Short vs Long-stay Business Trips: What to Consider

The pandemic turned the world on its head, changing the way we live and work for a long period. While some things have returned to the way they were, it’s likely that changes in the business world aren’t going anywhere. Zoom meetings have been deemed more cost-effective and time-efficient than travelling to clients, while working from home allows employees a new level of flexibility. 

However, now that international travel is back on the cards, business trips can go ahead again. If you’re making plans to do business overseas, you may be torn between making multiple trips each month, or packing your bags and setting up camp there for a while.

Here, we explore short-stay vs long-stay business trips.

Work Permits

Taking an extended business trip may involve a lot of red tape, such as permits to work in the country you’re visiting or even a visa. Preparing the required paperwork can be time-consuming and costly, so it’s worth considering whether a long stay abroad is required before committing to one. 

The rules surrounding work permits and visas vary from country to country, however, many do not require these of workers who are only visiting briefly. 


Hotel bills quickly add up, and an extended stay could set your company back a considerable amount. If you’re staying overseas on business for a while, in Singapore for example, it’s worth booking a serviced apartment for your visit

Serviced apartments for rent in vancouver wa offer many benefits such as much more space than a hotel room, not to mention lower costs in the long term. Let’s explore what you could save if you choose a serviced apartment for your next business trip:


Travelling overseas can be physically taxing and you may find your productivity suffers during a trip or following your return. This issue is more likely to occur on a short-term trip, as you have less time to recover from travel fatigue or jetlag. 

A longer trip may be beneficial, not only to prevent the effects of frequent travel, but also because it will allow you the opportunity to see a project through from beginning to end. 

If you’re arranging an extended business trip, a serviced apartment is the way forward. Not only can it be cheaper than a hotel for longer trips, but you’ll also have more space to relax and unwind when the working day is done. 


As the threat of climate change is looming, more businesses than ever are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit to preserve our planet. Taking multiple short business trips rather than one extended one will result in unnecessary flights being made. With reports that reducing air traffic could make a significant difference to global warming, the fewer international business trips taken each year, the better. Therefore, planning an extended trip instead of a flying visit is a much more sustainable option.

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