The Best Teams of the ESL Pro League Season 17

The next matches of the ESL Pro League Season 17 in CS:GO are currently underway. The tournament runs from 22 February to 26 March.

As part of the Vulkan Bet eSports tournament in Malta, 32 teams will compete for a prize pool of $850 thousand.

All information about ESL Pro League Season 17

The participants of the ESL Pro League Season 17 were divided into four groups of eight teams each. The teams will compete in triple-elimination grids with best-of-3 matches. In the playoffs, the teams will compete in the single-elimination format.

The group winners will go straight to the quarter-finals of the Play-off grid, the 2nd-4th places from each group will be placed in different positions in the Play-off grid, and the 5th-8th places will leave the tournament.

The Play-offs will be held according to the Olympic system in BO3 format, and the final will be played in BO5 format – up to three wins on five cards.

In addition to the cup and $200 thousand, the winner of the tournament will receive direct invitations to IEM Cologne 2023 and BLAST World Final 2023.

The best players of the tournament 

Who has the best chance of becoming the main champion? Here are the results so far:

  • paiN Gaming – Rooster – 2:0;
  • Team Vitality – OG – 2:0;
  • FaZe Clan – Ninjas in Pyjamas – 2:0.

The results of the Greyhound vs 00Nation match are still expected. Let’s also take a look at the favourites of each group.

Group A

G2 are the main favourites of the group, and Evil Geniuses are the main outsiders. In general, the group includes

  • G2;
  • Outsiders;
  • Cloud9.

These are the teams most likely to reach the Play-offs. But IHC, fnatic, Eternal Fire and mibr can also claim the last place.

Group B

In this group, it is easy to identify only two favourites – Heroic and FURIA, followed by BIG, Complexity, MOUZ, and then all the others.

The results of Group B of ESL Pro League Season 17 have been announced. Predictably, Heroic became the leader of the group, reaching the quarterfinals of the Vulkan Bet CSGO Play-off. MOUZ finished in second place in the group, but there was a serious struggle for the last two places.

As a result, FURIA qualified for the Play-offs through the bottom grid, and in the last chance tournament, Movistar Riders unexpectedly became the best, beating SAW and then BiG. The Germans’ failure to leave the group was a real surprise.

Group C

This is possibly the second weakest group in the league, so FaZe and Vitality should easily qualify for the Play-offs. OG and NiP will be competing for the other two places.

Group D

NAVI were placed in the easiest group with almost no one to compete with. The only serious rivals are Liquid, but ENCE is not in the best shape, Spirit is not a top team, and the days of Astralis are somewhere in the distant past.

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