What Is Verizon Travel Pass? (all You Need To Know)

If you are going on a trip and want to use your Verizon phone without having a huge phone bill, then you must learn about the Verizon Travel Pass Plan.

The new Verizon Travel Pass is basically a prepaid visa that enables you to pay with your smartphone without using a card.

What Is Verizon Travel Pass In 2022?

If you use your mobile phone in places where you can’t make calls, you might want to consider purchasing a Verizon Travel Pass. You can also use it as a prepaid MasterCard to make calls without incurring roaming charges anywhere in the US.

Do you want to know more about Verizon Travel Pass, such as how you can add it to your account and what countries are supported? If so, continue reading to learn all about it!
Here are some countries where you can use Travel Pass.

How Do I Get A Verizon Travel Pass?

It’s extremely easy to add Verizon Travel Pass to your account. Just text “Travel” to 4004 from your Android device or call customer service to add it to your account.

After adding the “Travel Pass,” you will have to login to the website or mobile app and add the card to create the trip. (More details about this in the next segment of the blog)

The Travel Pass will be charged to the current balance on your account, so there’s no need to use the PIN to verify the funds. The card will be available for use for seven days or until the next time you add it to your account, whichever comes first.

How Much Does Verizon Travel Pass Cost?

A Travel Pass is priced differently depending on where you’re going, but using it with your device is free if you’re in Mexico or Canada.

You will spend some time researching how to get the most out of your device’s capabilities.

What Countries Does Verizon Travel Pass Work?

Germany, Belgium, Spain, the U.K., the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Italy, and many more countries are also in the Travel Pass Program.

Does Verizon Travel Pass Activate Automatically?

It’s important to activate the Travel Pass before the trip, as it automatically uses up your data minutes and phone minutes as you travel.

If you don’t have Travel Pass activated, you will need to buy minutes in advance to ensure you have enough data and phone minutes to use while traveling.

However, if there is no data connection, or no Wifi connection, the 24-hour billing will not begin. The user can still use the App for up to 24 hours and will not be billed for the 24-hour time period.

Do I Have To Turn On Roaming To Use Verizon Travel Pass?

You should enable roaming before you set out on your trip so you don’t forget about it because you’ll need roaming capabilities to use the voice and data services while traveling internationally.

Does Receiving A Text Trigger Verizon Travel Pass?

When you text your Travel Pass to a Verizon Travel Pass phone number, Travel Pass is added to your Verizon Wireless account instantly.

Does WiFi Calling Work With Verizon Travel Pass?

WiFi Calling is not a feature included with Travel Pass, so you still have to pay the long-distance rates internationally.

Do I Need To Add Verizon Travel Pass Every Time?

The best thing about the Verizon Travel Pass is that is has a permanent place on your account and that it can never expire.

As for the lack of functionality that you’re describing, that’s because the “Travel Pass” feature you’re talking about is activated differently depending on the carrier or mobile phone service provider that you’re with.

With Travel Pass, you have the freedom to book international trips, but you are charged when you activate the travel pass and you can choose to cancel it anytime.

How Do I Turn Off Travel Pass?

The way to turn off Verizon Travel Pass if you are using the Verizon Travel Pass is as simple as following the steps below.

Why Is My Verizon Travel Pass Not Working?

If Travel Pass is not working, you should first make sure that you have data or cellular-enabled, and that you’re getting a good signal.

If you’re having trouble with the CDMA feature of the device, you can turn it off through your browser.
Click here to see how to turn off international CDMA.

Does Travel Pass Work On Cruise Ships?

Unfortunately, Verizon Travel Pass does not work on cruise ships, and it also will not work on airplanes.

– You can now check for Travel Pass activation on your phone!

Is The Verizon Travel Pass Worth It?

If you travel often with your phone, Verizon Travel Pass is worth it as it will save you money on your plan every month.

It’s the best option if you want to travel with as little hassle as possible and not worry about international roaming charges.

Also, since a Travel Pass can be triggered by an app or website refresh, you could be charged $5 or $10 per day even if you don’t use your phone to text or call.

However, the company said it was not targeting iPhone users.

You could say the opposite, the battery usage on a phone during a trip depends on how much you will be using your phone to make calls and texts and how often you will be making calls and texts.

If you need more details, please read our post about Verizon: How do I check my Verizon phone records?.


If you’re traveling outside of the United States and plan to use your smartphone, you can get a travel pass from Verizon like the Verizon Travel Pass.

This will give you the opportunity to save a lot of money, as well as the opportunity to make calls with great coverage.

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