How to Make Brown Dye in Minecraft? 

Minecraft is one of the most popular games teenagers play in today’s time. However, the world of Minecraft is very creative. Players get the opportunity to add and flex about different colors. 

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you can add different colors. Brown is one of the most requested colors.

However, to make brown dye in Minecraft, you need to mix the orange and black dye. Orange and black dyes are readily available.

Since brown is a rare color, you may have a tough time. Moreover, to get a better shade of brown, you can also add tinges of blue in it. 

Making Brown Dye Requires You to Have Cocoa Beans

If you want to make brown dyes, you need cocoa beans. Every Minecraft will have some crafting grids. Therefore, you must place your cocoa beans on the grid to get the maximum results.

As long as you’re placing the right colors and using the right equipment, you will not struggle to make brown dye. 

Compared to other dyes, it is slightly tough to make brown dye. This is mostly because you need cocoa beans apart from the base colors.

If you play Minecraft regularly, you are already aware of Jungle biomes. Therefore, that is the only place to get the brown dye.

Nonetheless, there are multiple ways through which you can make brown dye. 

What Materials Do You Need to Make Brown Dye? 

Compared to other colors, brown dye is one of the trickiest colors. Therefore, you must take the right steps to get the maximum benefits.

While the base colors are available, you will need the right material to make brown dyes easily. 

Cocoa beans have a crucial role to play in making brown dye. You can easily harvest it from Jungle biomes. However, finding a jungle biome will not take you long to find trees on which cocoa beans grow.

Nonetheless, the Minecraft players may have difficulty finding Jungle biomes because these are pretty rare. 

What is the Source of Brown Dye? 

If you want to make brown dye, you must know the source. Unlike the other dyes, you don’t need a crafting table to prepare the brown dye.

You can easily create brown dyes using different methods. These can also support you in your gameplay. 

  • You have the flexibility to convert cocoa beans directly to brown dye without worrying about the availability of a crafting grid. 
  • You can also choose to trade the brown dye with villages. 
  • You can obtain brown dye from deserts and choose to paint the items. 
  • It is straightforward to spawn a chest in the Minecraft world and access brown color. 

Nonetheless, one of the most popular methods of getting brown dye is to take it from Jungle biomes. 

Can You Make Brown Dye in Java? 

One of the best parts of making brown dye is that it is completely flexible. Depending on the mode you want, you can create the brown dye.

However, you will need versions 1.14 and 1.17 to get maximum results. 

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown for preparing brown dye:

  1. Get the Raw Material

It is crucial to collect the raw material for getting maximum results. The primary raw material for preparing brown dye in Minecraft is cocoa beans. You can either get it from deserts or Jungle biomes. 

  1. Open the Crafting Grid

It is crucial to determine the placement of coffee beans in the right place. The crafting grid or table usually features a 3*3 structure. Therefore, to obtain brown dye, you need to keep the cocoa beans on the first box of the crafting grid. The dye will eventually start to appear in the right box. 

  1. Add it to the Inventory

As soon as you prepare the brown dye, you need to add it to the inventory to make it functional. You will have the flexibility to activate the brown dye only if it is a part of the inventory. Once you activate the brown dye, you can use it for painting your weapons. 

Apart from following a step-by-step process, you can also give commands. It is necessary to use accurate commands so that the color can efficiently function in the gameplay. 

Can You Make Brown Dye Without Cocoa Beans? 


One of Minecraft players’ main confusions is making brown dye without cocoa beans. They can. Depending on the requirement, you will have the flexibility to change the texture of cocoa beans.

Furthermore, you can also convert it into an entirely new item. 

Once you have the new item made from cocoa beans, you can prepare dyes. However, as suggested earlier, you can also prepare brown dye without cocoa beans.

Nonetheless, you must use the right combination of colors for preparing the dye. 

The combination of blue and black dye can help you yield a brown dye. You can also obtain brown dye by mixing blue, black, and orange dye. 

Uses of Brown Dye

While there are different types of dyes already in Minecraft, why would you need brown? So, some of the crucial reasons why players prefer having brown dye for their Minecraft include the following:

  1. Make a Different Pattern of Banners

The same pattern of banners can be annoying. However, players can have different colors to break from the monotony. Banners are highly crucial because it helps you highlight an important thing. 

  1. Firework

The brown dye can help you make fireworks. There will be no need for gunpowder. The brown dye will paint your firework. 

  1. Crafting Balloons

Once you have brown dye, you can choose to color different items. You can craft balloons of different colors and add them to your stock. 

  1. Change the Color of Domesticated Cats

When you have different colors, you will get more flexibility with pets. Therefore, you can change the color of your domesticated cats as well. 

The brown dye can allow you to do a wide range of things in Minecraft. However, you must use the right methods for getting the colors. Brown is one of the most popular dyes. Therefore, you can easily create it as long as you know the hacks. 

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