Why Should You Take Cannabis As Gummies?


Cannabis has been in the hype in the recent years due to its multiple products and benefits. You may have heard of HHC, Delta 8, delta 9 and even delta 10. This blog will help you to understand the basic differences and why gummies are the best ways to try them.

While all three cannabinoids are legal if taken in moderation, they are still looked upon with distrust by most people. Hence, you must take them discreetly if you don’t want to be labeled an addict. Furthermore, if your co-workers learn that you purposely take cannabinoids to get high, you can find yourself out of a job. Simply put, popular opinion does not favor any cannabinoids, despite their benefits. 

Ingesting these cannabis products as unsuspecting gummies can be a great way out. You can give the excuse of having a bit of a sweet tooth. Also, cannabis extracts are bitter. The sweet, sugary taste of the gummy can hide the bitter taste and make it a pleasurable experience for you. 

Delta 10 gummies will give you a feeling of ecstasy as you bite into the outer candy to let out the cannabinoid into your mouth. Then, as the candy slowly dissolves in your mouth you can expect your buzz to last for a long time. 

HHC VS THC VS Delta 9: Their Differences

We have already covered the general properties of all three cannabinoids. Now let us also explore how they are different from each other. For your ease of understanding, we have compared HHC with THC first and then HHC with Delta 9. 

Let’s study the first case to see how HHC fares against THC.

● Both are cannabinoids with similar psychoactive effects causing a euphoric feeling.

● HHC’s composition is similar to THC with the exception of the presence of hydrogen molecules in between THC’s double bonds. 

● The feeling of high that THC produces is higher than that of HHC. In fact. THC’s high is at least 30% bolder than HHC’s.

● HHC has no double bonds, unlike THC.

● Both cannabinoids possess health benefits. They can act as cures for several conditions, including anxiety and pain.

● However, both have therapeutic capabilities THC is more potent than its competition. 

So out of these two THC comes out as the winner. But remember that THC’s hallucinogenic properties are much greater than HHC, so it is not entirely suitable for use during the day. 

Now let us examine how HHC compares against Delta 9. 

● Both HHC and delta 9 are capable of producing a euphoric effect.

● Delta 9 is 30% less potent than HHC regarding its psychoactive potency.

● HHC has no bonds unike Delta 9.

Regarding everyday use, choose one which can produce a mild high. This way, you can go about your day largely undetected. However, you can always mix and match depending on your mood and the occasion. For example, if you invite your friends over for a fun party at home, you can ingest THC for the strongest high.

Which Is Better?

When choosing a cannabinoid for yourself, reflect on the purpose of the purchase. You can get away with a stronger option if it is for a party or a rave. However, if you prefer to get high daily, choose Delta 9 or HHC for a mild rush. You may be wondering is delta 8 good for beginners so try it but start from a lower dose.

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