10 Things To Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings

Trader Joe’s has hundreds of great foods to choose from, but its freezer aisle is full of items that you have likely been dying to try, but, maybe you are unsure if you will like them, like Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings for example.

When it comes to soup dumplings, you should know what you’re in for before you try them. So, without further ado, here are 10 things you need to know before you order soup dumplings.

10 Things to Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings In 2022

1. Making Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings at Home Is Easy

I don’t recommend trying to make soup dumplings from scratch, especially for beginners. It can be easier to buy them in the store and then make them at home.

If you are going to prepare the soup dumplings ahead of time, it is best to make them the day before they are served. So, store them in the fridge.

Microwave ovens, or rather, ovens with a microwave are known as microwave ovens or, simply microwaves. The instructions given in the previous paragraph are actually for a regular kitchen oven, but they are also used to heat foods in the microwave oven. Cooking, using this kind of oven, is not that different from the use of a regular oven with a normal number of burners.

I just used stovetop, and that was fine.

This is very easy to make. Cooking soup dumplings is the best part of this recipe.

2. How to Eat Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings

This particular kind of dumpling was made by wrapping meat and flour mixture in a kind of dough that was then boiled, thus giving the name to this kind of dumpling.

1. Be careful not to burn your hands by using the hot oil.

3. Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings Are Not Gluten-Free

Though the dumplings themselves are made with gluten-free flour, one of the ingredients in the dough is wheat flour, meaning that, unfortunately, they are not completely gluten-free.

Trader Joe’s does have other gluten-free options that allow you to bake gluten-free goodies such as pizza crust, bread, and muffins.

4. Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings Won’t Last in the Freezer for More Than 6 Months

You will definitely be eating them sooner than later, because Trader Joe’s soup dumplings only stay fresh in the freezer for about 6 months.

As they have less freezer life, it’s important to ensure that the bag or container that these are stored in is sealed off to keep them fresh.

5. Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings Can Be Cooked From Frozen!

Trader Joe’s can be a bit confusing, but in reality, it is recommended that you keep them frozen until you are ready to cook and eat them.

To make the soup dumplings, combine the pork, water, soy sauce and ginger in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and simmer for 30 minutes, or until the pork has cooked through and is easily shredable.

6. Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings Can Be Reheated!

It might not be the best idea to have all of your soup dumpling for lunch. After all, it’s a really big meal.

There are several ways to reheat them. To reheat in the microwave, cook them in the microwave for about 60-90 seconds. Then, you’ll have to stir them as they heat. They can also be reheated in boiling water for a few minutes. You’ll have to stir them again.

7. Trader Joe’s Does Not Make Its Own Dumplings

Trader Joe’s has a big deal with a company that makes its own dumplings and they are selling them in their stores.

This could explain why Trader Joe’s products tend to taste so similar to each other. It can be difficult to distinguish between brands when you have them all so close to each other in store.

8. Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings Taste Really Good for Being From the Frozen Aisle

According to one review, Trader Joe’s soup dumplings are great! They have great texture and even better flavor.

If you find that you have a better memory for things read online than for things you’ve heard, you could try a number of methods.

This reviewer recommends that you next time you go to Trader Joe’s and stop by the frozen section.

9. Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings Won’t Break the Bank

Luckily, Trader Joe’s tasty treat will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Most Trader Joe’s stores are located in California so this was a rare occasion.

Trader Joe’s has the best soup dumplings. You won’t be disappointed. I really liked them.

10. Trader Joe’s Dumplings May Not Be Enough to Quench Your Hunger

The package comes with 6 dumplings. Each serving size is meant for one person.

If you are planning to make soup dumplings for your family at home, you might want to think about getting a package, as one package will probably not be enough for everyone.

The reviewers were saying that when eating all of the dumplings, there’s still a lot of space in your stomach, so it’s good if the customer gets a bit more of the meat when they are eating.

If you feel like a healthier option, you may want to consider a side dish that will give your body a little more fiber.

We wrote about Trader Joe’s frozen pizza dough. You can also learn more about the things to know before buying chocolate and wine.


Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings are definitely one of the best things the store has to offer. They are not only delicious but super quick and easy to prepare, though you may want to consider picking up more than one package if you are planning on feeding your whole family. They are usually sold for $1.99 each.

Trader Joe’s Soup Dumplings are delicious! They are made with a mild, sweet flavor and are so easy to make. They are perfect for soup or for a special treat. These are so easy to make, you can even make them at home. I would definitely recommend trying this recipe and seeing if you think they are what the reviews are saying they are.

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