15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Pizza

While pizzas are the most favorite treat, people love it also for its versatility – it can be served with or without cheese, in different varieties or in different sizes.

If you’ve never had Costco pizza you may not realize that there are different styles of pizza out there. You have your thin crust and thick crust pizza varieties, and you have your plain and cheese pizza varieties too.

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Pizza In 2022

1. Costco Pizza Has Enough Slices To Feed The Entire Family

If you choose the food court, then you can expect to find pizzas, pastas, salads, and various foods made-to-order.

Pizza Hut is one of the few restaurants you can get a large pizza in a 12 slice pizza.

Costco doesn’t skimp on anything in terms of quality or quantity. So the big, juicy, juicy burgers they sell you weigh up to four-and-a-half.

2. You Don’t Have To Buy An Entire Pizza

In Costco, if you only want one slice, they’re not making you take home the whole pizza.

I guess you can still customize it a bit more by being able to add toppings and such, though you don’t actually have the capability to do crazy stuff like change the price.

3. Costco Pizza Is Easy On Your Wallet

It is possible to find a large pizza from Costco for $10 or less.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s frozen. And when we’re talking about frozen pizza, it’s a special type of frozen pizza. Unlike our competition, we don’t use cardboard and Styrofoam!

You can also pick up some beer, sodas, and wine at a very cheap price.

For a restaurant, try to go to an area that’s close to the hotel’s lobby.

You don’t need to reserve a table. You can just go in.

I’m sure you don’t expect to get that kind of service at all.

4. Order Pizza At The Food Court

Costco’s pizza is available at the food court, not elsewhere. It might be ordered from the bakery, but that is not a typical Pizza Hut experience.

What Costco does, is its pizzas come from the food court counter, and the other foods come from different areas of the store, like groceries and the freezer areas.

5. Costco Pizza Is Customizable (To A Point)

When you stand at the counter and order pizza, you have 3 pizza options: cheese, pepperoni, and combo.

There’s a good reason why the pizza itself is so large. I was skeptical of this at first, but I got to taste it later that night.

Costco sells an unlimited number of individual pizzas, so there’s no need to specify which cheese or topping you want.

If your partner is vegetarian, then you can do vegetarian, or just do the cheese half by itself if you don’t like that much meat!

Also, I was wondering if I could order something off the kids menu…

When I was getting the ingredients for a pizza, I had pizza pepperoni on hand and I had some green peppers ready to go.

Still, some enterprising Costco customers have asked for other non-pizza toppings like sauerkraut, chicken slices, maybe even BBQ brisket.
So far, this recipe gets more than 50% of the votes!

And, Costco workers are free to refuse to stock the same items of a certain brand, even if they sell it. For example, Costco stores in California and other states only sell General Mills products. However, Costco workers are free to set the stores policy.

When you order a pizza, you can choose the type of pizza. You can also choose from six sizes of crust. Finally, you can top your pizza with up to six toppings. Just so you know, you are limited to the toppings if you are choosing to custom order a pizza.

6. You Won’t Be Waiting Too Long For Your Pizza

If you call a pizza joint on a Friday night, you know you’ll be waiting in line for at least an hour.

At Costco, the food court pizza is assembled from fresh ingredients and prepared by a trained chef.

I’m just passing on the details of what it has to offer as they were given to me. I didn’t make up the numbers.

7. There’s A Costco Pizza Robot

The Costco food court is very popular. People go there to get pizza from the pizza robot.

But, first, if you’re looking to bake a pie in the “traditional” way, you have to apply enough flour to the pie. It has to be the right amount to balance the sugar. And then, it’s in the right amount to balance the salt.

It takes two seconds to open a new URL. Then it takes about 10 seconds to load all the pages inside.

8. Costco Pizza Has Been Called “Addicting”

Costco pizza is very cheap and it’s good, for a Costco pizza.

To be honest, I think that the biggest threat to the game is the fact that the ball is heavy. When you’re trying to hold up against another player it’s very easy to give the ball away. As I said earlier, there are a few good players in the league, and I think that they’re too focused on each other. But this is the sort of game that I’d love to see. Not only because it’s fun to play and watch, but because it challenges your knowledge of the game.

