A Look Into The Most Successful Sports Teams Of 2022

Sports betting is an industry that is growing rapidly, with platforms and apps making placing bets and having access to live betting odds easier than it’s ever been. Sports bets can bring a whole new element to your favourite sports, adding a bit of excitement and giving you the chance to win some cash. You can bet on a huge range of sports — so let’s look at some of the most successful sports teams of 2022 that might help you win. 

NFL: LA Rams 

The Los Angeles Rams are one of the most successful sports teams of this year, winning the Super Bowl in February against the Cincinnati Bengals. They’re a team well known for their high-quality, high performing roster; they have won two NFL championships as well as two Super Bowls. The Rams compete in the NFL as members of the NFC West division and play their games at Sofi stadium which they share with the Los Angeles Chargers. 

With the 2022 Super Bowl win under their belts, the team is hoping to go from strength to strength in the coming season with new, added talent, but may still come up against some issues due to their roster approach. 

La Liga: Real Madrid 

Real Madrid is a Spanish football team that competes in La Liga. In European and Worldwide competitions, they have won a huge 26 trophies, and as if that wasn’t enough to declare them one of the best, FIFA named them the Best Club of the 20th Century. Real Madrid has just won their 35th La Liga title, the first title they’ve sealed at home since 2007. 

The club is home to players like Luka Modric, Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale to name a few — so it’s not too difficult to see why they are the most successful team in the La Liga, and throughout Europe in 2022. They are one of the most successful football teams of all time and are still to this day. 

Premier League: Manchester City 

Manchester City is an English football team currently top of the Premier League table in 2022. A team that has gone from strength to strength over the last season, with the help of their manager Pep Guardiola and a few expensive, but world-class players added to the team. 

With the management style of Guardiola and overall high-quality of play from the footballers themselves, it’s all started to click into place for this Manchester-based team. In the Premier League, between 2017-18 Manchester City set a record for the most points in a single season. So, looking back, it has all been pointing to their current success, whether it’s the players or the management style, there’s no denying that this football team has been building up to be the best of the best, and they’re not done yet. 

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks 

This American Basketball team have won three conference titles and 16 division titles, and after their win in the championship in 2021, all eyes are on them with regards to how they’re going to progress into 2022. It is said that the Bucks’ have built themselves up to success, and we should expect more of the same from the franchise moving forwards this year. With an incredible championship run under their belts, with their best players in the right places, and the right personnel where they need them, the Bucks can look forward to more success in the future — which is great news for the fans and players alike.

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