5 ways to get cheaper winter getaway flights

With everything that’s happening  in the UK at the moment, a winter getaway sounds like a great idea. An escape to a wintery (or not so wintery) paradise might be exactly what you need. But how do you ensure you get the cheapest flights?

Here you will find 4 easy tips on how to find the cheapest flights:

Be flexible with your travel and dates

First, let’s start with a myth. There is no evidence that there is a ‘better’ time to book flights. So, if you were thinking of booking your flights on a Monday or Tuesday to save money, you might not find the discounts you want.

What is true is you can get cheaper flights depending on when you travel. As with the summer holidays, there are more and less popular periods over the winter break. For example, book tickets to go away close to Christmas, and you’ll pay a fortune; choose the middle of January, and you’ll find things much cheaper.

Of course, dates of travel might be important to your trip. But if you can be flexible, you’ll likely save some money.

Get a VPN

Your browser stores cookies that save your information whenever you visit a website, this can make your browsing experience smoother and simpler. But cookies can also cost you money when it comes to buying things you want.

If a travel website remembers you’ve visited to view a booking, you might find the price has gone up the next time you visit. If you download a VPN for your iOS or Android, you can prevent that from happening and access prices available in different areas.

Consider a multi-leg journey

Nobody wants to extend their journey or bounce between airports. But if you’re booking flights and looking at only direct options, you might miss out on a super cheap deal or an enjoyable layover.

View all available routes to your location the next time you plan a journey. You might find a multi-leg trip that costs less. If you can deal with the extra travelling time, you could bag a much more pocket-friendly deal.

Choose a budget airline

If you’re trying to travel cheaply, there’s no room for you to be an airline snob. It should be no surprise that budget airlines do budget flights, and premium airlines do the more expensive ones.

A cheap flight might see you tucked away in a cramped corner for a few hours, but you’ll save some money.

Plenty of cheap flights are available for those looking to get away this winter. All you need to do to find them is spend a little time shopping around. As long as you’re not too fussy with your travel logistics, you’ll have more spending money for your big trip away.

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