15 Things To Know Before Buying Kirkland Coffee (coffee Beans, Is It Any Good + More)

In the last decade, Costco has become the fifth-largest retailer in the world with more than 80 million members worldwide. And it makes coffee that is both tasty and affordable.

The first thing to know about Kirkland coffee is that it is not just a brand name. It is a family of coffees. There are five different types. And they are all great. There are the blends like the French Roast and the Espresso. Then there are the beans like the Arabica, Robusta and the Bourbon.

15 Things To Know Before Buying Kirkland Coffee

1. Most Kirkland Coffee Sells Under The Signature Line

It is a blend of coffee from the Central America region. The beans are selected from high-quality organic farms and are picked by hand.

In addition there are a few different choices and flavor types for your coffee.

The coffee beans are grown using sustainable farming methods and are grown within an organic and biodynamic environment.

Kirkland Signature Ground Coffee is always roasted with a coarse roast, meaning that the beans are exposed to the air for a longer period of time after roasting, resulting in an open-ended flavor and aroma profile.

K-Cups are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet the demands of a wide number of people. The four types include single serve, double serve, whole and portion.

2. The Source Of Some Costco Kirkland Coffee Is A Famous Name

Costco’s whole bean coffees from the Kirkland Signature line are made by Starbucks, surprisingly.

Also, we know that the 2 West Coast companies aren’t advertising the partnership, so they don’t hide it either.

If you want to make sure you’re always getting the same thing, it’s easier to get the whole bean coffee; they’re cheaper and you’ll know you’re always getting the same thing. I know that buying whole bean coffee means that you’re paying more for the coffee itself and for the farmer, but it’s worth the extra money if you’re looking for a consistent cup of coffee.

Costco’s K-Cups are an excellent way to brew a great cup of coffee.

3. Some Kirkland Coffee Is 100% Arabica

If you buy Kirkland Signature House Blend Medium (decaf and regular) or Dark Roast Espresso you are buying Starbucks coffee (though not the coffee from the Starbucks in your local shopping center).

Starbucks prides itself on the coffee-roasting process in which they only use Arabica beans.

4. Other Kirkland Coffees Comes From Georgian Roasters

Although the coffee is indeed from Starbucks, the beans are sourced from an Atlanta, Georgia-based operation.

There is an example of a local coffee shop, calling themselves Kirkland Signature. They got their coffee beans by purchasing from the regular roaster. They sell their coffee at a store/coffee shop that is on my “to do” list. I don’t know to which coffee shop they are connected.

The Kirkland Signature series that the Called Rogers Family products is to provide the beans.

5. Costco’s Kirkland Coffee Is Good

In the past Kirkland coffee was mostly made at a local farm, but now all of Kirkland coffee is actually exported from an international company and brought into the U.S.

Kenneth Davids said that the House Blend Medium Roast is balanced, quiet and clean with a suggestion of dark chocolate.

And, if you want any better coffee in Seattle, there are a couple of really good places to get it: Intelligentsia Coffee — just walk into this funky little bar on Capitol Hill and ask for a good cup — and Cafe Allegro, which serves really good espresso. Both of those places are run by Italians, and they serve really great coffee, so I’d definitely recommend them…

They also state that the beans won’t keep for long and that you should purchase the necessary quantity so you have some coffee on hand.

I did a first impression of the Organic Ethiopian Light Roast and all I can say is I am not a coffee drinker. I prefer milk.

However, some reviewers said that the bagged product was a bit pricey.

6. House Blend Kirkland Coffee Has A Dark Side

As well as the lightness of the medium roast, it is the fact that if you’re using whole beans (as we always do) you will need to grind the beans yourself to make espresso. This also helps to give you the best grind of the espresso beans that we buy. That way you can use the best beans to produce the best espresso for you.

He said that the store was actually a Starbucks store and that the coffee in the container was actually a Starbucks dark roast.

Some people like the Starbucks roasts with a lower cacao content but more bitterness, but the medium roast is neither dark or bitter.

