Why Does My Delta 8 Cart Taste Burnt?

If you’re looking for a pleasant, helpful high to keep you focused at work or just want to relax with some old-school Delta 8, you’ll be disappointed to know that every time you attempt vaping THCa + Delta 8 cartridge, you’ll get a burned flavor. Even when it’s complete, your cart has an odd flavor. A number of factors come into play, but defective components are among the most common; it’s unfortunate if your vape juice is running low, even though it seems complete, if the chamber is flooding, or if you are using old or burned coils.


Before you toss out your cart or batteries, let’s take a look at some of the possibilities that can cause this to happen. Let’s go further into these causes to see how they impact the vaping process.

Understanding the Taste of Burned Vape

Delta 8 vaping has proved beneficial for multiple people. In addition, a lot of people who vape have complained about that burned taste, and if you know what causes it, you can avoid it. If the tank or pod’s wick isn’t fully saturated with liquid, this problem could occur. A burned-tasting vape may be caused, in part, by a tank coil that is old or defective. Deterioration of coils makes them less efficient at heating e-liquid, which in turn causes dry hits and a burned flavor in the vapor.

You can prevent this from happening by changing the coil in your tank on a regular basis. Utilizing a coil with a wattage range that is too high may also lead to the coil wick burning out too soon, which can result in a burned flavor when utilizing disposable vapes. A replacement tank should be purchased in such a case.

What gives my cart that burned flavor?

When you know what’s causing the burnt taste, you can fix it or know when to throw it out. A few answers are simple and fast. On the other hand, sometimes you just have to get a new cart.

  • Inadequate storage

Cannabis oil is temperamental, it’s essential to maintain optimal conditions for carts. Even if there’s a use-by date on the bottle, oil may spoil much more rapidly if not handled correctly. Avoid exposing your carts to direct sunlight. The taste and potency of your product will be diminished when the vital terpenes and cannabinoids are destroyed by ultraviolet (UV) rays, which may cause significant harm. The oil might be damaged and end up tasting burned if it’s exposed to too much sunshine.

  • Look for any signs of leaks

An airtight cart is essential for effectively vaporizing the cannabis content, allowing it to function at its peak. Check that there are no nasty chemicals around and that the seal is airtight; even a little leak might cause the chamber to flood. Check that there is no vape juice spillage when you inhale if you are using a refillable tank or if you believe the maker has replenished your cart.

Additionally, it is best to discard a disposable vape and discontinue using that cartridge if you feel it has leaks. Leakage and chamber flooding may also result from other acts, such as pulling the wick too tightly. In order to maintain a balanced heating ecology, it is recommended to take pulls that are neither too long nor too short.

  • Low-grade oil and fake carts

Typically, a voltage problem or an unsaturated coil is to blame if your cart has a burned flavor when you first get it. There are also cases when the oil could be of better quality and capable to begin with. The most typical reasons for burned oil should be eliminated first. Whether you bought your cannabis cart from a reliable vendor is another critical consideration. Some manufacturers that come and go quickly may utilize oil of low grade. They might also use inexpensive carts that don’t perform an excellent job of delivering oil to the atomizer.


Put your device on the lowest power mode that it supports

While it’s true that certain oil pens provide variable-voltage power delivery, it doesn’t imply that every power level will be enjoyable with your cartridge. As most vape cartridges have optimal performance within a specific power range, a variable-voltage vape pen’s main aim is to provide optimal performance with every cartridge you use. However, using your device at a voltage that is too high could result in a burned flavor with some cartridges. Always start with the lowest power level and gradually raise it when using a fresh cartridge.

Always use the correct cartridge when using Delta-8 oil

Carefully choose the appropriate cartridges for the task at hand if you want to fill your cartridges with Delta-8 oil. The most typical wick materials used in vape cartridges for e-liquid or oil include ceramic, cotton, and silica. Ceramic is the only one of the three materials that can handle heavy oils adequately. The converse is true for cotton and silica; they are only compatible with e-liquid, which is far thinner than Delta-8 oil. A burned flavor will almost definitely result from putting Delta-8 oil in a cartridge with cotton or silica wick, as the oil won’t pass through the wick smoothly.

Tips for avoiding burned hits

It is usually simpler to avoid problems than to solve them, and the same is true with health. There are certain precautions you can take with your disposable vaporizer to ensure that you never get a burned or dry dose.

  • Reduce your speed – More and quicker vaping occurs than you would think. Take smaller puffs and wait a bit longer between each one
  • Stay away from a dud purchase – A product was a failure if its flavor was burned right from the start. It might be worth trying a different store or brand the next time you shop
  • Pay attention to puff counts – Puff counts are calculated using very brief puffs. The total amount of time the coil has fired is the primary factor that determines the puff counter for the liquid. Take shorter puffs if you want a greater quantity


A lot of good things come from using disposable vapes. Their main advantage is perhaps how easy they are to use. All you have to do is remove it from the packaging and begin vaping. Disposable vapes shouldn’t have to be tinkered with. But if you’re diligent and want to get the most out of the gadget, you know how to repair the burned hit and avoid it in the future.

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