The Main Tips to Write a Great Case Study Essay

Case study essays are often assigned in certain academic courses. These essays assess students’ ability to analyze and make connections between theoretical concepts and practical situations. In addition to summarizing the case, the essay requires students to propose practical solutions that can be implemented in real-life scenarios.

Your case study should focus on a specific topic rather than being broad. You have the opportunity to study an individual, a specific society, a company, or a situation. Some aspects of your analysis may explore future possibilities. To improve the quality of your case study essay, follow these guidelines.

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Identify the important problem

To begin writing a case study essay, your initial task is to identify the significant problem. This problem or scenario should be separate and worthy of study. One of the effective methods for identifying such a problem is to consider it from a theoretical point of view.

Find out how the theory you were taught in class can be applied to a specific problem using a methodical approach by asking yourself targeted questions. For example, if you are faced with a problem in a particular business sector, you can use a SWOT analysis or Porter’s Five Forces Analysis to get insight into the critical factors to consider.

Once the problem is clearly defined, find connections to how it can be applied to real-world situations. Although a case study essay addresses a practical issue, it does not deal with hypothetical scenarios. Make sure that all the questions and information collected during the SWOT analysis correspond to the real problems. From here you can move on to conducting research.

The step-by-step guide of writing a case study essay

The length of a case study essay can vary between 500 words to 1,500 words, depending on the given instructions. If the essay is longer, it will require additional research. The number of points you include in your essay will depend on its length, and it is important for each point to be well-developed. It is common for students in the UK and worldwide to seek assistance from essay writers to ensure they produce a high-quality case study essay.

Identify a subject/the case

In your case study essay, you will examine and analyze a particular topic or case. This topic can be an individual, a specific company, a community, a national park, a river, or any other significant example. The subject that you have identified will be the main focus of your study.

To assist with the analysis of the subject, it is advisable to formulate a series of queries that need to be answered by the individuals involved. These questions should specifically tackle the issue and be answered comprehensively. Prior to engaging with the subjects, it is important to gather information about the situation through research. This will give you some indications about the problem and how to structure the questions. Afterwards, conduct interviews and document the responses for reference.

The interviews can take on qualitative or quantitative forms. Once the interviews are complete, gather the information, assess it, and compose your case study essay. 

Create a better headline

Consider creating a captivating headline that will grab the attention of any reader. Think of the most distinctive headline ever written for the case you are considering. Imagine a newspaper headline that lures and attracts everyone who encounters it. Try to make your title even more exceptional.

Write an executive summary

A summary serves to outline the contents of your exam or report. Simply put, it provides a concise explanation of what you will be discussing in detail. Additionally, it provides the reader with an overview, giving them an idea of what to expect. It should also include a short statement summarizing the main argument or point.

Write a backstory

In the introduction to a case study essay, provide an overview of the problem at hand. Explain the reasons for the problem and justify why you think it is important to study it. This approach will allow the reader to understand and relate to the problem

Assess the problem and suggest solutions

The focus of your case study essay is on evaluating the problem. Grading a case study essay involves various steps.

  • Evaluate important details: Important information illustrates the current state of affairs. If you are studying a pollution problem, explain the real-life conditions. This may include the death of aquatic life in the river, an increase in water-related diseases, or low crop yields.
  • Assess the main concerns. The main concerns are related to the consequences of the problem. For example, the problem of species extinction is associated with an imbalance in ecosystems and habitats. A potential consequence is the introduction of invasive species. As for diseases, they can have an impact on the economy. Decreased productivity can lead to hunger.
  • Explain solutions: Solutions refer to steps that can be taken to prevent a problem. Regarding pollution, potential solutions include cleaning up the river, using renewable energy, and introducing improved seed varieties.
  • Provide suggestions: Recommendations provide the most optimal solution to the issue.

Compose the final section of your case study essay

In your conclusion, you summarize the main ideas presented in the assessment and propose potential solutions. In this section, describe the most effective course of action you would take if you had the opportunity to solve the problem, and explain why you believe this solution is the most appropriate.


Writing a case study essay centers around identifying a problem and proposing a solution. The main element of this type of essay is the exploration of the problem. Apply your theoretical knowledge to identify a practical situation worth studying. Clarify the problem and the specific topic or location under study. Carry out thorough research, evaluate your findings, and compose a comprehensive report.

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