12 Things To Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough

Trader Joe’s is known for their large selection of food. But with the addition of the pizza section, they have made it even easier for home cooks to make their own pizza.
Pizza recipes are a time-honored tradition, going back centuries.

The first thing you should know is that you will need a lot of dough because a single pizza crust is going to last you a while! As for the quality of the dough, the important thing is to choose one that is fresh, but not too fresh as you don’t want to make the dough soggy.

12 Things to Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough In 2022

1. Preparing Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Only Has a Few Steps

The instructions cover the oven and the grill. It takes you about an hour to make the dough, and then you can spend all day on the grill, or just a couple hours to have a delicious pizza.

First step is to make the pizza. Start with the dough, add the sauce, and then add the toppings. Then, follow the instructions here:

Step 4

Top each pizza with the cheese and place it, using the instructions for baking or BBQing, in your preheated oven or grill.

Step 5

Once your pizza is done, let it cool for 5 minutes before eating, and then enjoy the great taste of pizza.

Cook for about 15 minutes at 350°F for a lightly browned crust.

Use the sauce to baste the pork for a few minutes before grilling.

2. Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Is Easy on the Budget

Trader Joe’s pizza dough can be made in a couple of minutes and is not only economical but also delicious!

This pizza is going to cost a pretty penny, and, depending on what you pick as toppings, it will probably break the bank.

Although it may be more expensive than other low-cost dough options, the quality of Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough makes it a worthy investment.

3. You’ll Want to Watch the Shelf Life of Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough

Fresh dough is the best option for pizza night, because otherwise, all the pizzas that are left are burnt or the dough is soggy and the cheese is too runny.

When the freshness of the product expires, you will find a variety of symptoms.

If you’re freezing it, you won’t need to worry about doing it right away, as the dough will be better for freezing later.

It’s easy to do, and will make your rolls more consistent if you do it properly. I don’t recommend freezing the dough, but here is how you can do it for your home-made dough!

4. There Are a Few Options When It Comes to Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough

For your own unique taste preferences you can choose the Pizza Dough, which comes in 3 different flavors, Italian, Whole Wheat and Vegan.

A restaurant customer suggests the flavor is good to make pizza with traditional toppings, and she is from the restaurant’s frequent buyer program.

5. Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Can Be Made Into Other Things

If you want to make pizza dough like a professional, make sure you choose the right flour and add the right ingredients. However, no matter how you roll, you can always make pizza dough at home.

You can make bread, garlic knots, and many other types of snacks when you make dough.

6. You Can Buy Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough and Freeze It for Later

Buying dough from the grocery store makes sense from the cost perspective, but it’s important to keep in mind that it likely hasn’t been frozen. The best way to get frozen dough is to purchase it from the grocery store and freeze it yourself.

You will have pizza dough on hand if you are a pizza master.

After people started saying that you shouldn’t even need to repackage the dough to freeze it, I did take a picture of the original package to make sure.

First, pull a ball of dough out of your freezer and place it in the fridge overnight. Then, in the morning, throw your dough on the counter. By dinnertime, your dough is ready to go!

7. Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Is Vegan

But there is still one problem; you need to know how to make vegan pizza.

**Note:** this is a paraphrase from the original, the original is in Spanish.


Sliced green onions

Red pepper flakes

Cream cheese

Toppings are best added when dough is in the oven, so put on your oven mitts.

8. One Ball of Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Will Feed Your Whole Family

If you have a family of 4, one ball of your Trader Joe’s dough should be enough to feed your family, as one ball is about four normal portions.

But if you’re in the mood to make a dessert with it, an additional three or four balls should fit the bill well.
[original]: Once you have the right mixture of filling, topping, and dough, you can shape it how you like. [paraphrase]: The only thing you need to know is how big to make your buns.

9. Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Can Be a Great Gluten-Free Option!

The product is 100 percent wheat-free and has a lower sugar content than the regular crust, according to the company’s website. Toppings and sauces, however, are no longer gluten-free-friendly.

Gluten-Free products are a growing option among foodies. They are also becoming more mainstream!

In the case of frozen meals, if you keep your eyes open you can find many gluten-free options on the market. For example, I found a gluten-free option for Quorn’s chicken lasagne which was very tastefully prepared, and the packaging did make clear that it was gluten-free.

They still sell Gluten-Free Pizza (but it’s on the Gluten Free side). You can choose either the white sauce or the red sauce.

If you don’t want to take the time to call the store, you can use the store locator service to find the closest store to you that may have your desired goods in stock.

However, the product was found to be gluten-free when it was tested by an independent laboratory and confirmed by the manufacturer.

10. Trader Joe’s Doesn’t Prepare Its Own Pizza Dough

Well that’s not surprising because that’s why this place is so much better than the other Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s gets its products from other well-known companies across the United States while packaging them with its own labels.

11. Trader Joe’s Has Different Options for Pizza Crust

If you already decided to make your own pizza from scratch, you may want to explore other options that Trader Joe’s sells. The store may have pasta, cheese, meat, bread & other kinds of pizza to choose from. You may also find that the store has some other options to consider.

12. Trader Joe’s Customers Have Pizza Dough Recipe Ideas

As you can see, the top is customizable so that it can be made to your specifications.

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Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough is a great way to spend time with your family, and making your own pizza at home is a great way to spend time with your family.

When you order a pie at your local pizzeria, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great meal. It’s one of those things that everyone loves, and that’s why it’s so popular!

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