What is a Conference Room Booking Software?

Covid or not, the need to socialize with colleagues remains one of the significant reasons why employees want to return to the office. However, since the pandemic, most working professionals find it tough to keep track of dates and schedules. Remote workers also find it challenging to collaborate with others while working from home. 

So, despite having the support of virtual collaboration mediums, the requirement for conference rooms is still highly prevalent. In fact, the need for conference rooms is going to rise even after we enter a covid free world. Hence, it’s about time that organizations begin to invest in conference room booking software

So, what is conference room booking software? 

A conference room booking software is a type of hybrid workplace solution that streamlines meeting room bookings. It provides data about the utility value of meetings, ensures a safe working environment, and has the ability to substantially improve an organization’s return on investment. It also reduces the hassle that comes with a manual booking system and eliminates its requirement completely. 

Features of A Conference Room Booking Software

It gives you information regarding space utilization: A conference room booking software provides real-time data and space usage analytics. There is a huge cost that companies have to pay for not cultivating their spaces properly. The impact of excess meetings is heavy in terms of money and time. And for this reason, keeping a check on the resources you spend on meetings can help you make them more efficient and effective. 

A conference room booking software analyzes the data and tracks metrics like cancellation of meetings, space utilization, and other changes. You can use the information provided by the software to increase productivity, cut down business costs, and enhance the utilization of your office space.

It can integrate with your prevailing infrastructure: Your meetings are likely to be ineffective if employees have to keep logging into multiple applications just to schedule a meeting or enter one.

But with conference room booking software, you won’t have to face these issues. It can smoothly easily integrate with Google, Microsoft, Office365 as well as Outlook calendars. 

It also allows the user to book meeting rooms from the earlier mentioned interfaces and also notifies the participants that are invited. And, is especially more beneficial for large organizations as it syncs with your company calendar system and puts an end to frustrating and taxing scheduling conflicts. 

It provides requirement-based booking and seamless check-ins: A conference room booking software recommends rooms according to your needs and requirements. So, user requirements become the most crucial aspect for suggestions.

It consists of matured and intelligent technology that also considers the number of participants, location of employees, and equipment requirements before displaying any options.

By doing so, it eliminates the unnecessary confusion and delays that are most likely to occur due to manual planning and booking. 

Employees can easily check in through desktop or mobile with conference room booking software. They can also reserve conference rooms in advance and use search filters, floor maps, and email alerts to find the ideal space that matches their needs. 

It prioritizes the safety of employees: This is probably the most significant feature of conference room booking software. For any employer, the safety and well-being of their employees are of utmost importance, especially in a pandemic situation. 

A conference room is where people come together to work and collaborate, so the chances of the virus spreading itself are at an all-time high. And for this reason, investing in conference room booking software is crucial.

It helps the employees to follow social distancing norms by cutting down and limiting the occupancy. It also helps in tracing employees who attended the meeting with infected individuals. 

It can work with other workplace management solutions: Hybrid setups are successful due to a variety of workplace management solutions, and a conference room booking software is one of them. However, it cannot function in isolation, which is why proper integration with other hybrid workplace tools is crucial. 

A conference room booking software can seamlessly synchronize with other hybrid tools like desk booking software, team planners, etc. For instance, when working in sync with team planner software, the conference room booking software can tell the system if some members are working remotely. It can also decide which medium would be best suited for the meeting.

It comes with a feedback and security system: All systems and processes are invalid and inadequate if not closed with feedback. Because, without feedback, it will be exceptionally hard for workplace managers to know any lapses or leakages happening within the system.

A conference room booking software consists of an in-built feedback system. It also has security features that allow users to add security personnel to event notifications. One can also hide sensitive details based on room, status, or event type. 

WorkInSync is a leading conference room booking software. You can track the number of users, occupied meeting spaces, empty rooms, and much more. You can opt for a demo session today to learn more. 

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