How Athletes’ Social Media Keeps Attention on Tournaments

Each industry has its own peculiarities of attracting new customers and maintaining the interest of regular ones. The same is the case with the esports industry, where you can place Vulkanbet sports betting.

Promotion through the esports industry can be described by separate strategies, but in advertising, developers of a new gaming product sometimes use quite non-standard solutions. Read our article about the use of athletes’ social media in gaming marketing.

How social media keeps people interested in sports

Esports is a good platform for promoting goods and services of a certain brand. Digital sports organizations monetize their activities using almost the same methods as sponsoring companies.

The interaction between esports players and third-party brands via social media is largely based on mutual benefit. The brand gains recognition and popularity, and the teams gain a sponsor and partner, which allows them to operate with a stable income. Today, among the sponsors of teams and organizers, you can see such eminent names as BMW, Honda, Redbull, Nissan, Nike and others.

It is the choice of genre that largely determines the popularity among the audience, as you can create content that will appeal to this particular audience in the future. And also to establish partnership sponsorships with teams that the target audience likes.

Market of opinion leaders

Do not forget about the market of opinion leaders. You can promote a brand not only through the marketing of an esports team but also through popular streamers. For example, Ninja, which has 19 million subscribers on YouTube and 14 million on Twitch, played Fortnite with the famous rapper Drake. The use of such methods attracts the attention of esports teams that approach the brand for

  • advertising;
  • partnerships;
  • sponsorships.

Creating events

If you want to become a full-fledged participant in the esports industry, you can start a small branded tournament, which will become an entry point for further development in the esports industry for small brands, which can again attract little-known teams to cooperate through the social networks of their participants. Accordingly, lower league teams are able to start their own promotion through sponsorship, which still accounts for the majority of esports organizations’ revenues.

Creating large events means even more reach and brand awareness. For example, Pepsi Brisk, a subsidiary of Pepsi, together with 7-Eleven and Twitch, held an off-season Rocket League tournament, which was noticed on the social media of the tournament participants.

Promotion of goods

Merchandising also plays an important role in the cooperation between companies and esports. Even if the subject matter is incompatible, products can gain popularity among fans if they are described by their favorite team or organizer on Facebook or Instagram. Free distribution of such items will only increase the advertiser’s popularity among gamers.

In addition, esports representatives can widely use the media in their promotion, either through partnerships or the sale of rights to cover the event. This also includes advertising or broadcasting events on social media and streaming platforms.

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