Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022!)

Dairy queen has been around since 1940, which seems like forever. They are an American icon with their delicious and famous blizzards

It got me thinking, however, if Dairy Queen has existed for so many years, how have they kept up to date with the times. Accepting Apple Pay in their stores? This is …. what we found.

Is Dairy Queen allowed to take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is available at most Dairy Queen locations. Based on current payment trends, the stores constantly upgrade their systems. While some Dairy Queen locations may not accept Apple Pay, the majority of them do by 2022.

They upgraded their systems in 2010 to accommodate the contactless payment trend. They can now accept mobile payments like Apple pay, thanks to ParBrink POS and POSitouch systems being approved by the corporate.

You can add your preferred credit card to your mobile wallet, and you can pay with Apple Pay at any Dairy Queen accepting this mode of payment.

You can use the systems to pay for services in the store or at the drive-thru. Apple Pay can only be used to pay in-person for purchases, and not for orders made through the app.

Due to the franchise system, some Dairy Queen restaurants still accept cash payments.

To confirm that they accept mobile wallets, you might need to call the stores in remote locations or near your location. These stores can be found on their websites with their contact information.

How to Pay With Apple Pay at Dairy Queen

These are the steps to follow if you wish to use Apple Pay to pay for your Dairy Queen purchase.

How to link and use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

You can use the linked iPhone to link Apple phones using the following process:

Check out Dairy Queens with your Apple Pay as follows:

Is it possible to get cashback for using Apple Pay in Dairy Queen

Cashback can be earned at Dairy Queen stores for customers who have apple wallets. Cashback is not subject to any restrictions.

They can be received by customers whenever they pay with their Apple wallet. Dairy Queens may give you up to 3% cashback

Apple Pay: Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that Apple Pay offers:

Apple Pay offers users a secure way to pay. Apple wallet protects your privacy as you don’t share it with anyone.

Apple wallet does not share an encrypted code with merchants like Dairy Queen. Hackers cannot access your wallet as your information is encrypted.

Near-field communication systems for Apply wallet are able to connect with your mobile phone to serve you remotely.

This will save you time and avoid long lines while waiting for your order. This is a fast, simple and easy process for all Dairy Queen customers.

Apple pay and cashless payment methods like Apple Pay mean that you don’t need to touch any cash or cards when paying for your order. Near-field communication technology works within a certain range and reduces contact with credit card terminal machines.

This payment method can protect you from bacteria and germs that may be transmitted by contact.


Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay in certain outlets for the convenience and benefit millions of users.

Other payment options are also accepted by the corporation, including MasterCard, EBT cards and Visa.

Always call Dairy Queen before you visit any Dairy Queen location that you don’t know. They will confirm your reservation or offer an alternate payment option.

If you have any problems shopping with Apple Pay, Dairy Queen’s can help.

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