11 Things To Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover like many, then you’re probably wondering what the best and most delicious coffee is that you can find on the shelves at Trader Joe’s.
Well, I’m here to tell you that you can find great coffee here!
You may recognize the name Trader Joe’s. This is an American grocery store that is known for having more fresh options than other stores.

Coffee is a beverage that has been used for centuries to help people stay awake. There is also evidence to suggest that it may help to fight some forms of cancer, but no strong evidence to confirm that. You need to be aware of where your coffee comes from and what the beans are grown in.

11 Things to Know Before Buying Trader Joe’s Coffee In 2022

1. Always Buy Whole Bean Coffee at Trader Joe’s

Buying your coffee from Trader Joe’s is the best way to buy your coffee, because you can buy a lot of beans at a discount.

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The other thing is I didn’t realize you need a whole can to make a cup of coffee.
I was looking at the recipe in the box and it listed a whole can of coffee in the ingredients.
That’s why it’s only 1/3 of a cup of coffee at the end.
It’s a single serving cup of coffee, not a single serving of coffee.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, you may be leaning more towards buying pre-ground coffee, however, you may not know that some Trader Joe’s stores have coffee grinders in store.

2. You Can Grind Your Coffee Beans at Trader Joe’s

In addition, there are many people who cannot drink coffee and buy pre-ground coffee from the same store. There many coffee beans that need to be ground in order to be brewed.

I have never seen a ground coffee bean look as fresh as one I just bought from a store.

Coffee beans are sealed within their packaging, so the only way to know how fresh your coffee is is to buy it and open the bag.

3. Trader Joe’s Has Pre-Ground Coffee

If you want to grind your coffee, be sure to do so in a completely sealed container to avoid exposing it to air.

The more air that touches your coffee, the less flavor your coffee will have.

4. Trader Joe’s Has Instant Coffee

Trader Joe’s has a large assortment of instant coffee products. When choosing from a variety of different options we recommend finding what works for you.

Instant coffee seems to be an essential item in my pantry. I’m going to use the decaf version of it, because it has flavor. This is a great way to make coffee and have it ready at the same time.

This method has a bunch of uses in life, but one of them is making coffee before work.

It can be a hit or a miss, but they say that if you want authentic French flavor, this brand of coffee beans is a good place to start.

5. Trader Joe’s Has Iced Coffee

Trader Joe’s currently offers a variety of ready-to-drink coffee and espresso blends that can be made cold with just water to match your tea preferences.

CUBE also is a good option to buy a single serving of cold brew coffee. It is a convenient option for those who would like to bring their cold brew coffee to work or to wherever they may need to drink some, but it is not a great option for someone who likes to experiment with the strength and flavors of the coffee.

6. You Can Freeze Your Trader Joe’s Coffee

If you are buying your coffee beans in bulk, you may wish to store the beans in the freezer. This way, you can prepare the beans to be used when you need them.

Freezing your coffee beans can keep your coffee better fresh for longer.

7. Trader Joe’s Has Flavored Coffees

With the Trader Joe’s flavored coffee, it’s possible that you will find yourself to be really happy about it. There are many great ingredients that include in it.

Trader Joe’s focuses on the roasted coffee beans, not on the coffee flavors.

I know! One day I was drinking my Trader Joe’s coffee and I didn’t like it. It wasn’t too bad but…it was weird.

Some people are fine with adding syrup to regular coffee, but they wouldn’t buy a flavored cup of coffee at a coffee shop.

8. Trader Joe’s Has Lots of Great Coffee Options

Trader Joe’s has many different kinds of coffee. Some of their best-reviewed coffees are listed above.

9. Trader Joe’s Has Seasonal Coffee Flavors

Trader Joe’s coffee was featured on the Food Network’s show “Cook’s Choice.” During one episode, Chef Emeril Lagasse tasted their coffee and said it tasted like “cinnamon and orange.” Trader Joe’s has created a seasonal coffee line and a few of them are cinnamon-flavored.

Oh, so your company is working on other flavors for this product.

If you want seasonal flavors, make sure to grab them while you can because once they sell out, they won’t be brought back until next year.

10. Trader Joe’s Doesn’t make Its Own Coffee

It gets its coffee from different roasters, and some of the roasters have relationships with local farmers in particular places.

If you notice that you drink a particular brand of coffee, there is a good chance that you have drank a Trader Joe’s coffee that has been labeled as another company’s brand of coffee. This is because most of the Trader Joe’s brands are just the same brand of coffee with the Trader Joe’s name added to it.

11. Trader Joe’s Has Decaf Coffee

If you love the taste of coffee but want to skip the heavy caffeine content, you may be interested in decaf.

Trader Joe’s offers Decaf coffee (or you can use Nescafé instant coffee), however, the company does not offer decaf flavored coffee in the stores.

If you’re looking for a good way to add a nutritious dose of protein to your daily meals, Trader Joe’s makes an amazing frozen veggie pasta that’s easy to prepare and cook – the only thing you need to do is boil it for about 5 minutes.


Coffee at Trader Joe’s is excellent, and they always have their beans available for purchase.

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