Does Food Lion Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022!)

Food Lion may not be the largest grocery store, but it is a favorite of many for its easy to prepare recipes at home, great prices and excellent quality.

It is also wonderful that they are focused on helping those who cannot get food on their plates with Food Lion Feeds or SNAP.

Some people only have one question: Does this amazing place pay apple? Let’s look at ….

Food Lion accepts Apple Pay

Yes, Food Lion started accepting mobile payments in 2016 including Apple Pay. This allows customers to shop conveniently and quickly. Food Lion accepts both Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Greg Finchum, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations, stated:

“We are excited to offer mobile payment options for customers at local Food Lion shops.

This includes all 1107 stores in the country.

Customers requested that we make grocery shopping more convenient. This new payment method is one way we’re helping customers get through checkout faster.

If you visit Apple Maps, search for the location you want to go to, scroll down to “useful to Know” and look for the Apple Pay logo. You’ll be able to check if Apple Pay is accepted by the store.

You now know that Apple Pay is available. How do you use it to pay for your purchases? Let’s look at the process and some other related items.

How do I use Apple Pay for Food Lion?

Apple Pay for Food Lion can be used in-store or online via the app.

These steps will help you use Apple Pay for your next purchase.

How to use Apple Pay in-store

How to Use Apple Watch for In-Store Payments

Your Apple Watch can be used to pay Food Lion’s purchase. It is actually even simpler!

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How to Use Apple Pay Online

You can use Apple Pay to purchase Food Lion products from your home.

How to confirm payment with iMac

  • Follow the Touch Bar steps to confirm your payment. Then, place your finger on Touch ID. To make it work, ensure that the Touch ID is turned on.
  • You can confirm your payment using your Bluetooth-connected iPhone/Apple Watch if you don’t have Touch ID. You must sign in with the same Apple ID

After your payment has been successful, you will receive a confirmation message along with a checkmark.

Apple Pay: Can you get money back?

Apple offers a reward program that gives you 1% cashback for every transaction. However, Apple Card users will receive 2% cashback and Apple customers who purchase Apple products at Apple retailers will receive 3% cashback.


It is becoming more popular to use other payment methods than traditional bank transactions or cash. Apple Pay offers a safer and more secure way to pay than cash and has greater safety features than credit cards.

Many people now rely on Apple Pay to make their purchases. Food Lion is happy to accept Apple Pay in-store and online.

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