I never say anything in public, but this is delicious, and addictive, and I really should not share it.

Costco pizza is very satisfying, because it’s a great pizza that is free of toppings. It’s also a good pizza to eat. And it’s an _____.

To begin with, this is one of the greatest and most effective ways to make a lasting impression on your date. Not everyone is as charming as you are!

9. Prepare Yourself For A Cheesy Experience 

Costco had the most unique foods in the food court. They had a huge variety of different types of cheese, fresh-baked breads, hot dogs, and salads.

The cheese pizza’s base receives 24 ounces of cheese while the pepperoni receives one and a half ounces of pepperoni.

Also, Costco uses a blend of 80% skim milk mozzarella with an aged Parmesan cheese. It’s very good.

10. Costco Pizza Dough Is For Real

The pizza has cheese, which is real, and the dough is real, too.

The pies are made with a New York-style dough and come with fillings like cheesecake, chocolate cream, and peanut butter, which are also available at places like Whole Foods.

Costco has the food in a refrigerated warehouse. The food is packaged and stored with certain foods at different temperatures. For example, milk is kept cold in the back, and hot in the front. Beef is the opposite, and eggs are warm. The reason for this is a simple fact. Food deteriorates more quickly at different temperatures. This is called the cold/warm rate of spoilage.

A dough docker is a tool that compresses a dough into a hollowed out ball at the center of the dough. It can also make a perfect circle, which the dough is then placed into.

A trick used by professional bakers to allow the dough to rise for a longer time without it becoming too tough or too thin.

11. Pizzas Come To You Fresh

You will never find a better deal in the town as a whole, I’ve been to many pizzerias in the past and my experience here is the best in the entire area.

After the pizza is delivered, a new hour is available for delivery.

12. Costco Pizza Is A Calorie Splurge

Although Costco pizza is a good deal on the wallet you need to consider what you are paying for and what you are getting for your money. Each slice of Costco pizza is approximately 700 calories, as well as a portion of your daily sodium intake, and even a portion of your daily saturated fat intake.

I would say splurge as in spending money on something, and treat it as if you had saved a lot of money by buying it at Costco, and it’s a splurge…

13. Costco Pizza Is Not As Unhealthy As It Seems

The other day I had a friend come over to make grilled cheese and we ended up spending an entire afternoon in the kitchen making cheese, bread, butter, ketchup and cheese sandwiches.

The Costco pizza doesn’t contain hydrogenated oils, a feat I usually can’t reproduce unless I’m making pizza from scratch.

When you look at your text in a different language, you may encounter sentences like this one.

14. Costco Pizza Is One Of America’s Favorite Pies

I’m going to show you the numbers. There are actually more people in the US that work at Costco than any other company!

They have a bunch of crappy, bland pizza, but the pizza is cheap and they serve a lot of it.

That might not sound impressive, but think about this. Costco stores aren’t open super late, nor is pizza even close to being its top-ticket item, or the focus of the business. Rather, Costco is a great place to buy a ton of other products like groceries, clothing, and batteries.

15. There Are Take-And-Bake Pizza Options

It’s also worth noting that Costco’s frozen pizzas are made in-house by the family company, and not by a franchise.

Costco sells pizzas made of five cheeses such as mozzarella, provolone, cheddar and parmesan. And they have pepperoni pizzas that you can bake them in your own oven.

There are also other benefits of the oven. I am sure you can figure it out easily. You are better off reading the instruction manual that comes with it.

If you find that the manual is too hard to understand or for some other reasons, you can always get help from professionals like me.

Find out what you need to know before you can buy Costco bacon, hot dogs, and rotisserie chicken!


Costco pizza from its food court is fantastic. It’s a tremendous deal. It’s a whole pie for ten dollars. It’s ten dollars for a whole pie, which is a whole pizza. And that’s a bargain.

You can get the cheese, pepperoni and combo pizza to go or eat at the bar. The standard pizzas are just delicious, though you will want to save room for the specialty pizzas.

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