What Font Does Amazon Use? (types, Similar Fonts + Changes Over Time)  

The Amazon brand is strong because the company consistently implements their brand identity across their website, app, and shopping.

So if you like the company’s product lineup and its font, you can use the same one and customize it with Adobe Illustrator or even Photoshop in case you wish to make an Amazon Store front that looks really professional & catchy.

What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022?

Ember is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by the typeface designer Peter Bięc and was commissioned by Amazon in 2016. Ember is one of Amazon’s new typefaces. The typeface is based on Amazon’s new design language, which has been used on several platforms including the website and mobile apps. Amazon Ember is the first typeface to be designed by Amazon itself since Amazon Sans.

If you want to learn more about the types of fonts used by Amazon, whether you can download Amazon’s fonts or use them yourself, and what other fonts are similar to these fonts, keep on reading!

What Are Amazon Font Types?

The primary Amazon font types are Ember and Bookerly, with Ember primarily used in both regular or italic style for all written content on Amazon.com and Bookerly primarily used in all other uses.

Fonts can sometimes vary in size. You may see a larger font than others or one that’s thinner, thicker, or even missing. If it’s missing, you may have to download the font from a different source.


If you’re using a Kindle PaperWhite, you could try turning off the “Enhanced” font setting. To reset the Kindle’s display settings, open the Settings menu in your device’s home screen, go to “Display & Screen” and make sure that “Enhanced Text” is turned off.

Ember was used for the entire Amazon.com website, including the Oasis and Kindle devices.

When you’re looking at this and you’re reading, you can tell that Ember is a more relaxed, rounder font than Bookerly.
And that’s the goal of webfonts.
Webfonts are fonts that you serve up from the web itself.
You don’t have to send the font files to the browser,
and you don’t have to worry about making sure that you have all of the fonts for all of your visitors.

In many serif fonts, not all of the small lines at the ends of the larger letter strokes are always visible, and they can be easy to miss. While the Kindle has a screen that isn’t quite as readable as paper, we believe that some of these small lines help make it more readable.

What Fonts Are Similar To Amazon’s?

* Amazon Ember has a beautiful clean design that makes it easy to read and beautiful. Other fonts that are similar are Ubuntu and Sofia Pro Semi Bold font.

There are a few other serifs, but they have a more “square” look. They tend to not have the same degree of seriffedness as Garamond or Baskerville. Some of the more “modern” ones in this category are Adobe Garamond Pro, Hoefler Text, and Neue Haas Grotesk.

While using the Kindle app, you can select from a variety of fonts and styles for the body of your document.

If you want to make sure your fonts are easily readable, it’s recommended to use font sizes that are a multiple of 16px, such as 22px and 48px.

But when developing web fonts that are meant for readability on mobile devices, Amazon’s designers take into account the fact that many consumers who download them will never read them on their smartphones.

Have Amazon Logo Fonts Changed Over Time?

When founded in 1994, Amazon wasn’t as trendy as it is today. The logo is a great example of the company’s evolution over the years.

There were six different Amazon logos, all during the first six years of the business. The first logo was designed by Scott McNealy, who was the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer. McNealy chose the Amazon logo, which at the time was called “The Name” for its “Amazon” moniker, because of its ease of use, which he believed would help to set the company apart from other ecommerce sites.

The Amazon logo has two text boxes that appear above one another.
In a box, the word “Amazon.com” appears in a serif typeface; in the second box, a sans-serif typeface appears.

The Amazon logo font is ‘Officina Sans Bold’ and ‘Franklin Sans’.

I also noticed from the comments that you are using the Roboto font, which is made by the same Google engineer that made the Amazon design.

Have Amazon Web Fonts Changed Over Time?

To find a font, you can use the Amazon web font finder at https://www.fonts.com/find/amazon/.

To update the Amazon font to the new version, you can choose it from the Web Design tools in the Customization tab.

Amazon’s e-commerce site, the online retail giant, was not only the best-selling brand on Google Shopping for the year, it was also the only company to take the top spot in the UK.

Ember is a new font that has been applied to Amazon apps including the Alexa App, which is used around the house. It is used in many other apps on the web too, e.g. Amazon shopping app.

In 2018, Amazon tested Bookerly with the web version of its Kindle app and got mixed reviews, with some people finding it easier to read but other shoppers feeling like the site had changed too much.

Amazon continued using Ember after the feedback.

Ember’s approach to templates also makes it easy to build maintainable code. Ember relies on a common pattern that makes it easy to reason about templates: Ember uses data properties.

Are There Different Styles Of Amazon Fonts?

The sizes on these websites are slightly different, and the embraced website may not fit to all devices and displays.

The available weights for Ember are thin, light, regular, bold, and heavy. Menus, screen texts, and digital reading displays all use different weights.

Ember is a perfect solution for headlines, buttons, and other display items in the website. Its refined weights make the Ember font ideal for headlines across the website.

Kindle is a self-contained reading device, and not a traditional computer. You can adjust font size and colour to your liking, and choose from a variety of layouts.

Can I Download Amazon Fonts?

Amazon Ember Text is the default typeface for all Alexa Home and Echo branding, and is available on the Amazon developer website.

This also includes Amazon’s recommended font usage guidelines. These include recommended font types, font type options and font size recommendations based on what Amazon’s brand guidelines say are the best practices for Amazon branding and marketing materials.

The Google-owned Sans family of fonts has a long and storied history of being used by big players in the world of digital typography. It was created by Lucas de Groot in 2005, and released as part of Google’s inaugural Android operating system.

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When you’re browsing and reading on Amazon and you see the font: “Bookerly”, you’re mostly browsing on the Kindle app.

The font Amazon Kindle Paperwhite uses for displaying the e-books, but on the Amazon website it is used for displaying the product catalog.

To change a book’s font, just go to your Account on the Kindle app–or your account on the web site–and on the Kindle page, click on “Your Kindle” at the top, and then click on the icon that resembles a font.
[Citation]: On the web, the logo looks like a rounded oval inside a circle. On the Kindle, it looks like a circle with an oval inside it.

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