Verizon Waive Activation Fee (can It Be Done + Different Methods)

You’ll need to activate the device on the same network it came with and you need to have a minimum of a good credit score to qualify for a Verizon loan; you will also be required to activate on the same network you’re using now.
Verizon does not offer to waive the activation fee, but is happy to provide a loan to help you through the process.

Verizon may charge up to $15 per device to activate your
services. You will not be charged if you buy a new device or if your
account is canceled. If you are not purchasing a new device and you
are canceling your account, you will not be charged.

Verizon Waive Activation Fee In 2022

If you are asking for a full refund, then no one will get that request approved unless it is a money related issue. If you would like to see something happen, you’ll need to be more constructive. It sounds like you are upset that your account is not working and are asking Verizon to give you a refund.

– To get free activation on your smartphone you should know about the different methods given to you by Verizon.

Do I Have to Pay Verizon Activation Fee?

A majority of the time when you buy a device from Verizon, the activation price is not charged automatically. If the device is not activated, you need to pay a fee.

In the case that you have a contract with Verizon and they are charging the $35 fee, it could mean that you will have to switch to a new plan and contract or that you will have to pay the $35 fee yourself.

How Can I Avoid Paying Verizon Activation Fee?

Unsubscribe from the service within 72 hours by using the “unsubscribe” link on the bottom of any Verizon Wireless promotional or e-mail message.

I will cancel your account if you don’t stop calling me.

If you call back and threaten to cancel your service, it’s possible that you can get the activation fee waived – you just have to be very convincing.

In addition, the company is a global company and the cost will be waived for all future customers regardless of the country they live in, so that’s a good thing to mention to the customer service representative.

In your situation, you should consider the possibility of applying for an installment loan, if you can afford the fees.

The main goal of the Retention Department is to keep the customers from cancelling their service. That is their full job. They do not waive fees for users that cancel service.

Threaten to leave provider because the coverage isn’t that great.

We’ve got a lot of stuff going on that we need to be aware of, but at the end of the day we still have a long way to go before we get to a point where we can say “this is truly a universal service”. The only way that we’ll be able to do that is by working collectively as an industry, and by working with governments and regulators.

It’s like threatening to cancel the phone contract might help you get the Verizon activation fee waived, you also could threat to switch providers over the fee.

If you threaten to switch to Verizon, they might not waive the initial activation fee, but they may instead provide you with another discount or promotion.

The first step when ordering a Verizon compatible phone is finding out if they offer a discount or credit of any kind. If that discount is not offered then you should be prepared to have your new phone returned.

It does help if you’ve been an old client and you pay your bill on time. It’s a good idea to sign up for the VIP program and they will often waive your late fee and also upgrade you to unlimited data if you are a customer with a big account for many years.

There was also a $25 “activation fee” to make the offer more attractive.

Call customer service, and you may need to talk about hardships.

There are many websites that offer to waive the activation fee. This may be a scam as you can just buy a phone or activate your phone through another carrier.

Any hardship that you have faced in the past that has stopped you from being able to make the trip to the United States is what you need to include as in a hardship waiver.

In an emergency, they may waive a fee if someone has been affected by a severe, global disaster. An example would be the earthquake that struck Japan earlier this year.

For example, if you mention that you’ve experienced hardship because you’ve lost your job or home due to a hurricane or earthquake, it may sound great to a Verizon supervisor.

When a customer cannot activate their device for any reason, it won’t be covered under the device’s warranty. There’s no warranty for phones that aren’t activated.

[Please] contact your supervisor and escalate the complaint to them. Describe the problem and the fact that you still have not had resolution.

One of the last ways you may be able to get Verizon to waive your activation fee without having to start over with your order is to escalate your complaint and ask to speak to a supervisor.

When you are unhappy with the services you received, you need to remain polite. You have to remember that the representative has to deal with many more customers than you, and will not have unlimited time or a free hand for you.

If you’re in a department where there is no supervisor, and you’ve tried to go through the internal channels and you’re not getting anywhere, then it’s time to ask for a transfer to a department with a higher-up.

It is required to activate the device using a registered device ID of a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Activating the device online only costs half the price in comparison to activation via telephone. However, some internet sellers may still charge the full amount or more than the original device is being sold for.

Also, if you don’t think you’re a good negotiator and you don’t have a good reason to request the fee be waived, activating the device online is a great option.

Does Verizon Waive Activation Fee For Military Personal?

One of the ways to get the fee waived is to get one of the military members to activate your account on her or his behalf. The key is to make sure that the person on the other end of the phone knows you are in the military. Another thing you can do is to find someone who knows someone who is active duty and have them contact the phone company.

If your contract is about to run out, you don’t need to contact Verizon to cancel your contract. The company will automatically cancel the contract within 14 days of the end date.

Is There an Activation Fee for BYOD Verizon?

If your BYOD program has special pricing for BYOD, you can use that as a way to qualify for activation fee waiver, but if your BYOD program is regular and not special, you will have to pay the activation fee.

Although, a large ISP may offer a free modem, they may have a term limit which may be less than 12 months, or they may have a monthly charge of say $10.

I was wondering this would be the case. So, as long as I have my gift card in hand, I know I can redeem it for free credit that I can use for activation.

If you want to learn more about what Verizon offers, you can also read our post about whether it offers prepaid plans, what is Verizon, or find out if they offer a military discount.


There are NO exceptions to that rule, and it has nothing to do with Verizon’s wireless service. Verizon does not waive the activation fee for customers.

Moreover, some customers have managed to get the activation fee waived by having a good reason it should be waived. And those who have threaten to stop and cancel services are successful.

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