10 Things To Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Fried Rice

If you haven’t heard of fried rice, it’s a combination of white rice and any number of different ingredients. A popular fried rice recipe is a combination of scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, and rice cooked in a pan with oil or butter.

If you’re looking to cut out some calories from the fried rice you might want to consider heading over to your local Trader Joe’s for some fried rice. You’ll find that there are so many different flavors and options to choose from. Read on to learn more about Trader Joe’s fried rice!

10 Things to Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Fried Rice In 2022

1. Customers Say Trader Joe’s Fried Rice Is Very Good

Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice is a delicious dinner choice. In fact, one customer says Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice is a staple in their freezer.

The customer says that you might add some soy sauce and an egg for more flavor.

It seems that Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice is not so popular with many of our customers either. We’ve gotten some reviews on Yelp saying that the fried rice doesn’t have that unique Trader Joe’s flavor that makes it worth eating.

2. Trader Joe’s Fried Rice Is Not Gluten-Free

Trader Joe’s Fried Rice, according to their website, has a soy sauce base that contains wheat, gluten and soybean product. The first two are considered safe while soybean product is not.

There are many items that are usually used in fried rice that are gluten-free, however you have to be careful of seasonings and sauces that may be added which contain wheat.

3. Some Flavors of Trader Joe’s Fried Rice Is Vegan

Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice contains no animal products, and is therefore a healthy choice that everyone should give a try.

It is also seasoned, but unlike the traditional fried rice, they add soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, onions and sesame oil as well.

If you’re looking for a nice light dish that’s still relatively filling, you might want to consider pairing this dish with something like Trader Joe’s Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels for a more filling meal.

The main dish option is the New England style cod with creamy spinach. I can assure you, if this was a real restaurant, I would be coming back just for this dish alone.

4. Trader Joe’s Has Different Kinds of Fried Rice

Trader Joe’s has a bunch of choices when you’re looking at fried rice, whether or not you like your fried rice with or without meat, and whether or not you prefer it to be spicy.

Trader Joe’s offers a number of different options for the picky shoppers, starting with organic produce and ending with a selection of organic products that are not all meat or dairy. They also offer non-GMO produce and organic meats.

5. Cooking Trader Joe’s Fried Rice Is Quick and Simple

It is great that Trader Joe’s fried rice has so many options, but I find that it is a little bland. Though the flavor is very mild, it has a kind of blandness that prevents me from really enjoying it.

It is very hard to keep the nuts or fruits from breaking when cooking in the microwave. So, cook them on the stovetop.

Whisk the eggs together with a fork and stir in the soy sauce.
Mix the rice with the egg-soy mixture, and then stir in the pepper.
Add the vegetables and stir to mix.
Stir in the scallions and sesame seeds.
Spoon the rice mixture into four individual gratin dishes and cook directly on a hot, non-stick skillet over medium heat for 8-10 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

here are the microwave instructions:
In your microwave, place the turkey breast onto a large microwave safe dish. Cover with a lid or microwave safe wrap. Microwave on high for 4 minutes. Rotate the dish 90 degrees and microwave for 2 minutes more. Covering the dish will help cook the turkey evenly.

The flavors that are added here are very reminiscent of the original recipe, and are very good, but some people that I have tried the meal out with have complained that the flavor is too spicy.

The Trader Joe’s Bulgogi Beef Fried Rice With Kimchi from the recipe guide is also served in the microwave. Cook the rice as directed above. Stir or briefly combine the rice with the cooked bulgogi beef. Top with the prepared kimchi. Serve at once.

In the original the cooking time was 30 minutes
In the paralipsis, the cooking time is 15 minutes.

6. Trader Joe’s Doesn’t Make Its Own Fried Rice

Trader Joe’s doesn’t make its own products, such as fried rice, like say, Wal-Mart does.

Now, in the past, the company has also taken out a patent to produce its own line of water filters.

7. Trader Joe’s Fried Rice Is Found in the Freezer Aisle

Trader Joe’s is the most popular section in the store because of the great selection of products.

Yes we all can relate to that. For those times we’re out of the house all day and come home starving and exhausted to find a quick meal that’s already prepared for us.

Trader Joe’s has delicious fried rice and other yummy items.

8. Fried Rice From Trader Joe’s Doesn’t Take Long to Cook

When it comes to Trader Joe’s Fried Rice, we have a lot of ideas on how we will prepare it for our house, but this is one of our favorites.

I’ve heard that, Trader Joe’s Fried Rice, depending on the flavor can be made in as little as 3 minutes.

9. Fried Rice From Trader Joe’s Is a Healthier Option

Trader Joe’s is one of the best supermarket options to reach for when you need to make a quick meal. The rice is made with brown rice and is lightly coated in batter. It’s fried quickly in a small amount of butter and then tossed with a fried egg. I also threw some sliced red bell peppers along with some green onions.

It’s important to think of the ingredients that you put in your body and how they can affect you.

There was a time when I was on a diet, and I had a hard time finding
low-fat food. But, now that I realize the importance of good fats, I
am able to find healthier options, like salad!

It is always good to read the label on what you are eating to get a more clear understanding of what you are eating.

Trader Joe’s foods are free from genetically modified organisms or any form of genetically modified material. They are also free from the use of any form of the artificial ingredient or any harmful chemical.

10. There Are Other Stores That Sell Fried Rice

When trying to plan recipes, you might want to think of if you have a store that is closer to your area or if you might find more ingredients at a grocery store closer to where you live.

A bunch of stores that sell frozen fried rice.

There are certain things you need to know in order to buy mac & cheese, gnocchi, and chicken.


The great thing about Filipino style fried rice is that it is an economical method of making fried rice that is not overly complicated and can be made while waiting for your food as a takeaway.

Trader Joe’s has some of the most delicious fried rice that you will find anywhere, all in a convenient size.

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