11 Things To Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Pasta

The pasta section at Trader Joe’s is quite popular in the United States. It has so many flavors, shapes, and textures to choose from.

Some of the things to know when buying pasta at Trader Joe’s is you can find both gluten-free and vegan pasta. They have over 30 different pasta brands, including brands that are kosher and vegan!


11 Things to Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Pasta In 2022

1. Trader Joe’s Has a Large Range of Fresh Pasta

If you love fresh pasta, then you must stop in the refrigerated section and pick up some delicious pasta.

There are so many wonderful and delicious options for pasta. This stuffed pasta is one of them. You can find stuffed pasta under many different names. For example, ravioli, tortellini and cannelloni.

2. Trader Joe’s Has Lots of Different Shapes of Dried Pasta

Trader Joe’s is known for their great variety, you can choose from small pasta shapes, like penne or pasta shells, to longer pasta shapes like linguine.

Trader Joe’s dried pasta is made out of corn and is made available in six different shapes: bowtie, fusilli, penne, rigatoni, and other shapes.

3. Trader Joe’s Has Pasta in the Freezer Section

If you are looking for a quick and easy dinner, you might want to check out the freezer aisle at Trader Joe’s.

It’s known for its amazing frozen pasta dishes. There are even vegan and gluten-free meals to be had!

Italian Pasta and Lasagna.

4. Trader Joe’s Has Pasta Sauce

Trader Joe’s is known for their amazing pasta sauces. It was time to try out another sauce and decided on a pasta sauce from Trader Joe’s.

This is great when you’re cooking and you don’t want to worry about measuring everything out. This also makes it convenient for when you have leftovers, or meals that tend to require a lot of measurements.

I am pretty sure that some of our pasta will taste good by themselves without extra sauce, but the butternut squash mac & cheese is still pretty good.

So if you are planning to make a quick pasta dish with some premade pasta sauce, you are going to want to remember to pick some up.

5. Trader Joe’s Doesn’t Make Its Own Pasta

The only difference is that the Trader Joe’s products are more expensive than pasta made in other places.

Trader Joe’s sources the different products it needs from different places throughout the country.

6. Trader Joe’s Pasta Has No Artificial Preservatives

Trader Joe’s has great products, but they do not taste as good as other grocery stores for a few reasons. First, Trader Joe’s makes all of their products with high quality ingredients that do not include artificial flavors, preservatives, GMO’s, or artificial colors. When these ingredients are included in a product, their quality takes a major hit. Also, all of their products are tested for quality, but many other grocery stores do not even bother to test their products.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t like to use ingredients that are a little hard to pronounce. They keep the ingredients in all of their products simple.

7. Trader Joe’s Customers Love Its Pasta

There are many good pasta options when it comes to Trader Joe’s. They’re both affordable and very delicious.

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The Trader Joe’s pasta is one of the most popular pasta at the grocery store. I like how the tri-color pasta has three different colors and it’s easy to put on the spaghetti.

I feel like I must have read something or heard something or experienced something in the past where Trader Joe’s gnocchi was so delicious.

8. Trader Joe’s Has Tasty Whole Wheat Pasta

In many ways, the Trader Joe’s pasta is on a par with standard whole wheat pasta, and it is actually better than some.

While the entire product line of Whole Foods is known for its quality, nutrition, and low prices, this product in particular has been on the cutting edge of whole food innovations for decades.

9. Trader Joe’s Has Delicious Stuffed Pasta

These are both good options for a great price. These are also some of the pasta we buy the most.

There is a pasta dish that I just came across that is pretty awesome. This is the stuffed ravioli with spinach, ricotta, and a bit of parmesan that Trader Joe’s has.

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You can serve these fresh pasta with a homemade sauce or you may opt to buy a premade jarred pasta sauce instead.

10. Trader Joe’s Has Pasta Salad

That is one damn good salad from Trader Joe’s that is so hot and delicious that it is a summer staple.

Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Style Orzo Pasta Salad is an easy pasta salad, with a creamy texture and a good balance of flavors. It’s also gluten-free, and full of antioxidants.

11. Trader Joe’s Has Vegan Pasta Dishes

But, the Trader Joe’s pasta sauce does not seem to be vegan. It is a thick tomato-based sauce with some vinegar.

Trader Joe’s products are not only great for vegetarians, but also for plant-based eaters. They have a wide variety of veg-friendly foods in their store, from sauces and dressings to pasta and desserts. They also have a few vegan products such as the Italian Style Pizza Sauce and the Herb and Cheese Sauce.

If you would like to learn more about Trader Joe’s, you can also read our posts on the things to know before buying Trader Joe’s pasta, soup dumplings, and does Trader Joe’s have kimchi.


When you’re grocery shopping, you’ll probably have several different pasta options. It’s nice to have options when buying and preparing pasta to ensure that everyone in your family will love the outcome of your meal.

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