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This is why you see so many take-out pizzas on New York’s streets. It is just easier to get one at the store before hitting the store.
So, while no one is arguing that Subway should be the best pizza, they definitely know the importance of a good bread for a pizza.

While Aldi isn’t the only place you can buy pizza, their selection is rather extraordinary. There are many different kinds, which range from a few different varieties of thin crust and deep dish, to gluten and dairy-free options. The price varies, with some being affordable and others being pretty substantial. There’s also a selection of thin crust pizza kits, which are just that: pizza kits. You can get ready-to-bake options, or make your own to take home.

Aldi Pizza In 2022

This pizza is so good, so tasty, so delicious, so easy to make, so good for you and so good for the environment that it’s worth making the effort. There’s something great about making your own pizza at home – you know exactly what’s in it, you know how the food is made and you know how it tastes to be honest and all those things and you know that it will taste even better if you make the effort to cook it yourself rather than going out to a restaurant or ordering it on the web.

To find out more information about what pizza Aldi sells, what makes a good and a bad pizza, and the cheapest pizza that Aldi sells, read on!

Types Of Pizza Aldi Sells

Aldi doesn’t have any pizzas that you could order vegan without getting cheese on them, and they do not appear to sell a vegan pizza without cheese.

I was just talking to a friend who runs a restaurant and he said every time he buys bread it costs him $2 because they have to keep it in the refrigerator overnight.

Is Aldi Pizza Good?

While pizza is super affordable, criticism of the taste comes from people who think that pizza is supposed to taste good and not taste like cardboard.

This is a delicious pizza. I have had this supreme pizza many, many times when I needed an easy dinner, and while they’re not great, I don’t think they’re any worse than other supermarket frozen pizzas I’ve had.

Yeah, and Little Caesar’s is an amazing place to go just to get the experience of driving the car to the pizza parlor and then walking in to have a wonderful pizza experience.

The same critic who saw nothing good in the thin crust pizza went on to say there were better pies in the refrigerated section.

I’ve tasted quite a few of these and they’re not amazing, but they do taste okay. They are a good way to eat pizza, when your order has arrived and you have to make due. They are not going to be your favorite pizza crust, but they are definitely better than the thin crusts, and better than the cardboard-like crusts.

The Take & Bake is a convenient and economical frozen pizza option that will keep you full for hours at a time. If you are pressed for time, simply order a Take & Bakes and microwave or reheat it in the oven.

Some people don’t like the Mama Cozzi’s “bacon” or the “bacon/spinach” pie or the “double meat,” but I like them all.

(I’ve omitted the original’s images of each pizza – they’re a lot of fun to look at)

And so on and so on.

What Is The Best Pizza At Aldi?

The best frozen pizzas you can find at Aldi aren’t the specialty or Aldi Finds frozen pizzas, they’re their specialty pizzas.

And in contrast, I’ve found that Aldi’s specialty pizzas are very good when fresh; but that the frozen pizzas taste better than the fresh ones.

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Cuban Style isn’t the best Cuban pizza in town, but it’s pretty good. The crust is light and airy, and the sauce, cheese and toppings are nice and bold.

What Is The Worst Aldi Pizza?

I’m pretty sure this will shock quite a few people. But even the Take & Bakes turn out to be the most disappointing. There’s a difference in the quality of the breads. The most disappointing.

What if I told you that I could get you a frozen pizza for that amount for FREE today? Sure, if you’re not picky and would settle for anything.

If you pay $4-6 at Aldi for a refrigerated pizza that is larger and looks fresh (and comes in that nice packaging), you’re expecting a pizza place-quality pie once it’s cooked. And if you ask me, that’s not what you get at all.

Is Aldi Pizza Cheap?

This is why you should always compare prices before buying the lowest-priced deal.

They have a variety of frozen pizzas, with an average price of around $4.39. However, they also have frozen dough, which is around 80 cents less. This pizza has a different flavor that doesn’t taste as good as their frozen pizzas. Their frozen pizzas are also made from real cheese and a sauce that is made from real tomatoes.

Does Aldi Sell Cauliflower Crust Pizza?

It just doesn’t make sense to me that Aldi has more frozen products than refrigerated ones.

The frozen pizza varieties come in four varieties: Three Cheese, Uncured Pepperoni, Roasted Vegetable and Margherita. Each varies in price between $4.99 to $6.79.

The whole frozen pizzas category is tricky, to be frank. Not only are they too high-carb, but they usually have a ton of added preservatives as well. In some instances, they have very thin crusts that are quite greasy.

But everyone is gluten-free (not just those with celiac disease). Both types of gluten-free pizza crusts will work for your special dietary needs.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Aldi Pizza?

*I’m going to use your oven to make pizza. It’s the one thing I know how to cook. I hope you don’t mind*.

It’s better to let them thaw in advance in the fridge to make sure they don’t defrost too quickly. But don’t let them defrost in the car, or you’ll waste a lot of time when you get home. (And don’t let them defrost on the counter, either.

When baking, you might see the oven temperature change on the oven sensor display. If this happens while the recipe suggests baking at a specific temperature, don’t worry. If the oven sensor is malfunctioning, there’s generally an indicator lamp on the control panel to let you know.

There is no better way to recover the flavor of your pizza when reheating it than popping it into the air fryer. Once it’s warm, your pizza will taste just as amazing, if not better.

Does Aldi Sell Pizza Crusts And Dough?

Aldi has pizza crusts which come in thin and large. These are sold at a much lower price than Pizza Hut and Little Caesars pizza crusts.

If you find crescent roll dough, try to find the frozen pizza dough, the one that has already been rolled up. If you’re lucky you will find the ones with cheese already cut, these are usually more likely to be available.

If you were looking to bulk up the toppings on your thin-crust pizza, be aware that Aldi does not stock the regular and turkey pepperoni.

If you are interested to know more about shopping at Aldi, you can learn about who makes Aldi products, where’s Aldi milk come from, and the Aldi red bag’s chicken on our related posts section.


If you have a family or friends you can’t live without, you’ll want to consider buying them a gift card to the store so they’ll be able to continue buying their favorite products.

On the other end of the spectrum, the supermarket has some excellent “gourmet”-style flatbreads that knock it out of the park.

While there are a few ways to go about this, the most straightforward approach would be to use the prepositional phrase as the subject of a relative clause as described in this great answer.

You can get a pizza for less than $5 or you can get a pizza that’s going to be at least $30 if you don’t eat wisely.

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