7. Kirkland Coffee Is Ridiculously Affordable

Some of the price points for Costco’s Kirkland coffee will make your jaw drop. If you like coffee, you might want to try some before making the jump.

What people are doing is they are buying their tobacco in small amounts. They’re not buying that much at a time. So, there wasn’t the kind of volume that tobacco companies were used to. So it was a much more cost-efficient way to do it.

Although most are already familiar with the large, popular coffee chains, many people are not aware that a similar coffee can be found at more average-sized retail stores. Starbucks is a national brand, and you will find Starbucks in many stores in the mid-Atlantic region. In areas where Starbucks is not available you will find other names, such as Peets, which are not as well known.

The new packaging for the Kirkland coffee and Starbucks coffee in grocery stores has cost consumers, the amount of money we have to pay for coffee is doubled. It’s a lot of money when you think about it, it’s like $20 in coffee.

While anyone who loves their Keurig knows that K-Cups can be expensive, Kirkland’s K-Cups are only $37.99 for a whopping 120!

At this time the company continues to invest in new technologies, including the Starbucks-branded Keurig brewer. Starbucks is also introducing new beverages like espresso drinks and flavored latte beverages.

8. You Don’t Need To Have Coffee Grinder With Kirkland Coffee

The whole beans are roasted and then ground into coffee for brewing.

Luckily, Costco will grind your beans for free (and even give you the ground beans to choose the level for).

The good thing about having your own personal grinder is that you can make the perfect cup of coffee at any time of day.

9. Some Types Of Kirkland Coffee Are Already Ground

Kirkland is a big name in coffee. There are many flavors of ground coffee.

While there are still many questions around specific details of the coffee quality, the overall experience is fantastic.

10. You Can Also Find Kirkland Coffee K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the company that produces Kirkland Signature, has decided to make it exclusive to Costco.

The partnership began by just having two flavors, but it’s gotten bigger and bigger, and now it’s got four varieties.

11. The Decaf Kirkland Coffee Is Probably Chemically Processed

Coffee naturally can be decaffeinated through a special kind of process called percolation. Chemically, it can be done by soaking the beans over hot water.

It is the preferred method, and the process that produces the most consistent results.

If you like our site, and have the time and motivation, you can learn more about how it works on this page.

12. If Your Costco Is Out Of Kirkland Coffee, You Have Options

K-Cup has become the de facto coffee brand in the U.S., and as a result any other coffee sold in America is by default “K-cups”.

If you can’t buy the coffee you’re looking forward to, go to eBay and look for some of the best deals available.

These online marketplaces make it easier for consumers to buy coffee products from the comfort of their homes.

13. Costo Has Expanded Its Organic Kirkland Coffee Selection

Since Costco now sells organic coffees, it is probably not enough to simply say that Costco is selling organic coffees.

You can even buy organic coffees with a certain amount of “trace amount” of pesticides.

14. You Can Find Brand Name And Kirkland Coffee At Costco

There are more than a few Costco members who are not particularly keen on the Kirkland brand of coffee, although this particular member has no problem with other Costco-bought coffee.

These people, however, are also the ones who may have problems with their body parts.

15. If You’re Lucky, Your Costco Has A Kirkland Instant Coffee Machine

The new Kirkland Signature Coffee Machines is not just coffee machines, but you can drink coffee in store. It comes with the new coffee machines, and they have a better taste and quality.

For $1.25, customers can get their favorite blend of coffee from House Blend, Espresso Blend, Colombian Blend, Café Hazelnut, Café Mocha, Café Vanilla, and Hot Chocolate.

If you like Costco, you should know that many of the products they sell are overpriced and they offer a few deals here and there, but they are also a lot cheaper than other stores or even places like Costco.


There is no way the Kirkland coffee is as good as a fresh cup of coffee made with fresh beans.

And sometimes they sell it for better prices than other grocery stores. After all, some of it is made by Starbucks.

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