hands deep into the computer OS territory, they have an alternative to each solution that Microsoft is offering.

For communication, Microsoft relies on teams, while Google has Meet. And for data manipulation, Microsoft has an Office suite, whereas Google offers cloud solutions.

Both the companies have a different motto as well. While Google aims to organize the world’s data and make it properly accessible to the people, Microsoft wants to empower each of the organizations and people to gain more.

Microsoft even tried to compete with Google in terms of the mobile operating system, but they failed to gain the required amount of support and attention. There are plenty of reasons behind Microsoft not being able to make their mobile OS that popular. But that is a different topic for a different day.

In addition to that, the sectors that both the company focuses on is pretty different. Google focuses on computer software, telecommunications, computer software, the internet, and equipment. But Microsoft aims at the computer hardware, software, and electronics sectors.

All in all, the main point is that they are not the same company and neither one owns the other one. Both of them are independent, thriving, and competing against each other in the industry. And both the companies aim to get the satisfaction of the customers through the solutions that they offer.

Which Companies Does Microsoft Own?

You now know that Microsoft does not own Google. But there are plenty of other well-known companies that are key acquisitions of Microsoft. Some of them are:

LinkedIn Corp

This is a type of social media that focuses more on business. It helps people to expand their professional networks. It was founded in the year 2002, and it became highly profitable in just five years. Between 2007 and 2011, it was accessible by the public. And once it went public, it gained more than 100 million users.

Microsoft bought Linkedin in the year 2016. In the following year, this social media reported more than 500 million users. And the best part is that all of those members were from 200 different countries.


The communication company, Skype, was founded by Janus-Friss and Niklas Zennstrom in the year 2003. And it becomes quite successful as a voice-over-internet solution. It allowed the users to interact with the users through audio and gained a lot of users in a short amount of time.

In between the years 2005 and 2010, it saw a soaring amount of users. The total amount of users back then was 600 million. And Microsoft saw this perfect opportunity to acquire the company. Microsoft bought Skype back in the year 2011. And the team has used all of the companies resources on other platforms.


If you are a software developer, you probably know what GitHub is. Nonetheless, the founders were Chris Wanstrath, and he founded the repository in the year 2007. The commitment of the company was to store the content and hierarchy of files in a digital repository.

After that, GitHub has now become one of the famous open-source coding repositories. They also offer developing tools for loads software and developing companies. And Mircosoft bought the company in the year 2018. Right after that, GitHub gained 30 million developers.

Additionally, the acquisition of Github also demonstrates how Microsoft focuses more on open-source development. Also, they are now working hard on hosting more repositories.


You might have already heard about the game Minecraft. Well, the developer behind the game is Mojang, which Markus Persson founded in 2009. But after just five years, he handed this developing team to Microsoft. Since then, the company has sold 176 million copies till 2019, and the number is just climbing up.

Other than that, the developers of Microsoft worked hard to bring the game to other platforms. Now, you can find the game on most mobile devices. And the fact that they run in a highly optimized manner truly amazes the gamers.

However, Microsoft did not just use the team for the regular Minecraft. The company has used its resources and workers for many other different uses. And now, there is an educational version of the game, which many of the classrooms all around the world rely on.

Final Worlds

To sum things up, the main takeaway of this article is regarding the topic of does Microsoft own google or not — and the answer is no. Microsoft and Google are two different tech giants that are totally independent. None of them are owned by the other ones.

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