Sizes Of Pizzas: The Pizza Sensation

Are there people who do not like pizza? If there are, the number must be too small. Almost everyone worldwide is in love with these delicious snacks. Some people who do not like pizza have a wrong perception that it is full of junk. Well, that is not the case.

Most restaurants make healthier pizzas. The toppings on the pizzas provide health benefits. Pizzas come in different sizes. The size you choose will determine how big your pizza will be. You can find the smaller size, medium size, and the larger size. There is also the giant pizza of 28 inches, which is mainly used in pizza competitions.

Sizes Of Pizzas

The size of each pizza may be different in various pizzas restaurant. Some restaurants provide larger pizzas than others. In most restaurants, the small-sized pizzas measure ten inches and can produce around six slices. On the other hand, the medium-sized pizza is about twelve inches, and you can cut it into eight slices. There is also the large-sized pizza measuring 16 inches, and you can cut it into about twelve pieces.

The 28-Inch pizza Size

Many people wonder if one can finish a whole 28-inch pizza. The answer is yes. One can complete a whole 28-inch pizza. People have used this pizza size for various activities. One everyday activity people do with a 28-inch pizza is pizza challenges. Piza challenges are something that occurs mainly in the United States.

In addition, a28-inch pizza is also a great party food option. If you don’t feel like cooking and have many guests, then a 28-inch pizza is your solution. It will cost you a few pennies, yet it will leave all your gusts stomach full. Here is everything to know about the 28-inch pizza.

The 28-Inch Pizza Size Challenge

In the United States, there has been a growing trend in pizza-eating competitions. Due to the presence of Italian-Americans in almost all the states, United States has embraced the pizza culture. Due to the change of taste and needs of the new generation, the competitions began to reduce

Moreover, the pizza industry is old. Therefore many people have already exhausted many other pizza competition options leaving no room for innovation. Luckily, the American pizzaioli came to rescue the pizza competition.

The American pizzaioli started to create giant pizzas for parties and family dinners. With time, the trend evolved into pizza challenges and competitions. The 28-inch pizza challenge has become one of the most favorite competitions.

Many pizza restaurants organize such competitions and offer a large amount of cash for winning awards. Some participants have finished the whole 28-inch pizza alone in a time frame of one hour. People joined the competitions for money or to have fun and gain fame.

When you are in pizza competitions, you should ensure that you know and follow the rules. The 28-inch pizza already has a massive weight. Therefore, be wise and do not add extra weight to your pizza by adding too many toppings. Moreover, it would be best also to avoid fatty and greasy meats and super spicy toppings. Avoiding these will increase your chances of finishing eating your pizza and in less time.

The 28-Inch Pizza Size Toppings

There is a high number of pizza toppings in the market. Most of the pizzas get made on order. Therefore it means that you can mix and match all the toppings available in the pizza restaurant for your 28-inch pizza. It would help to remember that the standard pizza comes with cheese and tomato sauce.

Therefore your 28-inch pizza toppings will be an addition to the cheese and tomato sauce. Some restaurants can add up to seventy different toppings to a 28-inch pizza, thus making it unique. You may find that each slice of your 28-inch pizza has various toppings.

If you decide to have meat toppings such as bacon or chicken added to your 28-inch pizza, it will increase the price of your pizza. If you want to get the best value for your money, you can add more vegetables and cheese. Having more of these toppings will ensure that you are full and good for your health.

The Number Of People It Can Feed

Various factors determine the number of people that a 28-inch pizza can feed. One of the factors includes who you are planning to eat the pizza with. If it is kids, then it can feed a lot of them as compared to adults. Moreover, it also depends on the appetite of your guests.

If you and your guest are not too hungry, then it can feed a lot of people. The four slices of the 28-inch pizza make up a regular pizza. Therefore, if you give four pieces each to your guests, that should be more than enough.

It is not suitable to order a 28-inch pizza if you are alone. You may end up wasting it if your fail to finish it. You should buy this pizza size when you have a big party or a family dinner. You should avoid purchasing other snacks when you buy a 28-inch pizza. It is because the 28-inch pizza would be enough without any other snacks.

How To Order Your Pizza Using The Online Method

It is one of the simplest ways to order pizza. You can order pizza online through the official websites of the pizza outlets or other food ordering apps. Once you find the proper place to order your pizza, you can follow the following steps to order successfully.

STEP 1: Select A Pizza Place

Before placing an order for pizza, choose a pizza joint from which to receive your meal. The distance between your home and these pizza joint will determine which pizza joint to selects. You can see the ordering options for a specific outlet/restaurant on food ordering apps.

STEP 2: Examine the Menu

The next thing to do is look at the pizza joint’s menu. It will give you a good idea of the wide range of pizzas on offer. The next step will assist you in deciding on the best pizza for you.

STEP 3: Selecting The Right Pizza

To select the best pizza, consider the factors listed below.

Small, Medium And Large Sizes Are Available

Depending on how many people are eating, the pizza will be either small or large. A small pizza has four slices, a medium pizza has six pieces, and a large pizza has eight slices total. So, pick a pizza place based on the size of your appetite and the portion sizes available at various pizza joints.

Thin Crust, Cheese Burst, And Stuffed Crust

The crust greatly influences the flavor of your pizza. You can get a thin crust, which is the most basic option. Moreover, you can also upgrade to a stuffed crust or a cheese burst, which makes the pizza very filling. The cheese burst crust is the most popular among cheese lovers. It is because it adds extra creaminess to the pizza.

Sauces: Peri Peri, Pesto, Hot Sauce, And So On

Similarly, sauces will differ depending on the type of pizza ordered. Depending on your preferences, you may request a particular pizza based on the toppings or the sauce. Most pizza restaurants do not offer a choice of sauces.

Shredded, Mozzarella, And Gouda Cheeses

For pizzas, the most common cheese options are mozzarella and shredded cheese. However, this only applies to add-on cheese because most restaurants do not allow you to choose your cheese.

Step 4: Place Your Order

When ordering online, you choose the pizza type (variety, crust, and size) and any add-ons you want (veg, meat, and cheese). You can also order side dishes such as garlic bread, pasta, or chocolate cake for dessert with your pizza. Include your address, phone number, and any special instructions for the delivery person.

Step 5: Make Your Payment

You can pay with credit cards, cash, or e-wallets. After the pizza gets delivered to your address, you must pay in cash. Taxes and delivery fees are extra charges that are not included in the menu prices. So, before you place your order, keep those costs in mind.

Do Pizza Restaurants Offer Vegetables Toppings?

Various pizza restaurants typically have a set number of vegetable and meat toppings. Certain vegetables or meats can be added or removed upon request To accommodate dietary restrictions. Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, corn, olives, bell peppers, and jalapenos are among the most popular toppings.

How Many Slices Are In A 28-Inch Size Pizza?

The 28-inch pizza has between twelve to fourteen big slices. You can also decide to buy an uncut pizza and cut it yourself. You can customize it to make larger slices for the adults and smaller ones for the kids. You may describe how you want your pizza to get cut to the salesperson at the pizza restaurant instead of cutting it yourself. Most of the pizzerias cut the 28-inch pizzas into New York-Style pieces.


Pizza is a fantastic snack if you are hungry and you do not want to cook. The good thing about pizzas is that you can select the sizes you want depending on the number of people you feed. You can get a small size, a medium or the larger one. There is also a 28-inch size pizza that pizza restaurants make mainly for pizza competitions.

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